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Hi i just bought your category management plugin, but it is not the plugin I was looking for I need your other plugin for media category management. can you give me a refund so I can purchase your media category plugin?

Hi daito,

no worries, you can replace the two plugins. Please buy Real Media Library and open a refund request at for Real Category Management, where you mention the purchase code of your Real Media Library. Then we can refund you easily.




When I rearrange the the product categories and then refresh. The category arrangement does not update.

can you please advise?

Thank you

Hi Mikeoc,

I am sorry to hear that you are having problems with Real Category Management in your setups. This should certainly not be the case.

Please open a support ticket at and provide temporary admin access to your site and we will check the problem for you.

Best regards,


Hi, Its fine now. It was a plugin conflict with another category management plugin.


Hi again! Nice to hear that is now working as expected. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. If you like our plugin we would be happy to receive a rating here on CodeCanyon! Have a great day!

Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi, I am having several issues with the plugin. can you please contact me directly so as to explain exactly? Thanks

HI there! Thanks for reaching us out here! Can you please open a support ticket via ? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Wow just bought this, and first thing I see is that drag-n-drop only supports ONE category with no visible way to turn on multiple categories? Feature-request: It should state in the overview of posts or portfolio-itens what categires they are assigned to (in the details-view)

I’m not sure I understand you correctly. I assume that you are trying to express that you want to assign a blog post, for example, to several categories. Just press any key while dragging and dropping the post, and the drag and drop information will change. You will see that you are now “copying” the post (assigning it to another category).

Tattaaa awesome – I didnt think of that. Thanks! It works

Glad to hear it works for you!

Also just found, after purchasing, that: When choosing bulk-editing, 3 windows of categories and 3 windows of attributes appear, in which I can tick-off. There should only be one… Also, there is no option with this plug-in to sort. E.g. “Show only portfolio-items that are NOT assigned X category. It makes it really hard to overview if all have the right categories assigned – a feature that is needed if this should be a management-system actually making life much easier as promised. Thanks! Peter

Thank you very much for your feedback, Peter. Before purchasing the plugin, did you try the free version of Real Category Management to see if the plugin met your expectations? I see here a mismatch of that we have promised and what you expect from our plugin.

I believe this is a bug though… I cannot see the purpose of having 3 similar blocks open in which I can edit the categories? Should I send a screenshot?

Maybe you can send us a screencast where you can see the problem. I don’t think we quite understand what you mean.

You are welcome to send the screencast in a support ticket. Please open a ticket under

One feature request that would make my life worth living again: You should add option on a category, if this category can be active among others in same parent-category, or, not in combination with XXX categories.

Situation: I have a portfolio, which I want to sort in “Active Projects”, “In Progress”, “Future Projects”. So a project cannot be both in same time…

Human are lame and the weakest link, and errors will occur otherwise…


Thank you very much for your feedback, Peter. Before purchasing the plugin, did you try the free version of Real Category Management to see if the plugin met your expectations? I see here a mismatch of that we have promised and what you expect from our plugin.

This one was more of a “nice to have” suggestion. Not a requirement. But I can see many cases where this could work well… when having to avoid multiple categories that could be 100% different from each service, if you know what I mean…

Thank you very much for the feedback. We have added the idea to our backlog, but at the moment we can’t promise if and when we will implement this feature.

Pre-sale: Is this plugin useful for ordering categories? I mean to drag and drop categories to change its position.

Hi chefnelone,

i suppose you don’t want to e.g. drag posts into categories, but drag the order from category to category instead of A-Z ordered into another order.

This is unfortunately not possible due to the basic technical structure of WordPress (and therefore no other plugin will be able to support it).

I hope you give Real Category Management a chance anyway!

Best regards,


Hi there,

appreciate the great plugins.

We have a problem with your latest update of real-category-library to v3.3.2

developer’s note:

“The plugin sets ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’ header even for some GET requests. Which is actually strange and leading to problems in some use cases.

Actual Behaviour For example we are using ModSecurity to secure our server. As the plugin sends GET request with header ‘Content-Type’: ‘application/json’ its triggering the modsec JSON rule. SecRule REQUEST_HEADERS:Content-Type “application/json” \ “id:’200001’,phase:1,t:none,t:lowercase,pass,nolog,ctl:requestBodyProcessor=JSON”

Body processor expects valid JSON, but get’s empty body and returns a response with status code 400.”

Please, let me know if you need any more informaion and whether it can get fixed anytime soon.

many thanks! BM

Hi BM,

Thanks for your inquiry. In REST APIs, you normally only reply one type of data (usually JSON), regardless of the HTTP verb (e.g. GET). So this is a normal behavior. Depending on the structure of a REST API, it is also a normal behavior to send empty responses (e.g. well known in the Java sprint context) when there is no content, but the later may be modifiable. We need to discuss this. The simplest solution would be to adapt your web server to a standard behavior instead of using your custom parsing.

Can you give me a concrete example which route with a GET-HTTP verb leads to an empty response?

Best regards,



thanks for the quick reply!

Please, see the screengrabs below with examples of such requests:

request to /wp-json/real-category-library/v1/tree endpoint:

request to /wp-json/real-category-library/v1/plugin endpoint:

Our server setting are corresponding to security best practices, so would appreciate a fix here.



Hi there! What happens if you request the URL /wp-json/ directly?

Best regards, Matthew :-)

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