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If i enable the plugin, order my media files etc. and then one day disable it or uninstall it (for example i don’t want to use it anymore, because of a bug, because of a conflict etc.)

1. Will it break anything ?

2. Will it restore media files as they were before or will they still be arranged ?

3. if uninstalled, does it leave trace in wordpress database ?

4. is it compatible with WPML ?

Thank you

Hi! Duplicate comment, please see other comment. :-)

Hi, there is a way to update plugin from the page of the plugins?

Hello there! Unfortenely at the moment there is no autoupdate mechanism, but it will come! You can simply delete the old version and install the new one, your folders will stay. Best regards, Matthew :-)

I have an email from Code Canyon advising me to download the updated plugin. On the plugins page in Wordpress, there is no plugin update flag. Does this mean that I have to manually install updates to this plugin? What exact method should I use? Thanks

Hello there! Unfortenely RML does not provide automatic updates at the moment, but we are still working on this. You install it this way: Delete old version and install the new one. Your folders will stay. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hello Matthias,

I am wondering if with your plugin I make image collections/galleries and want to import them as gallery, can I then also select multiple collections to add to one gallery? If yes, then I am very interested in this plugin.


Hi again! Yeah, you can create dynamic galleries with Justified Image Grid, just have a look at this: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/collections/ . You can also create a straight to lightbox gallery: http://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/galleries/ I hope this is what you search for. :-)

Thank you for your explanation! I am looking into it.

Thanks for your interest. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Klamoc Purchased

Hello, I am trying to update this plugin to the latest version. How do I go about doing that?

No problem! Does the plugin work fine for you? Best Best regards, Matthew :-)


Klamoc Purchased

This plugin is so great. It makes my life so simple when dealing with all the media we have in our library!

Thanks! If you want you can leave a rating on CodeCanyon. Have a nice day! :)

Anyway to get it to work when doing a insert image? In the image you can see I have it installed http://www.predator-dnc.com/_/2017-06-12_15-16-10.png Would be nice when I click an Insert Image I would get the same look and feel as I get when I click Media Libary

Hello there! Can you please send a demo login to your site and a detailled problem description so I can have a look at that? support@matthias-web.com Best regards, Matthew :-)

Thank you for getting back with me. It fixed it’s self… Thank you again

What have you done? If you like the plugin you can perhaps rate it on CodeCanyon. Best regards and have a nice day, Matthew :)


nalberto Purchased

How do I update the plugin. When I try to install the new zip file, it tells me:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Destination folder already exists. D:/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/real-media-library/

Plugin install failed.

Hello there! Please deactivate and delete the old version! Do not worry, your folders will stay. Best regards, Matthew :-)


remo71 Purchased

There is a typo on your main plugin page. It says “Instroduction” i.o. “Introduction” :-)

Thank you! I have changed it. Best regards, Matthew :)

Since the latest update (I guess it is since then) I have the problem that the display of the folder structure (collections, galleries) overlays the image thumbnail area regardless which browser I use (Chrome, Firefox, IE): http://hella-stroh.de/downloads/2017-06-14 08_33_26-Mediathek.png Has anybody similar problems?

Best regards, Hella

Hi there! What version of RML are you using? Can you try to update to v3.1.1? And can you please try to clear the cache of your browser? Best regards, Matthew :-)

I’m sorry and you’re right: The update had not worked properly. I have now just deleted the old version and uploaded the new files via ftp and everything’s fine now! Thanks a lot and best regards, Hella

Das ist schön zu hören! Ich wünsche noch einen schönen Tag! Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

Hi, I’ve a problem in one site where RML doesn’t display files in some categories despite the counter shows that the folder has some items. The same behaviour happened in ALL FILES and seems that those images disappeared from media library (but they are currently visibile in the website). Looking in UPDLOAD FOLDER the images are in their folder under usual YYYY\MM structure FOLDER. Is there a way to rebuild the database? (I’ve experienced this behaviour in this site with both 3.0.1 and the latest 3.1 version).


Hi Matthias, just solved by my own: WPML Media PLUGIN hasn’t made available all media to all languages!! A special function that ensures that all media were available to all site languages solved my problems. Thanks anyway and CONGRATULATIONS for this fantastic plug-in.

Hi! Thanks for your feedback and it is nice to hear that you have solved it. If you want you can leave a rating on CodeCanyon for the plugin. Best regards, Matthew :)


nadimby Purchased


We just purchased your plug in and we were testing it on a site with a lot of media files (around 180k images) and it is crashing the media library, none of the images are showing.

Furthermore, we tried testing it locally on a Wordpress 4.8 site with 4 images and it worked perfectly.

Can you please advise. if you have an email address to send you a screen shot that would be great.

Thank you.

