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jonny365 Purchased

Just purchased but I’m having an issue. Bulk select only works in list mode. With Grid mode the images just grey out but no blue border and tick. If I try to drag the images it only moves the one image I drag on.

Also is the WPML issue above fixed as I’m about to install that.

Many thanks

Hello there! Can you please send me a demo login to your site so I can have a look at it? support@matthias-web.com :-)


Baroninn Purchased

Question : Will there be support for x theme in cornerstone ?

X theme has this page builder(editor) called Cornerstone, which is completely great !

The problem is that they disable most javascripts while using Cornerstone, so your plugin doesnt work in Cornerstone.

Im going to contact x theme developers to see whats possible, im just wondering what you guys can do to make it possible to use your plugin within cornerstone.

They actually have a great guide for creating your own modules within cornerstone so anyone can integrate their plugin with cornerstone. So it shouldnt take you a long time to integrate it.

Hello there! Yeah, I already had some customers they want to use RML with Cornerstone. I already contacted the devs, too. I had a look at their Module system, but I found out no way to include scripts/styles in their page builder. Best regards, Matthew :-)


Philbeaux Purchased

Been using this plugin a few months now and I really appreciate it. At present I have literally thousands of images and I am categorizing them using a few hundred different folders. Is there a limit to the number of folders or collections? With such a large number of images, is there a “better” way to organize them with so many different categories? Folders or Collections?

No, there is no preferred method. Collections simply gives you a fast overview where your images and galleries are. RML does not speed down your site if you have thousands of images. What version of RML are you using? ::-)


Philbeaux Purchased

Ok, thanks for the response. I’m very sure it’s the latest and greatest version I’m using. It just seemed that when I started using collections more my back-end got quicker….. but that just might be my perception. Just one more quick question…. I had asked awhile back about being able to have a single image in multipe folders or collections. Has there been any further development with this?

Ok. Yes, this feature is already on roadmap but I can not tell you an exact release date for that feature. Best regards, Matthew :)

Dear Matthias!

This is exactly the plugin I am looking for to organize my pictures. I am using your plugin with my theme but the folders are not showing up! Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you for your help!

Hello there! What version of RML are you using? And where do you not see the structure? Best regards, Matthew :-)


remo71 Purchased

Hello Matthew and mspiggy, Is there any news yet on this matter? I’m experiencing the same issue. I’m not able to sent a demo login since I’m still developing locally. thanks, Remo

p.s. I meant to reply on the flatsome issue, RML not working

The page builder­ uses a top frame for­ the page building it­self, and the page is­ included via a frame­ to the page builder.­ So, RML is not loade­d to the top page bui­lder frame. Perhaps y­ou can ask the develo­pers of the theme, if­ they can create a co­mpatibility with thei­r page builder and RM­L. Please let me know, w­hat they reply. Perhaps I can also contact them. Best regards, Matthew :-)


tomroc Purchased

Hello, I’m using WP RML (2.8.3) with WP/LR sync (2.7.3). When I select a folder (which is a collection) in my WP/LR hierarchy, and use “Folder details”, I can select the ordering of this folder. But sorting is not affected by my choixe, the subfolders always remain in the same order.

Does the folder you want to rearrange have any restrictions? :)


tomroc Purchased

What do you mean by restrictions ? Its a collection of collections, synchronized by WP/LR Sync.

Can you please send me a demo login to your site so I can have a look at it? support@matthias-web.com Best regards, Matthew :)


DerDes Purchased

Hi Mathias, schön mal etwas durchdachtes, funktionierendes aus dem Web zu bekommen. Und dann noch aus heimischen Gefilden, dass setzt meiner Freude über dein Plugin noch ein Krönchen auf. Bin noch nie mit der originalen Medienverwaltung von WP zufrieden gewesen. Auf der Suche nach einer Bildergalerie bin ich auf JIG gestoßen. JIG kann zwar viel, aber für mich ist die Struktur bzw. das Handling des Plugins nicht wirklich nachvollziehbar. Aber das hat wahrscheinlich mit fehlendem wissen meinerseits zu tun. Aber kein Problem, durch RML kann ich meine Medien sortieren und JIG funktioniert so wie ich es mir vorstelle. Bevor ich jetzt alles erstelle mal eine Frage zur besten Vorgehensweise. -Ich habe erst mal einen Ordner erstellt, dort meine Bilder für eine spezielle Galerie reinkopiert. ich dachte das wäre die Vorlage für eine Galerie. /nein -Danach habe ich ein Unterverzeichnis erstellt und wollte dort die Bilder einschieben. / nein -Darunter habe ich noch ein Verzeichnis erstellt, dort kann ich Bilder hinein legen welche später im Editor auch schwarz hinterlegt sind bzw. selektierbar. Der erste ursprüngliche Ordner ist dann leer. Kann ich mir den ersten Ordner sparen? Ich möchte im JIG Gallerien mit Filter/Kategorien erstellen, kann ich im RML eine Vorauswahl treffen. Ich meine hier schon Kategorien erstellen, welche durch Tags oder ähnlichem trennbar bzw. handelbar sind. Falls das geht sage mir bitte wie und wo ich Filterbezeichnungen eintrage.

Schade das man kein Bilder anhängen kann, dann wäre alles kürzer.

Gruß nach Bayern aus Frankfurt / Hessen Michael

I have a test server in my house where web content is created and tested using wordpress before publishing it on the webserver. Can use the Real Media Library on both servers?

thanks, Walt Jags

Hello there. Yes, you can use one license for one test and one productive installation. Best regards, Matthew :)

It would be really cool adding a trash – like the trash for posts and pages works. You could trash files you think that are not being used anymore, check the site if everything is still fine and restore a file if you were to engaged cleaning. And empty the trash when everything is fine and enjoy a lighter page (good for daily backups, too).

Hello there. Yes, it is possible to create a feature like that, just have a look here: https://philsmart.me/enabling-wordpress-media-trash-feature/ Best regards, Matthew :)

Thanks for the hint, but it seems this doesn´t work any more. Tried this on two different sites (running WP 4.7.2) and it does not change anything.

Hello we have integrated WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders this extension in our website and we have few queries. What we need to we need to only display the main/original images in media folder not the thumbnails and medium and other cropped images. Does plugin support that? Is there any option to display only main images?