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Having problems installing. I’ve installed, and I already have the Real Media Library installed, but I keep getting the following error message, even after putting in the license info for the Real Physical Media plugin:

“The plugin WP Real Physical Media (Add-On) could not be initialized because Real Media Library is not active (maybe not installed neither) or the version of Real Media Library is < 4.0.10 (please update).”

The Real Media Library does not say it’s version anywhere in it’s description text so it’s hard for me to tell if it’s up to date, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. Please advise on how I should trouble shoot this.

You can also email me at and I can give you login information. I trust you on this stuff having talked to you a bit and seeing your website and stuff, and I know diagnosing this issue might be hard without direct ssh access.

The page currently looks like this: (private youtube vide). And the following image is behind the Lodestone Social: But normally should be shown, right? Have you tried to manually move files with Media File Renamer before activating the automatic queuing as shown in the product description: because this is recommenend when activating the automatic queueing. Is the above mentioned image the only image where the issue occured? How many files have you already physically moved through the queue? Have you tried Media File Renamer before? Sorry for the questions but I have to to be able to narrow it down. Regards, Matthew :-)

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No worries. So to answer your questions

1. So 1.jpg was showing and was what was supposed to show, but 1.jpg was a different image than the one that you linked. The one that it was was the one named lodestone.jpg now. I renamed and reuploaded that image because I didn’t want someone coming to my professional website and seeing the incorrect image.

You might no be seeing it on your frontend yet if my CloudFlare CDN hasn’t updated their servers in your region of the world yet which is probably why you were able to get the youtube video you did.

2. I didn’t try the manual move thing you linked a picture of before adding the automatic queuing because I didn’t know how to do that. I’m actually still not quite sure what the difference is between that and what I enabled, and I’m honestly not sure how or where in the UI to find that info.

Overall, it seems that my website is back to normal as I have gone in and manually changed the 4 images that were giving me problems. The incorrect images are still in my database and media library, it’s just I’ve replaced them with reuploaded images. There might be a couple of more images that were messed up in my blog posts or side project folders but so far it does not appear so. Mostly I think the issue is related to the case study stuff because they’re 1) using the classic editor still, while everything else is gutenberg and 2) the case studies are older articles from previous versions of the website I made as static handcoded html websites, so I was lazy and named all the images 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg etc, and so the confusion for RPM Folders is probably due to similarities in naming getting wonky as I bulk moved large numbers of images around to different folders.

This is overall a good result compared to other similar plugins I’ve tried in the past, but it does make me a little nervous as to if this thing is going to explode and mess up at some point in the future, and I’d be a little more confident if I knew why this problem had happened in the first place.

I also rearranged some additional images that were still in the root of my website folder and stuff using ssh cli, and found that the results on the admin side of thing were flawless. None of those images seemed to have gone amiss anywhere on the website.

Conclusion: while I would be interested in having the cause of this bug etc figured out a bit more, just to know that this issue won’t happen again, and to know that this product is being well maintained, I am also largely satisfied with the performance of the product so far.

I also think some elements of the documentation or UX could be streamlined a little. At least for me i found some parts a little confusing.

If you would like me to provide more information so that you can debug, please let me know and I will try to help as much as I can.

I’m going to hold off on a review for a monthish just to give the plugin more time to perform but so far things seem okay now.

The plugin WP Real Physical Media (Add-On) could not be initialized because Real Media Library is not active (maybe not installed neither) or the version of Real Media Library is < 4.0.10 (please update).?????


can i get refund to buy real media plzzzzz…..really want real media library ….i though this real media

Replied to your refund request. :-)

Hi – We have licenses for RML and PMLF

We have an upload folder with 30K+ images that is already organized in folders by sku. They were imported with wp cli and because of the skip-copy option we managed to keep it organized on initial import

Is there any way to have Real Media Library and Physical Media Library Folders sync up to the already existing folder structure under uploads? How we would go about to do that?


Hi there! Unfortunely such an option is not available at the moment. But Real Physical Media offers you a way to import the physical structure (without media relation) in Settings > Media > Tab “Physical” > “Reflect complete virtual structure to physical physical folders (no files):” Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Can you add overwrite feature to this items? When I need to change bulk image because wrong size so I need to replace them.

Hi there! Sorry I do not exactly understand. Can you please explain further? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I need to updating exist images by bulk upload

Unfortunely such a functionality is not yet planned. You can use a plugin like “Enable Media Replace” to replace files. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I’ve just bought your plugin and I don’t understand how to activate it. There are no fields for activation code.

Thank you!

Hi there! Please navigate to Plugins > Installed > Row “WP Real Media Library” and click on “Enter license”. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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The problem is I have one button there “License Settings” which is next to Deactivate button. If I press “License Settings”, I can see “What’s this?” link, “Check for updates” and “Deactivate” buttons. Below there is “You license key:” and no more fields to input data.

