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Hello friends. Still active with the development of this plugin? I see no answers to several questions here as in the web forum. Thank you


yes it’s active.


We are interested to buy your form, we are not programmers, therefore we have some questions:

1. Can the answers be exported automatically to Google Sheet? 2. Is Mailchimp integrated? 3. Can the admin create administrative accounts for colleagues (basic user, advanced user) with different usage rights? 4. Can the email notifications be sent based on the content from the answers? 5. Can it be integrated with other addons?

Thank you!


1. No 2. Yes it’s Mailchimp Integrated (used with our Mailchimp Plugin) 3. Yes, different forms can be created with defined roles in shortcode 4. No 5. No

Pre-Purchase quiz. Will your plugin integrate with Dokan – https://wedevs.com/products/plugins/dokan/ and woocommerce?


yes our plugin will work fine with any plugin. It just register users in wordpress and then this user can be part of any plugin the way plugin connect with functions/services.

Hello, great plugin, I can’t find where to approve the new users, can you please let me know? thanks


you can see all users in User page with option to approve (column), make sure you have enable this approval options from plugin settings page.

Hello there. The demo website is bugged: “Fatal error: Call to a member function get_option() on a non-object in /var/www/html/registration/wp-content/plugins/nm-wp-member-registration-pro/templates/_template_fb_connect.php on line 7” and there is no way to see this plugin in action. Can you fix it?

Still not fixed. Cannot buy without seeing a demo.

This plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year now and wordpress itself has made some significant changes to its core. What’s the story with compatibility, error handling, and current known bugs. I’m concerned that since it’s been so long with an update to your plugin and knowing that the WPCore itself is changing that there will be significant errors in your code to plow thru.

Clicking on your demo link seems to further cause concern… your plugin demo isn’t working either and your shortcode is exposed – [nm-wp-registration]

what’s up?


we couldn’t update plugin here but this plugin is well maintained, as you can see here:


and demo is also activated.

We will update item here also soon.

Hi! This plugin is exactly what I need so I’m hoping to get it functioning like it should.. but the redirect isn’t working after registration. I have the URLs set up and it seems like I’ve got everything right. Success message shows but nothing happens. Also doesn’t seem to be syncing with MailChimp. Help?

Also I just noticed when I set the Page Restrictions/ WP_Registration Access Control in the individual page settings, the radio button I select won’t stick. I keep setting it to All Members however, it reverts to Public.


we have just released version 2.9 with many features.

It is always TRAUMATIC buying software at Codecanyon!!!

1. Purchase plugin. 2. Download zip 3. Install and Activate on WP 4. Click WP Registration validate plugin 5. Go to Provide API Key 6. It says if you don’t know your API key, go to members area. 7. Generate API at members area, as follows:

API Keys

For more information on the Envato Market API please visit extras.envato.com for documentation and a showcase of the latest apps, tools and plugins built by our community. Your API Keys Label API Key Click to edit wt3n34bbvb5oswozs4pdvvo1c17f86iu

Return to Validate API page, input key, get error message “No recorder found . . . ” as follows:

Provide API key below: If you don’t know your API key, please login into your: Member area

Entery API key:



No recorder found, please check your email and apikey

The conflict with the cache is that the cache plugin displays a message saying it is not compatible with WP Registration. If I persist, it breaks my theme. The site gets a fatal error message, and on the server, the themes and plugin folders are disabled (re-named). Tks for your help.

Well use Super Cache plugin, we also use it for our all sites and it works just fine.


I see that you have Mail Chimp integration. How about Get Response? Any way to get newsletter subscriptions on the registration form and send them to Get Response?

Also, I did not see CAPTCHA in the settings. No have? Is there a CAPTCHA plugin that works best with WP Reg?


hiii, i am creating a wordpress website in which i wnat to generate a unique id for the users after immediate they have got registerd on my website using registration form and i also want to create a customize registration form and want to store all the details of user registration form in database. can you please help me,how to do so.is your plugin can perform all these task. please reply as soon as possible



this plugin register users in wordpress and add in core system database.


guileak Purchased

hi this is asking me for an API key, whats that ? and where do I get one

Purchase ID 54d2100a-2fb8-464a-8c8f-3503b045bf32


please use OYE-2020


unine Purchased

hi i already buy Wordpress Registration Form it ask for api key at backend but i can’t login to member area can you help me?

please use OYE-2020

is it possibile localize in other languages?

can you please tell me when you see this error? or any screenshot?

how can I send you a screenshot?

Provide API key below: If you don’t know your API key, please login into your: Member area

Entery API key:???

How do I go looking for API, the plug-in is not open to use,


please use OYE-2020

Thank you very much. You can use it!


rakine Purchased

Hi your plugin allow email notification translation with WPML? we want send in french & english e-mail to our new users ?

Yes you can translate with WMPL.


rakine Purchased

Hi! sorry but it doesn’t work, we see on WPML the field but when we try in second language,it’s the first language we see.. can you help us?

Please share your site url.


cjb4g08 Purchased


I’ve just bought this plugin & it’s working quite well so far.

The only thing is it’s not displaying very well on my website, as you can see here: http://healthysnackbrands.com/hsb-login/

The formatting is wrong. Can you please help?

Thank you

we have released version 3.8, and added this feature in this.

it will be available as soon as it’s approved by admin here.

Thank you very much. Do you know how long admin usually take to approve? I’m getting some pressure on this!

Hello, I have a problem with the creation of the user in mailchimp. Not all the fields are being saved, only the email and the name are updated, I have 3 more fields and leave them empty.

Please, can you help me? Thanks


In Mailchimp only Email and Name will be updated.

Is there the option to have a default value and hidden? I need to be able able to pass a user_meta value with the registration, but not have the user see the field.

Hello I’ve just bought and install your pllugin on WP4.9.2, there’s no settings menu in admin….