Discussion on Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager for Media Management in WordPress

Discussion on Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager for Media Management in WordPress

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Using your plugin can I get media to automatically be organized by post type? As an example, I would have all media in blog post to be automatically added to a main folder called Blog post medias and all user generated media in forums would be automatically added to main folder called Forum medias. Is that possible with your plugin?


Hi eltye,

Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, our plugin does not have a feature that can automatically order files based on rules. Sorry for that!

Best regards,


Salshine Purchased

Hello, just a question, can you use images from a particular folder in the themes code? For example you have a folder called nature, is it possible use images from that folder only in the theme’s code?

Hi Salshine,

you find a comprehensive developer documentation for Real Media Library at

You can for example use `wp_rml_get_attachments()` to read all uploads (called attachments) from a folder. Please check out for further information!

Best regards,



dobiho Purchased

hello? I am managing my media with Real Media Library. I’m moving servers. Media can be moved over ftp. How can I move folders and media information created with Real Media Library? I can’t find it in a search, so I’m asking.

You have requested the same question in our support at I assigned your ticket to a college from the development. He will come back to you via email in a timely manner!

Best regards,


Hello, did you checked if your plugin works with LearnDash ? Because if I have activated LearnDash, real media is not working.

Hi bestranger,

please open a support ticket at with further information what exactly do not work, and we will take a look at it in a timely manner!

Best regards,


i installed Real Media Library: Media Library Folder & File Manager for media management in WordPress

I can’t find license activation location

The product license has not been activated. Import license.

Please help us

the location suggested to mount the license key does not work, please help .

Hi there! I just replied to your email :-)

I just wanted to add a comment on why I choose this plugin over FileBird. First and foremost, this plugin was created about 2 1/2 years BEFORE FileBird existed and while I can offer no proof that the other team copied the idea (not code) it seems fairly obvious they copied a whole bunch of the design and interface concepts that were a part of Real Media Library. That’s not cool! I want to support the original authors and keep them in business because they were responsible for solving one of WP biggest pain points! I have purchased multiple licenses from DevOwl and I have every intention of keeping that pattern going forward. Keep up the hard work!

Hi there! Thanks for your words and support! :-)

So I have successfully installed the plugin on another test site. However I cannot install this on my main site. It says as follows, “Destination folder already exists. /home2/adoptan2/public_html/carbonae/wp-content/plugins/real-media-library/” I have deleted the plug in from the plug in menu. Not seeing it there I set up a client ftp with file zilla through bluehost to see all my files and folders. I do not see the file in here either. What should I do?

Hi! Apologies for the delayed response. Have you already addressed the issue? I think for this you should contact your hosting provider. Regards, Matthew :-)

Hello, I cannot download the plug in to save my life. and would like a refund unless you can help resolve simply installing the plug in. I am either getting these two errors when installing the zip file under plugins: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.” or Destination folder already exists. /home2/adoptan2/public_html/carbonae/wp-content/plugins/real-media-library/

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response. Please check out this: Regards, Matthew :-)

Hi. I know I don’t have support anymore, although I’ve bought your plugins for several times already and never used support.

I’m using The Gem Theme, with ACF plugin and when I’m trying to upload a PDF file via a CPT Post I don’t see the folder structure in media window. I can only locate the file in details area Folder dropbox which keeps loading… Are you aware of this kind of issues?

I’m using wordpress 5.9.3 and Safari as browser.

Thank you for any answer you can provide here.

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response. Can you please contact us via, so we can check this for you? Regards, Matthew :-)

Hello, does the Media Library Folder only have a 1 year update or a lifetime update?

Hey! You will get lifetime updates, but you can extend support for another 6 months. Regards, Matthew :-)

I find Real Media Library being a gret plugin! I am using the plugin SUBLANGUAGE for multiple language versions of my website. I have created a folder that contains links to media files in other folders. When creating the links, only the main language text is copied. What to do to have access to all fields when creating links?

Further clarification. When creating a shortcut to an image file, only some of the meta data is copied to det short cut. All meta fields seam to be created and it is possible to enter data in the shortcut’s meta data fields but that is not connected to the real image data. I would like to copy all meta data from the image when creating short cuts. How can I do that?

Hi there! Unfortunately, I do not understand the issue correctly. Can you please contact us via so we can check this further? Regards, Matthew :-)

I would say that this plugin is one of the best plugins in WordPress.

Very thanks for the plugin.

I found a minor bug. But it’s an important for us.

When you delete multiple folders ( ), it only deleted 23 of them and refreshed.

See this : I just tried to delete 10 folders. But only 2 folders are deleted and 8 left.

Did you limit only 23 folders? I think you didn’t mean it.

Can you please have a look and fix it? I am using the newest version which released a few days ago. ( Version 4.18.8 )

And is there any way to delete the images as well if we delete the folders. I was not able to find this feature. Therefore, we remove the folders and the images go to uncategoried folder. And we remove the files in the uncategoried folder. We wish you have an option to remove the folder and also the images belong to.

Thank you for the great plugin.

Hi there!

Thanks for your message, and apologies for the delayed response. No, there isn’t a limit when deleting folders. Can you please send a support ticket via so we can check this further?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to delete files inside a folder when deleting the folder.

Regards, Matthew :-)

Yes, I will. But you can simply have a test that it doesn’t delete all.

Thank you,

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue on my end – tried on different browsers. Can you please contact us via, so we can check this for you? Regards, Matthew :-)

I suddenly get update message on my plugin page but from the free version?
How does this work, I never got this mesages for the pro version? Can I see the difference? How?

Hi BlackBoXz,

If you have a version older than 4.1.0 (released in 2018), you have to download the update once manually at (that’s where you bought Real Media Library), because only from version 4.1.0 updates are shown in your WordPress.

