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for Feature Availability


You Have to Buy this Plugin it is for simply one of the top three plugins i have ever bought. Already in just a few weeks it has saved my many hundreds of hours work. The design is magnificent, the ease of use is outstanding. the workflow is simple, the end result is spectacular. All of these amazing qualities are only superceded by the phenominal customer service from this talented multilingual designer MatthiasWeb. Buy this plugin today I promise it will be the greatest investment you have ever made. Also check out Matthias other plugins especially the Real Catagory Managment Custom plugin which is also incredbly outstanding.

Buy this plugin today it will make your year i promise.

Kindly Simon

for Customer Support

Great program, major help author! I would recommend!

for Other

Dev. is doing his best to improve, I had issues with WPML at some point that had to do with the way plugin handles slugs.

for Code Quality

Excellent improvement plugin in particular for large websites and with lot's of posts and wooCommerce products.

A Must have. Very easy to use, well explained in the demo, support is also awesome. Most important : Not conflicting with anything else. Code Quality, author support is also awesom !

Thank you very much i'm happy to buy from you. I can only rate it 5 stars !

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