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This seems like a great plugin. I have always wished WP would show a dashboard like Tumblr.This plug in will make quick posting to wordpress so much easier. I will bookmark and good luck with sales.

Search tumblr’s hashtag. Please visit the demo to find out more.

rated 5 stars, great plugin

Thank you

Good idea, but it hotlinks to tumblr, if it could upload to local web space that would be better

Thanks for your idea :)

i was to buy it but in demo i saw that the images are hotlinked :( I will buy the plugin definately if it can save images to localhost and also any plan for instagram one

nice it possible to search user and his posts? thanks for your time..

Tumblr API does not support search user. In the next update, you can view the user’s posts by click on the username on the top of each post. Thanks.

thanks..another question, cannot repost videos on demo? work for video posts?

You can not repost video post?

Been looking for something like this.

If you could have a function to save the images locally so it isn’t hotlinked that’d be perfect.

Also an auto reblogging option would be awesome :)

Thanks for your advice

Like the rest suggested, save image locally and auto reblog option would be heaven..

Hi, does this work on WP 3.9.1?

Hi, does this work on WP 3.9.1?

Can it save images locally? thx

No, I will try to update this feature soon. Thanks :)

When I click repost it doesn’t do anything…

Great plugin, but update this feature to save images locally. 5 stars for you