Hi there! You can contact me support@matthias-web.com. Best regards, Matthew :)


Do you have any updates about the plugin you are developing (physical press) ? Is it still under development ? Will it be usable without real media library or would it be another plugin to pay for ? If i must buy 2 diffrent plugins would there be a discount prices if we buy both of them ? How is your plugin “Physical Custom Upload Folder” avaiable on wordpress.org different from “physical press” ? you were talking about few months ago ?

Thank you

Hello there! The name of the plugin is no longer “PhysicalPress”. I have changed the name to “Physical Custom Upload Folder”. This plugin is an extension for RML, that mean it does not work with other plugins. The wordpress.org plugin is free to use. Best regards, Matthew :)

Awsome plugin!! Nice update! Thanks! :)

Hi there! Thanks for your feeedback! If you want you can leave a rating on CodeCanyon for RML. Best regards and have a nice day, Matthew :-)


I’m using WP/LR Sync to sync with RML and I have a folder that I deleted from Lightroom but still exists in RML. I can’t delete it on the RML side. RML tells me I am not allowed to delete this folder. How can I get rid of it? Thank you.

Ok, generelly is to say, that WP/LR extension does not allow do modify the synchronized folders because it is only one-side-synchronization. But, you can try to recreate the folder in LR, then sync with WordPress and then delete the folder in LR again.

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That seemed to do the trick! Thank you!

Nice to hear! Regards, Matthew :)

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Gymnae Purchased

Is there an ability to download a folder or gallery? I would love to have a .zip functionality which enables the creation of archives from the originals in the library for users. Example: They can browse thumbnails, check out bigger versions of pictures and then also download an archive of the images in their uploaded size. Would this be possible?

Hallo! Leider steht diese Funktion nicht zur Verfügung. Wenn ich das richtig verstanden habe, sollte ein Ordner / Galerie als .zip herunterladbar sein, ist das richtig? Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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ianstudio Purchased

Hi, it would be great if you could make a folder default view when you enter the library.. another thing that would be great is if you could hide/show (and even lock) folders (and thus all images associated with them) to certain user roles.

That way for example one could hide folders (and their subfolders at the same time) named “Sliders” or “Interface” so that other people logging in would not get access or be overwhelmed by all the images in the library and not even know they exist there.

Sure you can tell someone to just deal with certain folders they need to work with.. but… ;0)

Hi there! I will work on a solution for the default folder at startup of the media library soon. And the other thing, I also thought about a “User media library” to hide folders to other users but it is more difficult. I will also add this to my wish-list again and higher priority. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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ianstudio Purchased


Hi, I’m liking the looks of your gallery plugin, but I was wondering if there was any sort of FTP sync. For example, I would prefer to upload my images to a folder on my server, than have RML “find” the images and add them to the gallery plugin.

Is this possible, or do you have a solution that could make this work?


Hi there! This is currently not possible, sorry. But you can use a plugin like “Add from server” (https://wordpress.org/plugins/add-from-server/) to import files from FTP. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I have many images in my library already, assigned to a custom product designer for example. If I install this plugin will my image paths become broken to the elements that use them?

Hi there! It will not break your image pathes because RML organizes the media library virtually in folders. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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kurtNYC Purchased

Hello, can this plugin add a category ID to images? A category ID that could then be used by another plugin to pull images? ( like Grid FX etc)

How do I view the category ID of the folders I’ve created?

Looking forward to testing out the Lightroom integration add-on, that looks cool.

thanks, kurt

Hi there! The images does not have a category id, the have a folder id. You can see the folder ID when you hover over a tree item and have a look at the URL: rml_folder=X. If you want (or I can do) you can ask the Grid FX developer if he wants to implement a compatibility with Grid FX + RML. Best regards, Matthew :)

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This plugin is amazing and love that it allows us to manage our multitude of images in folders. But it makes inserting images sooooo slow compare with when not using the plugin; specially when starting up the library, uploading images and inserting an image in a page

Unfortenely your site redirects me to a 404 error when I try to set my password for my user, can you please send me the login url with a username and password? :)

sorry about that. just sent login detail to your email.

Hi again! Now I have done some measure tests:
Requests sent from Germany

Real Media Library activated: 
Finish Media Library page in backend: 12.32s
AJAX fetch RML tree: 5.72s
AJAX fetch "All files": 6.17s
Open Edit Page of "Home" (VC): > 40.33s

Real Media Library deactivated:
Finish Media Library page in backend: 11.24s
AJAX fetch "All files": 4.62s
Open Edit Page of "Home" (VC): > 40.33s

All requests respects the browser cache (memory, disk), so this is usual user setting. I can not detect any troubles when RML is activated… The +Xseconds of page load can perhaps be the JS/CSS resources needed for RML. Sometimes the edit page of home takes > 2 min until VC is ready (even with RML deactivated).

Best regards, Matthew :)