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The categories I’m changing the hierarchy for are products. I successfully did the same thing in the previous days, now it won’t let me and not sure what is different.

I want to move a number of categories underneath a parent category.

Hi. Has the plugin now been updated? Many thanks

Hello there! Yes, you can download newest version. Sorry for the late response. Best regards, Matthew :)

No problems… Thanks for updating!

I wonder if this plugin works with pages or is it just posts?.

If it works, will it affect / change the url structure for my pages?

Example : domain.com/mypage/ changed to domain.com/category/mypage/

Best Regards

Hello there! Sorry for the late answer… No, it does not change the URLs automatically. It simply helps you to organize the categories. What happens in your current installation when you change the category of a post? It also works for pages, that means it adds categories to pages. Best regards, Matthew :)

Great product man!

Thanks! :)


bethfloyd Purchased

This is a great plugin. However, I have a lot of categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories, etc. and I am having problems viewing the hierarchy of categories that were created since I added the plugin. This is making it difficult to organize my menu because some of my categories have the same name and I can’t see which main category they are in.

Hello there! What version are you using and can you send a little screenshot what you mean to support@matthias-web.com? Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi, I buyed the category management plugin. Unfortunately I can’t install it. It says “there was no functionable plugin found”. I just downloaded the ZIP file from Envanto to my MAC and tried to install as usual in Wordpress (newest version, also newest version of the X Theme).

Thank you for your help Kind regards Reto

Hello there! Just unzip the downloaded zip and you will find the real-media-library.zip file which is installable. Best regards, Matthew :)