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We’re trying to create a personality-style quiz that the respondent ranks/sorts a list of answers in order of most to least likely. Once the respondent finishes the quiz, they then get directed to a page that tells them their highest score personality type.

Is this something you plugin can help us achieve? Thanks!

I’ve styled (via css) a lot of the initial view a quiz has – I only want the “Start Quiz” button not the description/image. I’m down trying to hide the image that appears and am having issues. Is there an easier way to do this? Like maybe a button only shortcode, etc.?

Hi. I am looking for a widget that presents users with a 3 lists and they have to choose a limited quantity from the list and then order them in priority and save. Does your plugin do that?

How does the leaderboard function work? Is there a leaderboard per quiz or is it possible to score points on multiple quizes for 1 global leaderboard?

One of the features listed is ‘Assessment’. Are we able to set that once someone has gone through an assessment they can get a PDF certificate?

I am interested in the modal survey plugin. I am looking at building a wordpress site to collect results of patients response to treatment and accross multiple practitioners.

I will have 10 practitioners that need to fill in 4 different surveys at 4 different time points.

Each of those 10 practitioners will be asking 10 patients with low back pain to fill in 5 surverys over 5 time frames and when I download the results it ineeds to be all connectded i.e. Practiioner 1 with his survery results and the results of the patients he included. Is this possible with your plugin?

hello does it have point system ?and can we show answer explanation