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The categories I’m changing the hierarchy for are products. I successfully did the same thing in the previous days, now it won’t let me and not sure what is different.

I want to move a number of categories underneath a parent category.

Hi. Has the plugin now been updated? Many thanks

Hello there! Yes, you can download newest version. Sorry for the late response. Best regards, Matthew :)

No problems… Thanks for updating!

I wonder if this plugin works with pages or is it just posts?.

If it works, will it affect / change the url structure for my pages?

Example : domain.com/mypage/ changed to domain.com/category/mypage/

Best Regards

Hello there! Sorry for the late answer… No, it does not change the URLs automatically. It simply helps you to organize the categories. What happens in your current installation when you change the category of a post? It also works for pages, that means it adds categories to pages. Best regards, Matthew :)

Great product man!

Thanks! :)

This is a great plugin. However, I have a lot of categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, etc. and I am having problems viewing the hierarchy of categories that were created since I added the plugin. This is making it difficult to organize my menu because some of my categories have the same name and I can’t see which main category they are in.

Hello there! What version are you using and can you send a little screenshot what you mean to support@matthias-web.com? Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi, I buyed the category management plugin. Unfortunately I can’t install it. It says “there was no functionable plugin found”. I just downloaded the ZIP file from Envanto to my MAC and tried to install as usual in Wordpress (newest version, also newest version of the X Theme).

Thank you for your help Kind regards Reto

Hello there! Just unzip the downloaded zip and you will find the real-media-library.zip file which is installable. Best regards, Matthew :)

Does your real category management plugin also DISPLAY the categories? My theme developer didn’t include any sort of blog page and I don’t know how to call the categories to a page for display…. Thank you.

Hello there! What do you mean exactly? Best regards, Matthew :-)

I simply mean how do you get the categories to show on a page? Rather then all my posts on a page in chronological order, I want to show the categories, maybe with some headlines under each topic, so users can click to see all the headlines in that topic or click directly into a post from the headline. There’s a list categories plugin but it isn’t formatted at all and seems limited in that way, cumbersome. If I remember correctly, your plugin does a nice job of showing blogs in, say a grid format… the title, a bit of the first sentence, etc, but it doesn’t just list the categories either. I don’t understand why… should have just the categories a the top, then a grid (if you want a grid) below, preferably you could have that grid be whatever topic you’ve clicked on so there’s always all the topics at the top. Does that make any more sense? Maybe I’m missing something obvious about your plugin or wordpress. My template really doesn’t have space for a side navigation widget though, so that usual method is out….

Hello there again! Unfortenely, Real Cateegory Management plugin has no feature show categories on frontend. But if you use another plugin to show categories on frontend the order (which you have created with drag&drop) is respected. Regards, Matthew :)

Hello Pre sale question

i like your plugin and i will buy it for woocommerce, my question is: does your plugin works for creating new products?

i have a massive category tree and it is very difficult to select the category when i’m creating a new product.


Hello there. What do you mean exactly? Best regards, Matthew :)

hi, we have your WordPress Real Media Library already but i just stumbled upon this other plugin. Is there a reason why we would like to have this one as well? :) (what does it do that the other one doesn’t)

Hello there! Thanks for your interest. RCM (Real Category Management) primary allows you to organize all your categories in the backend as tree on left side except media library. Real Media Library is similar but adds a category tree to the media library and many other stuff which is not needed for normal categories (like posts). Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hallo Matthias,

ich habe gerade RCM installiert, um meine 90 Seiten zu sortieren. Klappt prima! Was noch fehlt ist “Unkategorisiert”, so wie bei Deinem WP Real Media Library (damit man weiß, was noch sortiert werden muss).

Wahrscheinlich keine große Schwierigkeit…

Gruß Thomas

Hallo! Das ist ein guter Vorschlag, ich werde es gleich mal in die Roadmap mit aufnehmen. Beste Grüße, Matthias :-)


If i enable the plugin, order my categories etc. and then one day disable it or uninstall it (for example i don’t want to use it anymore, because of a bug, because of a conflict etc.)

1. Will it break anything ?

2. Will it restore categories as they were before or will they still be arranged ?

3. if uninstalled, does it leave trace in wordpress database ?

4. is it compatible with WPML ?

Thank you

Hello there! It will not break anything because this plugin uses the default wordpress taxonomy system. If the plugin is deactivated the custom order does not work anymore, that’s the only thing, because WordPress does no longer know the filters for the custom order. It dies not leave a trace in wordpress on uninstall. And yeah, it is compatible with WPML. If you have any problems you can contact me immediatly or request a refund if nothing works. Best regards, Matthew :-)

Hi there.

