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Greetings, I was super excited about your plugin. Sadly, it is not working correctly for me. Based on comments, does the plugin not work with multisite (which I am using)?

It appears to be only searching posts through other plugins, but not actual pages or customers, orders, media, etc. Thanks!

Hello there! Yes, this seems to be bug… are you using this plugin only for multisite? If yes, you can request a refund. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hey Matthias, die Demo-Version geht nicht mehr. Könntest Du dies mal überprüfen? Wir möchten das Plugin nämlich gerne mal anschauen.

Hallo! Leider funktioniert die Demo für dieses Plugin weiterhin noch nicht, da die Testumgebung eine Multisite-Installation ist und hier noch keine Kompatibilität vorhanden ist. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)

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Hey Matthias, das ist natürlich schlecht – denn ohne Demo kaufen wir ungern Plugins…

Eventuell können Sie mich unter support@matthias-web.com kontaktieren und ich kann Ihnen eine kostenlose Test-Version zur Verfügung stellen.

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Do you have a demo for this? The links you provide don’t appear to work anymore.

Hello, I just purchased your plugin but perhaps it s not what I need. WE are looking for a way to search for a user record by looking up various fields such as phone number or whatever else. We use ACF custom fields as well that would be helpful to search for. I tried to set up for the ability to search for user entries only but it does not pull up records as expected. Do you have any help you can provide for making your plugin specific for user searching of any field within the user record?

Hi there! This is currently not possible, sorry. But the plugin itself provides some actions & filters to extend it. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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The magnifying icon for the search is not visible on the wp-admin tool bar when visiting the wp-admin dashboard

although it is visible on the admin tool bar when navigating the front end of the site

Hi there! What version of WordPress are you using? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi again, can you please send a demo login to support@matthias-web.com so I can have a look at this? Are you using multisite installation of WordPress? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hello, this plugin I will use for my woocomerce, also looking for sku?

Hi there! Unfortunely this feature is not available for the plugin. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Looking to purchase this plugin but would like to enquire about your return policy if it doesn’t function in a way that would help me. Currently using magic fields to break up posts but that makes posts un searchable so wondering if this plugin will help. Let me know if there is a return policy for me if it doesn’t work.

Hi there! Just buy the plugin and check if it works. If it does not work you can request a refund here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi, For some reason your plugin can’t find a few of my users when you search by name. Here is an example: I have a user with the name “James Mills”. If I search JAMES MILLS nothing comes up, but if I search his email address he comes up. Shouldn’t we be able to search users/woocommerce members by their name? Please advise me on how we can fix this. Thanks!

Hi there. Just replied your mail. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hey, looks nice but I wounder when is the next update coming?

“next month?” do you mean after that we will have update or?

No, I mean for the next months. I have a lot to do for my other plugins Real Media Library and Real Categories Mangement. So, there is no exact date for this plugin. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Ok sounds good I have some of this plugins and soon all of them, can’t wait to see the new changes, Thank you :)