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Congrats ! Great work GLWS

Thank you ! :)

Will this search woocommerce meta data?

Yes, just tested it on a WooCommerce instance :) Because GG Search allows you to search Custom Post Types, you can search
  • Products
  • Product Variations
  • Orders
  • Coupons
  • Refunds

But it will follow a extension for WooCommerce soon.

Using JIRA much? :) I love that functionality! Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you! Yes, i also develop JIRA plugins :)

Oh! (Shh… Atlassian expert here ;) ) I would love to see those plugins. Are they on marketplace?

Only private plugins… But currently im working on a marketplace item, will coming soon ;)

Hey this is really powerful i love it – although there seems to be a conflict on my front end with search , whenever i make a query , it does the search and then redirects to /”undifined” it does this on the backend as well . Using this plugin search works in backend though great. Is there anything you are aware of that could cause this or where I could start looking? Search does work without this plugin in my setup.

Thank you for the feedback! Bug is fixed and update will coming soon, is in review! :)

Dear buyers, how do you find the product? Are there any other features that you wish to improve the product?

OK, I bought and installed the plugin (and the woocommerce extension) in hopes that it would add some much needed functionality to backend searches of my woo shop. However, all it seems to have done is negate all other search functions, including those on my frontend. I can’t use this if it kills my frontend searches. Please help …

I just bought and downloaded it yesterday on codecanyon.net. There’s a new version since yesterday?

Oh sorry… my mistake. The new package to download is in review. I write here in comments, when it is ready to download. :)


I have a database MySQL , I want to connect this with your plugin search . This is a list of 10,000 products , users will be able to search by name and catalog number . Your plugin can do this.

Hello. This Plugin is a backend search. That means it is for authors, editors and admins (wordpress roles) to search posts, pages and so on in the wordpress Backend. You can extend the plugin with your own filter group (like your products) by adding new code => programming knowledge required, see online documentation. But normal website visitors can not use the Plugin.

hey, the search will work with diffrent lang? like HEBREW or arabic? and it will work on cutsom fields? like any portfolio plugin? or woocommerce products?

No there are only two languages: German and English, but if anyone helps me to translate it will follow a new language. You mean custom post types like portfolio? Can you show me the plugin. GG Searchs allows you to search all custom post types. Yes there is a plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-gg-search-woocommerce/ to explorer your woocommerce products. :)

Hallo; same question, is it multisite ready? Thanks and nice work :-)

Hallo. Ja, das Plugin sollte ebenso auf Multisite funktionieren. Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme haben, können Sie sich jederzeit bei mir melden. :)

Will it search a BuddyPress Network? BBPress Forum?

There is no extension for BuddyPress or BBPress. If these plugin work with custom post types of wordpress it will work, otherwise, the plugin is simple extendable.

Excellent! You’ve done great work with this plugin. If you include documentation or instructions how to extend it for use with BuddyPress and BBPress, I will definitely purchase a copy.

Do you have any programming knowledge? Then just look here http://matthias-web.de/gg-search/filter-referencegg_filter :)

So will this help do a simplex search for users by name; first or last? Right now in WP you have to type the username case sensitive and it’s awful. Thanks…

can you search by partial content of fields? Having firstname and lastname search would be why we would purchase :-)

Sorry, i will implement it in the new year. :)

Now you can search by first or last name. version 1.1.3 in review

Have bought and installed the plugin and got nearly no search even if I type in totally simple search queries. I found out that if I deactivate Relevanssi the plugin is working as expected. You should consider to make the 2 plugins compatible.

Here the website where you can get the plugin: www.relevanssi.com

Wenn ich dieses Plugin installiere, funktioniert die Suche weiterhin. Was funktioniert genau nicht? Wenn Sie mir einen Demo-Login einrichten, kann ich einen genaueren Blick darauf werfen. sags@matthias-web.de :)

Okay, I will send you a PM

Hi, It is not possible to view options page on demo, could you to change privileges for this page?

Hello again. Sorry this is not possible because the demo account should not have permissions to access the options. Also, currently there are only two options: hide Upload Preview image and wipe data. Best regards, Matthew :)

Matthew, now I have seen the screenshots. Well, thanks.

Sorry… I thought you are talking about the Real Media Library Plugin… But you mean GG search. I will publish Screenshots of the option later. :)

Hi, is it possible to search by ID with this Plugin? And – second question – is it possible to show the ID at the end of the result string in brackets – maybe by configuring your API?

Hallo. Sie meinen, einfach nur die ID in das Suchfeld eingeben und der Beitrag wird angezeigt? Ja, das kann zusätzlich hinzugefügt werden. Das andere ist ebenfalls durch die Javascript API möglich. Grüße, Matthias :)

Does this plugin search custom fields?

Hello there. Sorry, it does not work with CF. But this feature is already on wish-list. :)

Demo site won’t load for me, lets me log in then just shows a blank white page

Oh sorry, wrong plugin comments section… For this plugin you ask for the demo site is down longer time. If you want the plugin, you can buy it and if you do not like it you can request a refund. :)

Ok maybe you can answer a couple questions here then I can purchase:

Does this search users better than normal wordpress user page? I want to be able to have my admins search by first/last name.

Also, does this simply add a new search bar on every admin page? Or does it just modify the search bars that already exist? As in, on my users admin page in the top right there is a search spot, is this spot updated? Or would I have to ignore that spot and use a new toolbar?


Hello there! Yeah, you can search by first and last name. And yes, as you can see in the screenshots it will create a top right button with a search icon, or you press double GG or single ”.” to search. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hello Matthias,

I have buy your plugin and I want to add a field of a CPT in the search but I didn’t find a solution for the moment. Can i have your e-mail for send you some captures ?

Thanks !

Hello there! Custom post types are automatically added to the search. If you want to add custom fields, this is currently not possible. Best regards, Matthew :)