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Hello, i finally got around to installing the Envato Market Plugin to keep my purchases up to date. However, when i try to install this plugin it states a package is not available. Is this plugin not compatible for updates using the Envato Market Plugin?

Hello there! I think this is a bug from the envato market plugin. Because I have installed this plugin, too, and I can not see any of my purchases… Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hi… Keep the good work please.

Pre-Sale question.

Most un-covered issue with WordPress media library is that:

1- Opening library means see all media loading.. not specific folder.

2- Uploading to media also require to see all media loading too before direct upload from PC.

Did you solve these issues?

Any options to upload directly from PC to a specif folder without seeing all media or switching to upload tab first?

Same for inserting to post?


Hello there! Thanks for your feedback.

1. If you are using RML all files are loaded initially, but I have planned to add a feature “Default startup folder” 2 + 3. You can use “Media > Add new” to upload directly to a folder, so the media library images must not be loaded.

Best regards, Matthew :-)


I mean by direct uploading.. from within post..

i.e: when am adding or editing a post/page/custom post type/product… etc There an area to add featured images or gallery from the right side widget.

Is that Possible?

Ok, yeah, if you have a look at the following screenshot: https://d1a6a9r46cnyll.cloudfront.net/d1ec7ea5253f47398736295b66bd14b6ee66eee6/687474703a2f2f6d617474686961732d7765622e64652f77702d636f6e74656e742f75706c6f6164732f696e736572742d6469616c6f672e676966 you can see that it is possible to upload directly to a folder in the featured image.

Best regards, Matthew :-)


We are using RML on several websites, and we love it.

Is there any way to set the default view to be list view, ascending on title ?

Hello there! The default view is saved per user (grid or list view) but it is not possible to set the order by default. Perhaps there exists another plugin which can save the default state of a WP List Table. Best regards, Matthew :)


delkro Purchased

Hi ! Presale question : Does RML work with Metaslider plugin ? Thanks !

Hello there! Yeah, it will work with Metaslider plugin. Best regards, Matthew :-)


mathias_w Purchased

Hello, first of all, congratulations to this great plugin. It helps a lot to organize the media data.

I found a bug and want to report it. Hopefully you can fix it soon.

What happens is, that the folder view doesn’t get updated and new folders are not displayed after creation when using the plugin multiple times within one post. This is how you can reproduce the error:

1. I create a new post. With the “Add media” button on the top of the screen I create a folder via your plugin and add some photos. 2. I click on “set featured image” on the right side of the screen. The media selector with the plugin opens correctly BUT the newly created folder is not displayed. 3. Closing the window and using the “Add media” button on top of the post again, the folder shows up. So it has been created but just doesn’t show up in the other selector screen.

This makes it pretty hard to find the images just uploaded and makes it impossible to upload a new image into the newly created folder. The only workaround is to save the post, close it completely and open it again for editing. From my point of view this happens especifically when the media selector is opened multiple times but from different “add media” or “upload” etc. buttons.

Would it be possible to fix that? Thanks.


mathias_w Purchased

Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I just downloaded version 3.0.2 … actually it was installed already before, but I updated again to be sure. Unfortunately I still have the same issue :(

Ok, have you tried to clear the cache of browser? If the problem still persists can you please send a little screencast where you reprocedure the problem to support@matthias-web.com? Best regards, Matthew :-)


mathias_w Purchased

Still having the same issue. I just sent you a mail :)

After installing the plugin, I’ve noticed that only 150 files out of the 436 existing are displayed. Please assist with this issue.

Hello there! RML generelly does not hide any files. Are you in the “All files” section? Best regards, Matthew :-)


gecko_guy Purchased


Looks good so far, nice work.

there are a couple of things that I’m not entirely satisfied with though..

.rml-options nav {
  background: url(../image/icon-2.3.png) no-repeat 10px center;

This image is not retina friendly, and is blurred on HD screens. Please can you update that to an icon as it is quite “ugly”, and doesn’t suit the style of the rest of the back end. Wordpress uses Dashicons as you know, and that icon looks really out of place (makes me think of WP3 ;)

Also, please make it possible to disable the hover tooltips. They are fine for when one first starts using the plugin, but after initial orientation of how things work, they just get in the way.

I have hidden them from view with CSS, but we shouldn’t have to do that.

Next, a feature request..

Can you make the sidebar collapsible please? I mean, allow us to close the sidebar so we can see the full-width WP panel?

At the moment, we can make it wider than the fixed minimum calc width, but we can’t hide it. This would be a nice feature..



gecko_guy Purchased

Just keeping you updated as I go here..

If I add some Admin side CSS, which loads after the plugin classes are injected, then the following code seems to sort out that particular “glitch” of the media library frame being bumped down:

.aio-tree.rml-container {
  padding-right: 1px;
  margin-right: -1px;

Except that it doesn’t really solve the problem..

What does seem to solve it is if I use the resize button to make the sidebar bigger than the minimum width. In which case it is stored as a setting in a cookie, and carries over when switching between grid and list view.

If I set the sidebar width to the minimum allowed, and use the CSS above, then what happens is that the media frame loads without being bumped, but the sidebar is “hidden” until the scripts finish loading. (this looks like a bug I think…).


gecko_guy Purchased

Aside from all this, please check your WP Plugin repo support tickets. There are problems with the “Physical Custom Upload Folder” addon to this plugin.


Hello there! Thanks for your awesome feedback! I am currently in vacation and I really try to solve the issues when I come home back. I will also have a look at the physical custom upload folder plugin, too. Best regards, Matthew :-)