Can you please send a screenshot to so I can check that? Regards, Matthew :-)

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I have the following problem, I installed the “Media File Renamer By Jordy Meow” as recommended, but it seems that does not work well:

[27-Feb-2019 13:07:51 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\handler\mfrh_move() in /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/handler/MediaFileRenamer.class.php:25 Stack trace: #0 /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/queue/Row.class.php(113): MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\handler\MediaFileRenamer->process(Object(MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\queue\Row)) #1 /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/queue/Queue.class.php(59): MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\queue\Row->process() #2 /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/rest/Queue.class.php(226): MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\queue\Queue->process(30) #3 /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/rest/Queue.class.php(93): MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\rest\Queue->doQueue(Object(WP_REST_Request)) #4 /home/user/public_html/cms/wp-includes/rest-api/class-wp-rest-server.php(936): MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\rest\Queue->routeQueuePost(Object(WP_REST_Request)) #5 in /home/user/public_html/modules/real-physical-media/inc/handler/MediaFileRenamer.class.php on line 25

Dont mind about the file paths, “modules” is the WP_PLUGIN_DIR and wp itself is installed to “cms” subfolder.

What can I do? That happens for the initialization of the existing media after installation, in the queue in the admin bar.

Boths plugins are the latest version.

Let me know if you need any further info.

Ok, das muss ich mir nochmal kurz anschauen… Ja, das zusätzliche Plugin wird benötigt, dass dieses Plugin die Dateien (Original + Thumbnails) richtig umbenennt und die Datenbank updated. Mit Hilfe einer Entwickler-API kannst Du aber einen eigenen Handler definieren, welcher nur die Dateien physikalisch verschiebt – ist aber aktuell nicht im Backlog (Scope). Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Ja also irgendwie ist das nicht so ganz das, was ich gesucht hatte leider :( Warum machst du nicht ein RML plugin in der “Ultimate” version, welches RML um eine komplette 2-Wege-Synchronisation mit dem Dateisystem erweitert? :) Da würde ich auch gerne das X-fache für zahlen.

Wo/Wie kann ich denn einen eigenen Handler definieren?

Aktuell können die Handler über den Filter “RPM/Handlers” erweitert werden. Dies ist ein Array von Handlern mit den Optionen:

$handlers[] = array( 'id' => 'your-unique-handler-slug', 'name' => 'Name', 'author' => 'Author', 'isActivated' => true, 'error' => '', 'origin' => '', 'installUrl' => '', 'instance' => new YourHandler // class YourHandler extends \MatthiasWeb\RealPhysicalMedia\handler\AbstractHandler );

Wenn Du magst, kannst Du Dich gerne in meinen Slack Channel registrieren damit wir über die API sprechen können: . Vielleicht magst Du den neuen Handler ja dann als Add-On veröffentlichen. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Hello! Just made a woocommerce import for one of my clients – 2000 products imported and ~ 30 thousand images in total (including thumbnails made by media folder). And all those 30.000+ pictures are in one folder in media – 2019/01 :(

Can your plugin ’’auto-split’’ this folder on the server, and also make the correct picture’s links changes in the database? If yes, please give a detailed explanation on what is done via your plugin to make it in bulk. Maybe I can split that original media FTP folder let’s say based on product categories or something else…

The end purpose is to make the database be quicker, and also the search for that picture to be quicker on the FTP – instead of searchis through 30000+ in one folder, just search in ~ 300 pictures in one subfolder (so it won’t need to much server processor ’’horsepower’‘).

Thank you in advance :)

Hi there! Real Physical Media allows you to synchronize the Real Media Library (RML). structure with the physical path. The default WordPress year/month folder is no longer used, only the RML path. The URLs are updated (this is done by a “Rename Handler”, currently “Media File Renamer”) also in your posts + SEO rewrites are created. You can create the Real Media Library structure for all your pictures and then navigate to the Physical “Advanced settings” and say “Add all files to the queue” > All files are moved to the corresponding RML folder. For such a huge amount of files it is highly recommenend to make a backup. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi there,

This is the second time I am contacting you guys I purchased 2 plugins from you and they are working extremely slow.

I need some help fixing this issue before I deliver the project to the client. media files are not always loading and we are having speed issues on the plugin.

Please get back to us as soon as possible because we are stuck on the project because of your plugin.

Thanks, Ash

Hi there! I will reply to your other comment. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello, I have one issue using it. I do use Pro version of Media File Renamer plugin. It provides Numbered Files feature by putting a number at the end of filename if filename is identical. However, it seems not working when the file with the same name moved to the same destination folder.

Eventually, the file is overwritten. And only one file remains and two media post type with the same filename remain in the media library.

Can you check and see what is going on? Thank you.

