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Hi ! Presale question : Does RML work with Metaslider plugin ? Thanks !

Hello there! Yeah, it will work with Metaslider plugin. Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hello, first of all, congratulations to this great plugin. It helps a lot to organize the media data.

I found a bug and want to report it. Hopefully you can fix it soon.

What happens is, that the folder view doesn’t get updated and new folders are not displayed after creation when using the plugin multiple times within one post. This is how you can reproduce the error:

1. I create a new post. With the “Add media” button on the top of the screen I create a folder via your plugin and add some photos. 2. I click on “set featured image” on the right side of the screen. The media selector with the plugin opens correctly BUT the newly created folder is not displayed. 3. Closing the window and using the “Add media” button on top of the post again, the folder shows up. So it has been created but just doesn’t show up in the other selector screen.

This makes it pretty hard to find the images just uploaded and makes it impossible to upload a new image into the newly created folder. The only workaround is to save the post, close it completely and open it again for editing. From my point of view this happens especifically when the media selector is opened multiple times but from different “add media” or “upload” etc. buttons.

Would it be possible to fix that? Thanks.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I just downloaded version 3.0.2 … actually it was installed already before, but I updated again to be sure. Unfortunately I still have the same issue :(

Ok, have you tried to clear the cache of browser? If the problem still persists can you please send a little screencast where you reprocedure the problem to Best regards, Matthew :-)

Still having the same issue. I just sent you a mail :)

After installing the plugin, I’ve noticed that only 150 files out of the 436 existing are displayed. Please assist with this issue.

Hello there! RML generelly does not hide any files. Are you in the “All files” section? Best regards, Matthew :-)


Looks good so far, nice work.

there are a couple of things that I’m not entirely satisfied with though..

.rml-options nav {
  background: url(../image/icon-2.3.png) no-repeat 10px center;

This image is not retina friendly, and is blurred on HD screens. Please can you update that to an icon as it is quite “ugly”, and doesn’t suit the style of the rest of the back end. Wordpress uses Dashicons as you know, and that icon looks really out of place (makes me think of WP3 ;)

Also, please make it possible to disable the hover tooltips. They are fine for when one first starts using the plugin, but after initial orientation of how things work, they just get in the way.

I have hidden them from view with CSS, but we shouldn’t have to do that.

Next, a feature request..

Can you make the sidebar collapsible please? I mean, allow us to close the sidebar so we can see the full-width WP panel?

At the moment, we can make it wider than the fixed minimum calc width, but we can’t hide it. This would be a nice feature..


Just keeping you updated as I go here..

If I add some Admin side CSS, which loads after the plugin classes are injected, then the following code seems to sort out that particular “glitch” of the media library frame being bumped down:

.aio-tree.rml-container {
  padding-right: 1px;
  margin-right: -1px;

Except that it doesn’t really solve the problem..

What does seem to solve it is if I use the resize button to make the sidebar bigger than the minimum width. In which case it is stored as a setting in a cookie, and carries over when switching between grid and list view.

If I set the sidebar width to the minimum allowed, and use the CSS above, then what happens is that the media frame loads without being bumped, but the sidebar is “hidden” until the scripts finish loading. (this looks like a bug I think…).

Aside from all this, please check your WP Plugin repo support tickets. There are problems with the “Physical Custom Upload Folder” addon to this plugin.


Hello there! Thanks for your awesome feedback! I am currently in vacation and I really try to solve the issues when I come home back. I will also have a look at the physical custom upload folder plugin, too. Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hi sir, i purchased your plug-in, i installed it in multi-site network, in main site, it was working perfect but suddenly the plug in right pane in Media library disappeared, just blank area in sub site (we have only 1 sub site) its working perfectly. following plug ins installed and related to media : Water Mark / Media Credit / Media from FTP / Multi-site Shared Media / EWWW Image Optimizer

I tries to disable / enable plug ins one by one to discover any conflict but i failed

please help me

Hello there! Can you please contact me so I can fix that problem as soon as possible? Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hello! Is there a way to exclude captions when inserting the gallery shortcode in a page? Thanks!

Hello there! What shortcode are you using and which theme? Best regards, Matthew :)

I’m using GeneratePress, and the following shortcode: [folder-gallery fid=”7” orderby=”rml” size=”medium”]. I’d like to be able to choose whether to hide or show captions; I need them sometimes but not all the time.

Ok, then I think the gallery is theme specific. What shortcode is generated when you use the GeneratePress shortcode generator? You can then use the generated shortcode and replace the “gallery” with “folder-gallery” and the “ids” attribute with “id” (folder id). Best regards, Matthew :)


I just purchased WordPress Real Media Library and it seems great!

However, I can’t seem to move folders around. Every time I click on a folder to move it, I get a blue screen that says “Drop Files to upload.”

I’m using the latest versions of WP, Chrome (Windows), and Divi Builder.

Hope you can help me.


Hello there! Just to make sure, what happens if you create an account in the Real Media Library free drive? Does this also happen? Best regards, Matthew :)

Yes it does

Ok, can you please send a screencast to so I can have a look at it? :)

Good afternoon! We’re having a hefty issue with the plugin in our media library – formatting is all screwed up for the user ( ). We’ve tried turning off all caching for the logged in users, still no joy. any thoughts on a possible fix? Thanks!

Hello there! Are you using Enhanced Media Library plugin? Best regards, Matthew :)

Well, I feel stupid now haha, thanks!

