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Can I add it into a widget for footer to display on just two pages (not posts) on my website?

To clarify: I want to display the rating widget on two pages of the website: / (root) and /product2/ in the footer. Is it possible?

Check whether you have enabled the page post type on plugin settings. If not use the support email on our profile and send you domain and backend access to fix it.

Thanks! It solved the problem. However, I don’t see microdata in markup. How to enable it? Also, can I limit rating to 5/5, not 100/100?

U cant see microdata while  u are logged in.  Currently ratings are provided per hundred. We will provide this facility with next version of the plugin.

I am getting “invalid post type” when i add the shortcode using visual page builder… any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi Dobren,

Can you please send us link where we can have look.


There is one thing we need to make sure that is working before purchasing the plugin.

We need to be able to sort the posts using rating so higher rating post types show first.

We wanna know the type of custom field inside post types.

I have a question:

Is it possible to have a Top 5 in the sidebar that shows the best rated of a particular group of pages / postings?

Hi. I am wondering where is the documentation? I need to see the shortcodes please for creating a list of the results.

sorry to bother you, but this is urgent! Any help would be greatly appreciated

hi i need to integrate rating system with a grid, (essential grid by punch themes) is possible to connect the rating figures custom fields to filter content based on rating? so I can show posts with avg score 5, post with score 4, 3 , 2 and 1. thanks …looks promising!

Hello?? support?

Hi Im looking for a plugin to allow me to rate the website content (posts) and then display this ratings in diffrnt ways. I really need to be able to connect the ratings with a plugin that has a grid system with a filter, do you think your plugin can hook up with Essential Grid plugin? Basically i need to know if it has a API or something alike to call via php and show this content.


Sorry for the delay in replying. The plugin works with custom post types and since it also using short codes you can implement it into grid but our plugin does not have a filtering feature as you wish to have.

Hi! Something wrong with the download, seems to be something called Maya Maps.

The zip is named …wordpress-rate-everything-star-rating-plugin but it contain something else

Nothing yet…


hope you had received the update from the codecanyon since we have immediately rectified the error and posted the update.

Im sorry we have missed you mail maybe. Please send a mail to info@mclanka.com. We will send it to you quickly.

How can I change english language??

Plugin is in English. Your website backend must be in a different language. Please comment if further more support is needed.

My site is in sk_SK (Slovak) and plugin in English.


Nice plugin, i have a website related to news and its indexed in Google News, its important for me to have a plugin with Rich Snippet compatibility, are you planing to make it rich snippet friendly for news ?

After testing your plugin, i had the error in: Review-aggregate

Test link: https://developers.google.com/structured-data/testing-tool/

Page tested: http://mayaprojects.net/wp-rate-everything/rate-my-post/

Thank you!

We are moving.. Please bare with us for the delays in reply to your comments.

Is there a feature which allows to vote without registering/logging in? Almost nobody wants to register/login these days to click on a star.

You have a point there. we’ll consider that. but the results will not be accurate as we cannot validate the vote successfully that way.


Can I rate specific pages or apply for all pages?

Thank you!!

can i show top 10 rating on widgets? i want rate and see top 10

Can you add a star rating to user comments?

Not at the moment. :D

Hi guys, the plugin looks good… before I buy it I would like to ask you about the compatibility with Essential Grid plugin… I would like to display the rating info in post grid … something like this https://www.udemy.com/courses/

many thanks

Since the plugin “Essential Grid plugin” is a premium plugin, I have no way to test the compatibility issue. However our plugin should work with any template which has been properly coded.

The query loop which which has properly coded in any template will show the rating component, If, Any Post type runs on this loop is allowed from plugin control panel. Has been set the position for displaying the rating component (Listing pages or Description pages, After main title, After excerpt or after main description)

Please have an option to vote/rate without logging in. Most sites are doing this. We want to but this plugin if this feature is available.

I would like to purchase it. One question is, Can I add it to widgets for footer and sidebar? I want to showcase my featured posts with star rating on it. thanks

In the plugin, Rates are work as short code. Currently there are two types of rates types are introduced with the plugin.

Custom rates – Shows static rates which only can show rates and can not be rated by users. Default rates – Shows rates which really can be rate by login users.

( Please refer plugin documentations )

Both rates types are short codes.

Using short codes in widget:

By default WordPress does not allow to insert short code inside the widget areas. One can change this default way by adding following filter in his/her theme’s function file.


Then he/she can add short codes.

Using short codes in footer and sidebar:

In any WP theme template files, one can inject shortcode into current code base directly as follows.

<?php echo do_shortcode( ‘[ your shorcode name ‘]’ ); ?>

But if you want to display the rating for featured posts you can put the code inside the post loop and provide the post ID (found in default permalink) as the relevant argument.

I have a pre-sales question, I’m working on a clients site and I want users to rate vimeo videos that are embeded on a page can this be done ? I have alteast 12 vimeo videos embeded on a single page can i use this plugin to allow users to rate every video on the page just like products? let me know.

Yes you can add rating for the videos, If the videos behave as WordPress post type.

can the posts be sorted like unijokes.com? They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Unfortunately there is no sorting option for rated posts.

Will this work on the Woocommerce order.php page to rate the purchase, not the products bought, but the order itself? Kind of like rating their purchase experience on the site (again, independently from the products they bought). Thanks.

This plugin allows to rate any post type registered in WP site.

In this case, The order is one of the post types registered by WooComerce plugin. So user can allow order post type for the rating via control panel of the plugin. By default “post” and “page” post types are set to show ratings by our plugin.