Hi there! Sorry for my late response. I have reprocedure the issue. Can you please try if this also happens without Real Media Library? You are using the PRO version of the plugin. What happens if you just rename the file to a filename which already exists? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi there, for uploading 1000s of files in bulk you’ve implemented cool queue feature, so they are uploading fine. BUT when I try and delete 1000s of images the server stops responding. Do you have same queue solution for deleting 1000s of files in this addon?

Hi there! At the moment I have not planned such a functionality but I will add this feature to my backlog – but I can not promise any ETA for this feature. I will let you know asap the feature is available. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Matthias, ich hab deine beiden Plugins gekauft, Real Media Library und das Physical Addon. Super Sache und klappt soweit auch sehr gut alles, nur hab ich mit PDF Dateien einige Probleme. Sie wollen sich einfach nicht auf die neuen Ordner synchen (Sehe immer die Meldung: “The physical file is not synchronized with the above folder. You can now syhchronize and move the file from wp-content/uploads/ to wp-content/uploads/pdf/”). Es tut sich aber nichts, wenn ich synchronisiere. Auch verlieren die PDFs ihre Thumbnails, wenn man sie von Ordner zu Ordner verschiebt. Ist das Problem dir bekannt?

Hi! Weißt Du denn schon mehr bezüglich des Problems? Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Leider nein. Habe die letzten zwei Tage vier Wordpress-Installationen auf dem Staging-System zerschossen und wiederhergestellt. Es läuft darauf hinaus, dass ein umbenennen der pdfs nicht möglich ist. Unabhängig davon, ob diese unter uploads/pdf/ lagen (damals verschoben mittels “Media Library Folders for WordPress”) oder regulär in den Monats-Ordnern. Ich versuche weiterhin Dinge, hauptsächlich verschiedene Reihenfolgen von Thumbnails löschen, Media Library Folders for WordPress deaktivieren und resetten, Add from Server versuchen, manuell auf dem Server verschieben, etc. Ggf schreib ich Jordy auch mal an, vielleicht kann er mir weiterhelfen.

Was mir noch aufgefallen ist, ich bekomme ab und zu die Meldung “Cookie nonce is invalid” im Queue-Dropdown in der TopNavi. Andere Plugins, die die API nutzen, funktionieren aber (z.B. Redirection). Ist dir die Meldung bekannt, hat das etwas mit deinem Plugin zutun?

Viele Grüße Tad

Die Cookie Nonce läuft nach einem Tag ab oder wenn sich das WP System automatisch abmeldet. Kommt die Meldung denn nach einer gewissen Zeit? Grüße Matthias :-)

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SenjaLp Purchased

Set and activated Physical. In addition installed a plug-in from the list. I click Activate automatic queueing, gives an error message – You haven’t activated a handler. What’s the problem?

Yeah, I have added this to my backlog to create translations correctly. Does the plugin now work for you? :-)

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SenjaLp Purchased

yes, thanks

If you want and like the plugins you can perhaps leave a rating here on CodeCanyon for both. Regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello I have Real Physical Media + WP Real Media Library + Media File Renamer (Auto Rename. Question: How can I upload existing images with the WP Real Media Library and sort them in folders sorted by Real Physical Media on the FTP server in the same folder / syncronize? Is there a manual? greetings from Hannover Daniel

Hallo, ich habe Real Physical Media + WP Real Media Library + Media File Renamer (Auto Rename. Frage: Wie kann ich bestehende Bilder die mit der WP Real Media Library hochgeladen und in Ordner sortiert worden mit Real Physical Media auch auf dem FTP Server in die gleichen Ordner legen / syncronisieren ? Gibt es da eine Anleitung ? Grüße aus Hannover Daniel

Hi Daniel! Du kannst initial alle Dateien auf einmal synchronisieren indem Du nach Einstellungen > Medien > Tab “Physical” navigierst und dort findest Du einen Button wie “Reinitialize and add x files to the queue”. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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OK fein, danke. Werden damit die Bilder in den Jahresordnern welche Wordpress angelegt werden direkt verschoben oder muss ich diese Ordner manuell löschen ? 2.Frage: Werden bei zukünftigen Uploads die Bilder gleich in die Gewünschten ordner auf dem FTP Server gestellt ? oder kommen die erst in die Jahresordner ?

Grüße Daniel

Hi nochmal. Ja, die Dateien werden direkt verschoben. Sobald Du eine Datei in einen RML Ordner hochlädst wird der Pfad gleich richtig angelegt, diese werden nicht im Jahresordner landen. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Hi, have some error uploading files: all languages files in real-physical-media\vendor\matthiasweb\wordpress-plugin-updater\plugin-update-checker-4.4\languages\ were not upload except japanese; when i tryied again each file individualy had a strange tmp name file rather than the file uploaded ex: PGM4WW~0.PO I guess it could be too long name/adress folder?? thx for the support

Hi there! Yeah, this can happen due too long filenames. Unfortunely I can not change that. Perhaps you can check your system if there is a setting for this. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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