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Hi, is it possible to set a timer for the whole quiz? can this be done or customized?

Hello, Interested in purchasing the plugin. Does the plugin allow someone to answer one question, then receive feedback that they got the answer correct or incorrect before proceeding to the next question? Documentation seems to suggest that all results are shared at the end of the quiz.

User just get the result when they’re finish the quiz.

Hello, I´m interested in this plugin. I want to make a quiz with 130 questions and set the timer with only 30 min and the quiz mixes between random and static questions. I want that the quiz makes only the first 30 questions random and the other 100 questions be static. Is that posible? Thanks

I’m sorry, these functionalities are not available.

Im having problems with my answers. Some of my answers are long so part of the answers are being cut off. Is there a way to expand the boxes so it can contain the entire answer?

For some reason the plugin will not allow me to add new quizzes. It says “Something went wrong” and does not allow me to add quiz

Which part of the CSS?

I need an answer for my issue please? Which part of the CSS will allow me to expand the answer box so my answers are not cut off?

The plugin natively supports the Portuguese language in Brazil?

Yes, My plugin support localization.Please try to use my demo in backend. Then, go to the Localization tab in Configuration section, you can change language to Portuguese here.

I am thinking of buying the plugin. Can you provide more details on the stats. I have the free version of wp quiz …not sure if it is the same plugin? but I can see when someone took a quiz, how many answers they got correct and incorrect,time taken, hints used etc. I want all of this functionality and to be able to be plot in graphs. Is this possible – an overview of stats would be appreciated.

can you assign different point for each question? Do you support latex math formula questions and answers?

No, it’s not support.

I just bought this plugin. I don’t see where I can set question weight – meaning number of points it is worth. Also I only want 1 hint to be used for each question how can I set this up?

My item does not support question weight. When you create new or edit a quiz, you will find the field named ‘Hint’, this is where you can set the number of hint.

can you set a text field for someone to enter an answer in?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean?

Hi, I would like to use the plugin on a site for learning languages, actually we used embed audio player, so we insert each audio with a shortcode. I wonder if it is possible to use this embed shortcode with your plugin. Thanks.

You mean, you can embed shortcode into the question, right? If so, it can not be.

Hi sir I just bought this plugin I have major problems. 1. I can’t save the answers. I write the question and the answers, but I haven’t the button “Save”. I click the “Add New” button, and …I miss the answers! 2. If I put the shortcode into a post, ( ex [wp_quiz id=”3”] ) unfortunately nothing appears!

I sent you a dashboard access.

You forgot send me the URL, I replied email, but you don’t response.

I can not log in with your credentials. Please check…

Man your Plugin Lack a very basic feature of quiz a Time limit for answering…?

Can I make conditional answers? Ex. Answer “A” leads to question “13”. Answer “B”, leads to question “14”?

In my item, the answers need to be created right after create the question.

HI There, A Pre sale question, Can we create self-assessment tests where for example: 14 questions in the one test. Example Q1: Do you feel numbess for tingling? Not at All 0 Mildly 1 Moderately 2 Severely 3

So each answer has a score. Scores are added up. RESULTS the score is in 0-21, indicates low anxiety, 22-33 moderate anxiety, exceeds 36 cause for concern, etc, etc Each results pull diferent “Text”

This feature is not available.


I have a pre-sales question. Is there any way to show different images based in the user choices when the form is sent.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, your question doesn’t make sense to me.

Is it possible to show a user which quizzes he/she has completed? For instance we have 23 training courses, and a quiz at the end of each one. If a user forgets which one they have taken, I need to have a page that lists the ones they have completed. Please, let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

Yes, it is possible. Once user finished a quiz, their id was saved for statistic purpose. So, you can list those who not yet do the quiz, or list the quizzes they have completed. However, this feature is not available in my plugin.

Can you make it so that only one try per IP? Users can only try the quiz once and cannot cheat by using the same computer. Can this be done? Thank you

Yes, this feature is available in my item. Let check the demo , then login to the dashboard, you will see only one record per IP.

Could you please be more specific? The dashboard is blank and I can’t seem to find the option of enabling per IP. I was able to redo the quizzes in the preview links multiple time using the same email and username. Please let me know where exactly this option is in the admin panel. Thank you

You can redo, but your scores will not count. It was saved only in the first time you do.

does it support rtl layout?

I think it doesn’t matter. You can use css to justify the text to rtl.

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Hello, I wan to buy this plugin but I have a question. Is it responsive and mobile friendly? I want to use it for my andriod app.

I’m so sorry, it’s not.