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for Customer Support

Dieses Plugin ist für mich unverzichtbar, intuitiv und ich glaube ich kann nicht mal ermessen, wieviel Zeit es mich schon gespart hat die Medien in sekundenschnelle aus dem richtigen Ordner zu picken.
Habe eben die neue Version heruntergeladen - da ich nach Wordpress-Update Probleme hatte - und muss die unglaublich schnelle Reaktion/Support wirklich hervorheben.
Jeder Cent wert.
Ohne diese Bibliothek würde ich Wordpress garantiert nicht für verschachtelte Seiten mit vielen Bildern verwenden.
Unverzichtbar. DANKE dafür!

for Other

One of the first working media library plugin that works with multisite.
Tried alott, none worked, untill i found this one.
So this is very usefull for me!

A big con for me tho:
Some JS files are loaded in front end (when logged in as admin).
I don't know why. I also do not understand why this could be of any use with this plugin.
It also slows down my site (when logged in as admin).
It makes me question what is going on here :)

Would be 5 stars if this gets fixed.


Author response

Hi there! What version of the plugin are you using? The current version is v4.2.0 and you can directly download from CodeCanyon here. Generelly you can disable the frontend loading of JS/CSS resources in Settings > Media > Uncheck "Load RML on frontend". This is enabled per default because the files are only loaded when the current user can manage the media library and is using a page builder like Visual Composer or Elementor. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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for Feature Availability

I'm using this plugin to organize my media library to find content easier. Because this plugin alone doesn't create the folders on the filesystem, I use also the plugin "Real Physical Media" from the same developer(s). With these two plus the plugin "Media File Renamer" by Jordy (Meow Apps), I can now organize my media library on file system level without making local working/backup copies first. Really helpful and reliable!

for Design Quality

Nicely done and a must for every project that needs more than just a few images and files.

for Customer Support

Fantastic plugin with a really great support from the author!

for Feature Availability

Love this plugin! I use it together with the Global Gallery plugin now. I have tried almost every plugin there is for the media library in 10 years using WordPress, I don't want to live without this any more. Features like this should be part of the core, please never stop developing. :)

for Customer Support

I always renew my support. Very good Customer support, and very quick. Thank you Matthias.