As soon as you use v4.1.0 or newer, you get update notices in the same way as in the free version.

Best regards,


How do I see the difference? I now have a message to update to 4.18.8 version but I can’t download that version from Envato (4.18.7), only through my backend? Is 4.18.8 the pro or free version? It is really confusing.

Hi again! Ok, I understand now. Envato has not yet reviewed and approved the update on Please try again later today then you will be able to download v4.18.8 from :-)


bkozma Purchased

Regarding my review and autor respone assuming that you have illegal copy. Yes i have bougt the plugin, otherwise i could not post rhe review. Did i activete it? no i dont want to activate it this is my choice. I dont want a client to make automatic updates because plugin have a long history of bugs an incompability issues.

Hi bkozma,

thanks for your explanation about your review. Unfortunately, the messages can only be disabled (disable feature) with an active license.

We are happy to offer a refund in your case. How to apply for a refund is explained at Please refer to your rating and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Refund to remove bad rating? :) Just stop spaming undismisable messeges on wordpress instalations and forcing people to accept your privacy policy to send data… This is very bad policy.

We do not force you to agree to anything that would recght not be allowed. You only have to agree that you have accepted the technically essential data transfer – which almost all other WordPress plugins perform without your knowledge. We explain this in detail in our privacy policy at Please read it once to better understand that the technically essential data transfer is in your interest, e.g. to not receive updates that are incompatible with your WordPress version.

Hi there, I just recently transferred a clients development site onto another domain/server and I am getting some alerts from real media library saying that it has detected a new server and to re-enter the license. However every time I try to re-enter the license I get a pop-up with a spinning loading sign but nothing ever changes. Is there anyway I could get help with this?

Also it says this: The plugin has a new update server. Therefore, you need to reactivate your license (**) to continue receiving updates

is this significant?

My permalink were broken and I was getting an error for connecting to the REST api, but after editing the htaccess I fixed the permalink and after a few reloads the rest api error went away as well.

So now I do see the folder I setup on the previous server, but I still can’t activate the license…

Ok never mind, I just tried it again 10 minutes later and it now works…

Hi again! Nice to hear that it is working now again. Regards, Matthew :-)

Hi there! Is it possible to apply an image in 2 or more folders? Thanks!

Hi there! Please check out this: Regards, Matthew :-)

Hello, when I was activating the license, I choose ‘Developer’ from the dropdown menu because I am developing this eCommerce site BUT the site belongs to me. Now Real Media Library is saying “Product license not for production use!”. Did I make a mistake by not choosing “Production” when activating? If yes, how can I change it? The website belongs to me and the license belongs to me.

Hi there! If you choose “Devleopment” you will see this development-notice. If you want to remove this notice, deactivate the license via Plugins > Real Media Library > License and activate again as “Production”. Regards, Matthew :-)

Hallo, das Plugin lässt sich nicht aktivieren:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function error_log() in /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ Stack trace: #0 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ wpdb->print_error() #1 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ wpdb->query() #2 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ wpdb->get_var() #3 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ MatthiasWeb\RealMediaLibrary\Activator->checkDirtyFunction() #4 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ MatthiasWeb\RealMediaLibrary\Activator->supportsChildQuery() #5 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ MatthiasWeb\RealMediaLibrary\Activator->dbDelta() #6 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ MatthiasWeb\RealMediaLibrary\Activator->install() #7 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ WP_Hook->apply_filters() #8 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ WP_Hook->do_action() #9 /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ do_action() #10 {main} thrown in /home/users/kuhrau_de/www/ on line 1582

Hi! Magst du bitte ein Ticket via öffnen, sodass wir das Problem genauer ansehen können? Grüße, Matthias :-)

on a listing directory site, how can listings images be in a dedicated folder only for ALL listings?

Hello jasonb4u,

I understand from your request that you have a Custom Post Type “Listing” where you advertise e.g. real estate. You now want to output a Real Media Library gallery per real estate.

We have explained how to output a gallery at

A dynamic assignment between the real estate and a folder in your media library is best achieved with the free plugin Advanced Custom Fields ( and the add-on “Advanced Custom Fields: Real Media Library Folder Field” ( The output of the gallery, which is dynamically linked to the referenced folder, you would have to program yourself in your child theme.

I hope this helps you!

Best regards,


Not each real estate folder for a particular estate, but for ALL Estates to be in same folder of its own:

This will separate Listing images from website developer page images,

In both cases, you will need some custom integration like mentioned before. Please check out the linked documentation for further information!


McGoofy Purchased


Lizenz nicht mehr gültig?! Plötzlich wird wieder die Lzenz verlangt. Wenn man diese dann eingeben will, wird sie verweigert. Das ist nicht gut. Wie komme ich zu einer funktionierenden Lizenz?

Grüsse McGoogfy


McGoofy Purchased

Immer noch keine Antwort !


McGoofy Purchased

Sehr schlechter Support!

Hallo McGoofy,

leider haben wir in unserem Support keine Anfrage von “McGoofy” erhalten.

Anhand deines Wortlauts können wir nur mutmaßen, dass du Günther bist, der am 13.05.2022 das Support-Ticket 69b786f49c7c eröffnet hat (steht in Betreff der Eröffnungsbestätigung, die du per E-Mail erhalten hast, worauf wir am 16.05.2022 geantwortet haben.

Außerdem wurde von Günther am 24.05.2022 ein Support-Ticket eröffnet, dass wir noch am selben Tag beantwortet haben.

Falls du Günther sein solltest, prüfe bitte den Spam-Ordner deines E-Mail-Eingangs!

Viele Grüße



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