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Hi, is it possible to set a timer for the whole quiz?

Yes, it is. But I have not yet plan to update my item with timer now,

i want this type of plugin, but with timer for the whole quiz,


I have two question:

1. Can I used Arabic language? (Arabic text From right to left, the checkboxes must be changed to the right side)

2. I have a َQuiz Consists of 10 questions and each question 3 answers are all correct (choose only one answer) and each answer has points. The result appear in the total number of selected answers points and the feedback appears based on the total score. Can I do that in this plugin?

1. Yes, you can

2. I’m sorry my item doesn’t count by point. Either right or wrong answers.

Hi there, I love the quiz plugin,and have a question. When a user completes the quiz and then submits the form, could the name of the person and his email be saved ? A the moment FOR NON LOGGED IN USERS, when they submit, it saves them as Anonomous. I need the name and email address of these people to be saved – is there any way to do this ?

There is no way for now. I think you can find a plugin that keep your post private for members only, so they need register before access your post. Then, you can get their own information. Hope that help.

hi can i create or add voice record / mp3 to question and answers?

Yes, you can only if you upload it to Youtube or Vimeo,

Can I have users attach their names to the quiz before results are submitted to me?

No, it can not. But you can combine with another plugin to let user register before access your page, e.g

With this plugin, can guests come on to my website and make their own quizzes for others to take?

Sorry for late reply, I just come back after long vacation. For your question, my answer is, it’s can not.

is it possible to get the user to enter name, email and some other information before letting them take the quiz?

No, it’s not. There is a form after they took the quiz.

If the contact information could not be extracted WHY did u mentioned that in the “item details” ? and if i use a third party extractor for the information i will still have trouble getting the score ?

Got it sorted

Hi, I’m looking for a quiz plugin that can produce multi-answer results so I can use it as a product recommender in my site.

Would like to ask if this plugin can do that. EG.

Sorry, my item just support one-answer selection.


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Can I used Other language? etc China, Japan, Thai

Yes, sure.

I’d like to use this as a “what widget is the best for you?” type of quiz, which is often done for personality match quizzes. Each answer would add a weighted score towards each possible result, and not just a single total score. Then I need to capture the user’s email to see the results, either to GetResponse or at least into the WP database and I can transfer the data from there. Will this be possible?

Is there an option or could I customize the plugin to show all the quiz questions at once, not one by one like it is shown?

basically you can show them all at once by adjust the css, but it will work not properly, so js need to be modified as well. Anyhow, you have to customize the plugin.

The linked page to learn how to create a quiz is missing. Where can I learn to use create the quizzes?

>>>>First of all, please learn how to create quiz here

I did. Your link leads to a 404 page not found

Just installed the plugin, and keep getting “Column ‘title’ cannot be null” even tho it it is filled in with a question.