I’ve noticed some kind of conflict between your plugins Real Media Library and Real Categories Management. When RML is installed, the visualization of the categories tree of the latter goes crazy (please see the screenshots below). Of course I’ve tried to narrow the issue uninstalling all plugins one by one, and the problem (occurring with all themes) is definitely RML. I’m using WP 4.8, the latest versions of both Qode’s Bridge theme and your plugins, with PHP 7.

Hope you can find a solution.



Without RML: https://pasteboard.co/1MMJOFU0V.jpg With RML: https://pasteboard.co/hRSukVfTJ.jpg

That’s fine, thanks. Best, S.

Matthias, thanks a lot for having dedicated some of your vacation time to solve this issue. I do appreciate your support very much!



No problem! :-) Best regards, Matthew


Can you confirm that categories created through your plugin will remain in categories menu just like categories i would have created there, even if plugin is disable or uninstalled ?

Could you add a feature too edit slug too when we create a category?


Hi there! Yeah, the categories will stay if you deactivate the plugin. And yes, I have added this feature to the wish-list. Thanks for your suggestion! Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Thanks, that’s the answer i was hoping for (i had a little doubt that it would be just like some tags) I purchased it before the answer (i forgot the wait the answer actually :D) along with Real Media Library ;)

I will rate soon when i’ll have installed them and played a little bit with them.

p.s: do you offer support for free belong the first 6 months ? I ask that because i know some dev still offer support after 6 months and some don’t.

I am just working on a new update for Real Category Management plugin, because the current version has two new bugs: When moving a category the category starts to rename + when moving a category the count is not updated. I offer the normal support also after the 6 month expired. Regards, Matthew :)


how does this plugin change the category page in admin panel. I am looking for a plugin that shows the categories as a tree because i do have hundreds of sub sub categories

Hello there! If you want you can try the plugin here: https://try.matthias-web.com. Yes, it creates a tree with all your categories in the wordpress backend view. Just have a look at the screenshots in the product description. Best regards, Matthew :)

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Hi I have seen the demo I am talking here about category page in admin panel, not post page. Can your plugin show categories as tree in category page?

Hi again! Sorry, this feature is not available in the categories page itself. :(

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When I move pages to the category folder the pages stay in the main folder. I know when I use the media folder the images are removed from the main folder so I don’t move the same image twice. Does this plugin work the same as the Media plugin?

Hi there! Sorry, I do not understand exactly what you mean. Can you explain further? Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks for you plugin! it’s great.

I want to know how to activate your plugin only for pages not for posts or other custom post. right now. it’s activate for all posts.

Thanks again.

Hi there! You can deactivate the tree for post types through the screen options in the top right corner of your wp backend. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Hi Matthias,

First thanks for your plugin. I have just a little issue.

I created a custom taxomony for the Post type PAGE called CLIENT.

It’s a taxonomy for internal use (no public).

When i list the pages it’s work correctly. but when i want to filter the pages by client. it’s does not work. it’s show me always all the pages.

I want to precise that I create the taxonomy with the plugin PODS.

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi there! I have replied to you on facebook. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Can I have this Three View when I’m adding/editing a Product? I have a website with a LOT of product categories, and I’m getting crazy every time I have to search for the category. I checked your demo, but I’m not able to add products.

Hi there! Yeah, it is compatible with Woocommerce, just check out the product description and the screenshots there. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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I know is compatible, but my question is if I’m able to use this view when I’m creating a new post/page/product?

Hi again. Sorry the category view is not visible in an edit view. Best regards, Matthew :)

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Hi! And why do not you implement this function within this plugin, not only for categories, but also for tags? :grin:

Hi there! Thanks for your suggestion. This is the first time this suggestion is come up, so I have to put this on wish-list. Perhaps it will be went to development in future. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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Mukiwi Purchased

Hi. I have the WP Real Media plugin and the Catagory plugin installed but only the Media plugin is showing. DO these not work together?

Hi, see other comment for my reply. Best regards, Matthew :-)


Mukiwi Purchased

issue sorted. Sorry

Ok, how have you fixed it? :-)


johnny11 Purchased

Hi MatthiasWeb , I have a slight problem , my eshop has many attributes , so when you view the product list the select category type covers the categories , and when you scroll the page becasue it’s sticky it always covers the actual categories, how can I disable showing attributes

So, I have implemented this feature. The next update is released at the begin of the next week. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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johnny11 Purchased

this is excellent , thanks for doing this so fast

You can download the newest version now. Best regards, Matthew :-)

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