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Change Food Menu Category Order ThemeGod Restaurant Theme

I need to re-arrange menu order for ThemeGods theme food menu category. This is not the post category. Which the “Category Order” from Wessley Roche is great for this sort of menu order set. My question is for the (food) Menu instead.

I’m looking for something like that for ThemeGods Restaurant theme.

Unfortunately, they offer (sell) the theme but the food menu is arranged by default in alphabetical order, which is silly if you intend to show “Starter” on top of the menu for example.

Any ideas, links, referrals are much appreciated. He’s the website I’m trying to make it work – http://mythairestaurant.co.uk/

Thank you.

Hello there. This plugin allows you to rearrange the categories the way you want. Just try the live preview demo. :)


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great, but can en to add tags to your pages?

Great idea! I will add this to roadmap. :-)


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Nice :). Thank You :)

Awesome plugin, outstanding functionality, incredible support from a highly talented developer. The best investment you will make this year 10 out of 10


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Plugin “List category posts” https://pl.wordpress.org/plugins/list-category-posts does not display categories created in your program.

Other plugins do not make such a problem

Is this intentional? Do I have installed another plugin adds categories to be able to display their content on the site?

Hello there. RCM uses the same way as wordpress to x Create categories. If you create a category are you able to find it in Posts > Categories? Or for what post type would you like to show categories? Best regards, Matthew :)


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Can you please send me the login to email and can explain what is not going right? sags@matthias-web.de :)

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I really like your Category Management plugin and it adds a tremendous amount of organization that is missing on a large site. While categorizing my Pages I noted a couple of things… Drafts that have not been published do not show up in the pages record count shown in a grey circle to the right of the category name. Also, if I want to make sure I always assign a category to a Page, is there any way to view the page Category in the main listing columns for all pages? If this feature existed it would be easy with a quick glance to see if a page has not been assigned to a category. – Thanks!

Hello there, yes the drafts are not counted in the tree. Should this be counted to the tree? What do you mean with the column? :)

Hi, the plugin stopped to manage the order of categories. The message appeares “Woops . Something went wrong”

Hello there, what do you mean with “stopped”, have you installed another plugin or the plugin does not itself? Best regards, Matthew :)

I press the Icon “Rearrange” for changing hierarchical order of categories, I change the order and press “Save” aftet that the message appeares ‘Something went wrong’’ and order does not change

Please send me a demo login to your wordpress so I can have a look at it. sags@matthias-web.de Best regards, Matthew :)


I’m using YITH Vendor plugin. How I can hide the category and library list from vendors and only administrator can see that?

Regards, Ali

Hello there, so you only want to make the tree list on the lift side only visible to a role? At the moment, the tree is visible when the user can manage categories. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hello very nice job. Is there any similar plugin like this, which is manager woocommerce -> catagories , and in product -> add product. Thanks

What i see, there is only catalog tree in view all post/ product. What i’m looking is this style catalog in product catalog and add product (option choose which catalog product will be in). Is there any plugin like this?

No, but it is a good idea and I will add this feature to wish-list. Best regards, Matthew :)

Nice. Thanks


I like your plugin and it has helped me greatly, however there seems to be a conflict with WooCommerce. When I have the plugin activated, the cart does not work. When I deactivate the plugin, the cart work fine. Is there a fix that you know of? I really need to keep this plugin but of course I need the cart to work.

Wait… Version 2.0.2 is the current version of my other plugin “WordPress Real Category Management – Custom category order / Tree view”. Perhaps, you are downloading the wrong. When I download the newest resources from “WordPress Real Media Library – Media Categories / Folders” I get the Version 2.6.5.

Sorry – that is the plugin I have WordPress Real Category Management!

Ok, then this seems to be a bug… Can you please share a demo login with me so I can have a look at it? sags@matthias-web.de :)

Hello how i can order page? Simple Page Ordering is not available here. Please switch to the “Sort by order” view. Note: You can only reorder post types with hierarchical structure and an “Order” attribute.

Hello there! This must be an “issue” or non-compatibility with page ordering… Can you please send me a demo login to your site so I can have a look at it? sags@matthias-web.de :)

already I understood. Thx

HI, I got this when I tried to move my categories around and after having installed Simple Page Ordering :

Simple Page Ordering is not available here. Please switch to the "Sort by order" view. Note: You can only reorder post types with hierarchical structure and an "Order" attribute.

Hello there! Simple Page Ordering allows to order the posts. To reorder categories, please have a look at this screenshot: https://matthias-web.com/wp-content/uploads/envato/rcm/feature-cat-order.gif Best regards, Matthew :)

I have a problem with the plugin. It is impossible to order the categories of woocommerce. I have many categorie types and many categories and subcategories. In the ordering it should be possible to collapse and expand subcategories.


Hello there! I have added this to my issue tracker and I will fix that for the next version, thank you! Best regards, Matthew :)


This plugin is exactly what I need. But when I try the demo, there is an error where the category folders are overlapping the post section. It’s like the container for the posts section is too large so it’s showing underneath the category folders on the left side.

I’d like to purchase today if this can get sorted out. Thank you!

Can you please scroll up to the top and search for the three vertical dots, where you can resize the sidebar? https://matthias-web.com/wp-content/uploads/envato/rcm/feature-move-append.gif like in this screenshot. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi Matthew, I’m going by the demo version since I haven’t purchased the product yet. The demo still looks like the same error. Is there a trial version I can try on my site before purchasing to see if it works any different than the demo?

Ok, please send me a demo login to your site so I can install a plugin. sags@matthias-web.de Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi, I checked out the demo and it works pretty great. My only concern at the moment is that some products or posts have multiple categories. So When I drag items into a category they are only listed as that category. Is there a way to manage multiple categories for posts and products?

Ok, got it. Now the only thing is when I append it to an additional category, ( a third category), I have to refresh the page in order to do so. Seems like the post gets locked and I can’t drag it anymore.

Hello there again! I can not reprocedure this. Can you please share a little video to sags@matthias-web.de? :)

Hi, I’m working with Advanced Custom Fields and Polylang… does your plugin work with them? I want to know this before buying it…


Hello there! Yes, it will work. If you any problems you can contact me again or request a refund. Best regards, Matthew :)

Hi, is there any problem with the permalinks ? I mean, when aI move a post to a category, it will create a 404 page at the old link of the first category ? Must I redirect this one by 301 to the new link of the post? Thanks in advance !

Hello there! This depends on your wordpress permalink structure. This plugin handles like the default behaviour of moving / appending posts to category. Best regards, Matthew :)