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for Design Quality

Great plugin to organize media according to page use and purpose including tests, trash etc. folders to keep the media database clean and make it easy to get to media or file media in an organized fashion.

The only things that would make this plugin better, would be if :
(1) it had some image SEO optimization tools for image info including
(2) the ability to find-all or assure no duplicate image slugs; and
(3) ability to let users set standards for image info to use

Great Plugin!

for Flexibility

Excelent. I prefer not to return tu main folder everytime but I think you can do this.


Author response

Hi there! For those purpose you can use an Add-On: Best regards, Matthew :-)

for Code Quality

Works. Great. No other comments needed. Thanks! Smart plugin, very good usability. (I wish all plugins were like that.)

for Flexibility

This plugin made changed WP from a clumsy media tool to something a professional can use.

Saved me hours of photo organisation.

Very recommended!

for Documentation Quality

An essential plugin for any site with lots of images to manage.

for Flexibility

Excellent plug-in! Easy to use. No more searching through all of your files. I am also using WPML media translations and found no issues. I can only recommend it.

for Feature Availability

I really needed the folder organization without the need to modify other things in Media Library such as permalinks, so this plugin gets the job well done.

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