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Hi Matthias—have you tested compatibility with Envira Gallery? I would hate to spend $24 and time, only to find out it doesn’t work with that. Thank you for your fast answer!

Hi there! What do you mean exactly with compatibility? Unfortunely I do not own Envira Galelry but I think that it will be runnable both together. If it does not work you can contact me any time and request a refund. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi, we have Real Media Library 3.4.0 running on WordPress 4.9.1 and when trying to create a new folder it displays the error: “The folder could not be created in the database.”

Further inspection indicates the Real Media Library plugin may have a bug as it’s trying to insert data into a missing column ‘owner’ in the wp_realmedialibrary database table: WordPress database error Unknown column ‘owner’ in ‘field list’ for query INSERT INTO `wp_realmedialibrary` (`parent`, `slug`, `name`, `type`, `ord`, `restrictions`, `owner`) VALUES (-1, ‘hosted-documents’, ‘Hosted Documents’, ‘0’, ‘1005’, ’’, ‘1’)

Hi there! Can you please download the latest version 3.4.2 from CodeCanyon? Sorry, for the troubles. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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This looks like a really interesting plugin. Saw some mention that it was on the roadmap and wondering if it has been implemented now: can you have the same image in multiple folders and/or collections?

Hi there! Thanks for your interest in Real Media Library. Yeah! It did come with version 3.0: https://matthias-web.com/wp-content/uploads/envato/rml/create-shortcut.gif Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Thanks for the quick reply Matthias, that’s awesome, just tried it. I’m in!

You’re welcome. :-)

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Hi, can the front end galleries display non-images like video, pdf, files (ai, psd, indd, xlsx, docx, zip, etc.)?

Hi there! For this purpose you can use the plugin “Document Gallery”. It has an extra add-on for RML: https://wordpress.org/plugins/dg-real-media-library/ Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Matthias. Just purchased RML and have already started using it. Really enjoying it. I am having one issue and that is when I start dragging files into specific folders from my unorganized files library, I am getting some strange behavior after I create new folders in the middle of this process. After making more folders and making sure unorganized is selected when I return to dragging files, I am seeing the files that I have already dragged into different folders reappear in the unorganized file section. To fix it, I have so far been exiting out of RML (ie. opening up another item in the wp dashboard, and then when I return to RML all returns to how it should be, ie. organized files are indeed in there folders and not appearing in the unorganized section. Thanks for your help, Mark

Hi there! Can you please send a screencast showing the problem to support@matthias-web.com? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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email sent, thank you


ixodid Purchased

Hi, Do you have a user manual or some form of a step-by-step guide?

I looked at each tab from https://matthias-web.com/wordpress/real-media-library/ and the Item Details tab on https://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-real-media-library-media-categories-folders/13155134.

Those pages seems to be more of ‘feature’ explanations than user documentation.

All the animated GIFs and the YouTube video are hard for me to follow.

Thank you.

Hi there! Yeah, just download the .zip from CodeCanyon and unzip it on your computer. Then you will find a “User documentation” folder with an index.html file. Open the file within your browser. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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ixodid Purchased

Hi Matthew, That helps some. Two questions, please:

1. Can I put the same image in multiple folders? For instance I have a gallery on a page called “abstracts” and a gallery on a page called “ice and snow.” Some images fall into both categories and I would like to put those images into both pages (galleries).

2. Do you know of any resources that suggest ways to categorize and arrange images in galleries (as in my question above)?

Thank you

Hi again. To your questions: 1. You can creata shortcut of a file, just have a look at this: https://matthias-web.com/wp-content/uploads/envato/rml/create-shortcut.gif. 2. You can create a custom order in each folder, just have a look at this: https://matthias-web.com/wp-content/uploads/envato/rml/custom-order.gif Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi! I have problem with gallery. I’m trying to add it by shortcode in visual editor, but there is no images showing. What can be wrong?

Hi there! Do you get any error message and how does your shortcode looks like? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi there! I have `collection` and under it `gallery data folder` with 19 photos. I’m using this shortcode: `[folder-gallery fid=”5” link=”file” columns=”5” orderby=”rand” size=”large”]`, You can see page here: https://mymodulo.pl/nasze-realizacje/. I don’t see any error message.

UPDATE: I just tested it on clean WP site, and it works. I’m asuming that there is some conflict with theme what I’m using, but how to check it?

Best regards, Pawel


kaclip Purchased

Hello, I’ve been having recurring problems with uploading images to my wordpress blog with Media Library. I like the plugin for its organization of photos into a folder structure, but I run into so much problem uploading images via ML.

When I disable the plugin, the regular Media handles uploads quickly and with problems.

As it is, I can’t use ML. I’m disappointed, and I’m looking for help either sorting out the problem, or I’ll need my money back.

Thank you, Katrine Clip

Hi there! Can you please send a detailled problem description to support@matthias-web.com so I can have a look at this? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello, Thank you for the plugin, just wanted to report a minor bug. When you’re on the add images popup and viewing ‘All Files’, if you drag an item from All Files to a folder the item dissappears from view, this makes sense if you’re on a folder moving the item out of it but when viewing All Files it should just copy into the folder and not get removed from view. Reloading shows it back in All Files. Thanks

Thanks Matthias, done and done ;)

Thanks for the update Matthias, just saw it in your newsletters changelog. I appreciate the expedited support.

Thanks for your words. Have a nice day and best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi. Just bought the plugin, and already can say it is very useful but I do have issues. When dragging images from unorganized to specific folder, sometimes a copy of the image is left in the unorganized and I need to refresh the screen for it to go away. Much troubling issue is with bulk upload. When I select many images to upload, I get HTTP error after some images uploaded. It didn’t happen to me with the regular wordpress media and is very irritating. Any help with the upload?

Hi there! What version of RML are you using? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi. Version 3.4.3. Another issue with the upload that when I get the HTTP error on an image, it refuses to upload it again.

i am looking for a professional plugin so i can add several images in one album and can setup different albums on one page

Hi there! You can use Real Media Library for your backend organization. For frontend organization you can use the Justified Image Grid plugin: https://justifiedgrid.com/sources/wp-real-media-library/ It has a nice compatibility with Real Media Library. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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hsmith40 Purchased

I bought and installed your plugin and it works great. Now I am looking for a way to Bulk add Alt Descriptions to images in RML folder.

The plugins I have seen either haven’t been updated in 2-3 years or seem to want to add Alt Descriptions when the images are loaded. I bought one that is supposed to allow bulk changes to Alt Desc to attached images but it doesn’t look like it does Products.

Very simple, I want to select some images for a Product and bulk add the same Alt Desc for each one. How hard is that? :-)

Can it support EDD?

Hi there! What do you mean with support? The plugin itself will run with EDD together. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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