No no, this should not be a problem to use both. But this seems to be a bug. I will fix it asap! Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi, first off I love this plugin! I’m a photographer and I have hundreds of photos on my site which makes it a nightmare when I need to find a certain one. it’s so nice to be able to finally categorize everything! However, one issue I found is that it does not seem to work with the Themeco’s X-Pro theme content editor, it goes back to the normal Wordpress library completely defeating the purpose. Am I missing something? Surely there’s a way to make this work!

I look forward to your reply.


Hello there! Thanks for your feedback. :-) Do you mean the Cornerstone Pagebuilder? I have already contacted the developers about the integration, but they do not allowed custom ressources in their page builder… I will ask again. Best regards, Matthew :)

Enhanced Media Library conflict quick FIX: #wpbody-content{position:relative} Cheers :grin:

No problem. Are you a developer of EML? :)

Nope. It just happened I encountered EML and yours working together on a client’s site, and quickly dive into their previous conflict. I read some of your comments here and appreciate your great support and effort putting in your plugin development. There are so many devs out there that start projects, maybe sells their products too, and let them become outdated or quick maintaining them. That is particularly frustrating when you are dealing with theme developers, and you paid for their product. It become useless in a couple of months.

Thanks for your feedback! And yeah, I do my best to provide a good support and a good product. Have a nice day! Regards, Matthew :-)

I noticed 2 problems on my websites : - When moving the medias in folders through drag and drop it sometimes doesn’t remove the media from the previous location (you have to reload the page and folder to see that it disappeared or move it again… happens a lot in Bulk select mode) - The plugin is not working on the Elementor frontend.. Even with the option to make it work on Frontend please help!

Hello there! I can not reprocedure the problem with the bulk move. Can you please send a screen cast to where you reprocedure it? And I will have a look at Elementor asap to include the ressources for RML. Best regards, Matthew :)

hi, does the plugin support aws s3? I want to use the plugin with WP Offload S3, is it compatible?

Hello there! Yes it is compatible. Best regards, Matthew :-)


Fine. :)

hi, when I deleted the shortcut file in a folder, the shortcut file is deleted, but the folder still shows 1 file count. Is this a bug? The site is WP 4.6.1

Hello there! What version of RML are you using? Best regards, Matthew :)

the version is 3.1

Can you please send a demo login to your site so I can have a look at that? :)

Hi – I’m trying to integrate document gallery with Real Media Library so I can organise documents into folders and display them. I’m getting issues with taxon values when using shortcodes: dg id=”-1” works fine to show all documents but I cannot use rml_folder=”1” (or 2, etc) code in that. Is there a different syntax that I should be using?

Hello there! What version of RML are you using? The syntax is: [dg id=-1 rml_folder=FOLDER_ID]. Best regards, Matthew :)

is it normal when i use the ajax search its doesnt return allways the right thing? I have problem with PDF. How your search system works?

Hello there! What do you mean exactly with right things? Best regards, Matthew :-)

Your ajax search use the basic wordpress search or you have your own? Beacause with SearchWP eneable. I never got result :-S

What search do you mean exactly? RML does not touch the default wordpress media library search (your items in media library). RML has additionally a non-ajax search form for folders (under the “Folders” toolbar you can see an input). Best regards, Matthew :)

Is this plugin compatible with THEGEM theme? Thanks.

Hello there! Yeah, it is compatible with every theme. Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hi Matthias

I noticed an odd behaviour in WPRML where the Folder List disappears the when you try to set an image for the second time.

e.g. I go to a new admin page, set a featured image either using Admin Columns Inline Edit, or directly through a post’s Featured Image metabox, and the Folder List shows up on the left in the Image modal popup, but when I go to set the next image, or the same image again, the Folder List does not show in the modal popup, the left column is just blank, i.e. the whole

Hi there! Can you please update to latest version of RML 3.1.1 and it should work with the modal window. :-) I suppose that you have written this topic on my ACF plugin: . Sorry, I did not know that there are multiple contributors possible, I will add @jondennis to the contributers, is that ok for you? And I will put back the possibility to allow multiple selections of folders later. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi Matthias. Yes updating to WPRML 3.1.1 fixed the problem, thank you :)

Yes re the ACF->RML plugin, @jondennis is me, would be great to get a credit, thank you. Plus if you could move the line 11 in acf-real_media_library.php into the readme.txt as well then I will be visible on the main wordpress plugin page.

The ACF->RML functionality for multiple checkboxes/folders is essential please, so it will be great to see it reinstated asap if you can please… Thanks again :)

Ok, I will do that this weekend. I will reply to this comments thread when I have finished it. Best regards, Matthew :)


If i enable the plugin, order my media files etc. and then one day disable it or uninstall it (for example i don’t want to use it anymore, because of a bug, because of a conflict etc.)

1. Will it break anything ?

2. Will it restore media files as they were before or will they still be arranged ?

3. if uninstalled, does it leave trace in wordpress database ?

4. is it compatible with WPML ?

Thank you

Hi! Duplicate comment, please see other comment. :-)

Hi, there is a way to update plugin from the page of the plugins?

Hello there! Unfortenely at the moment there is no autoupdate mechanism, but it will come! You can simply delete the old version and install the new one, your folders will stay. Best regards, Matthew :-)

I have an email from Code Canyon advising me to download the updated plugin. On the plugins page in Wordpress, there is no plugin update flag. Does this mean that I have to manually install updates to this plugin? What exact method should I use? Thanks

Hello there! Unfortenely RML does not provide automatic updates at the moment, but we are still working on this. You install it this way: Delete old version and install the new one. Your folders will stay. Best regards, Matthew :)


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