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Hello developers!

I have a pre-purchase question:

Can the data gathered at the end of the quiz be sent to a CRM system? Maybe through email/csv/plaintext when the user finishes the quiz and presses the last ‘submit’ button?

Thanks for your help.

Hello, I think we need to discuss more detailed about that in private. Contact us through our profile form, thank you.

Err I just bought this and am surprised that you have taken a free albeit abandoned wordpress plugin please explain this? Actually, I would like a refund this is a scam!

You’ve got your refund. Feel free to use the money to upgrade this free/abandoned wp plugin.

Hi, I just bougth the QuizEngine. I have a problem when creating questions. I can not save the answers and I can not fill in more then one answer on question when “more Chooses” It is like the program is henging.

Hi Is it possible with this plugin, to add images to questions with the “sorting” choice, so that they sort out images to a specific answer. It is for a personality type test, where we want to give specific results according to their points. And we would maby also like to show them both their first and second result – is this possible?

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question. Does this plugin show an individual persons quiz results in the backend? I need to be able to track who took a quiz and see their results. Thank you

When do I get my refund?

Pre purchase question. Can you make it where the quiz pops up for full screen on each question so you dont have to keep going up and down the page to read and answer the questions

Hi, your plugin is very useful, you did a great job, but ther’is a small imperfection: I can’t download statistical reports. Ther’is a way or not?

Thanks for your time and your help.

Emiliano Muccillo

Is your support service true or is it just an illusion?


I can’t find the answer anywhere. Hope you don’t mind me writing.

Client wants to do a health and safety test. they will show some videos first then test the individual. These points are important: 1) Only a score is shown at the end along with an indication of which questions were correctly answered and which were not. Incorrectly answered questions are marked as such but the correct answer is not shown 2) individual can then hit a button re-do the test but they will only be required to complete the previous incomplete questions. 3) sometimes we will require them to select more than 1 answer. ie: select all the star wars federation characters: 4) Once they have completed the quiz with 100% correct answers a default certificate(pdf) is made available for them to download. The PDF certificate states the date of quiz completion and an expiry date which is calculated as 12 months from the date of quiz completion.

Can your product do this?



Hi, i have just purchased your plugin but it the install fails every time I try. I have updated WP but it just says install failed with no information.

Can I have a look at the admin interface? A demo admin adcount please. Thanks :)

your demo is not working.

pl let me know….. is your module covers negetive marking or not.

Hey, are you still working on this plugin? It was never updated and the Demo does not work.

The demo is down?


chadrem Purchased

I have a need to create assessment questions (1-11) that have a correct answer for each question. Is there a way to do that? I didn’t see how to create a correct answer under assessment and didn’t see a way to arrange 1-11 choices horizontally. Any suggestions?


Hi, will I be able to send test results to json? I need to us it later and display on dashboard.

I saw in comments, that someone asked about it before (sending data to CRM). Maybe you have any solution?

Hello there dear Team,

Your plugin “WordPress Quiz Engine Plugin” looks like I need it for a client’s website.

But first I have a pre-purchase question.

I have to do a (one) quiz split up in several topic categories, with several questions per category.

The client’s request is to choose 1 or 2 or X questions out of 4 or 5 randomly PER CATEGORY. Is that possible?

Thank you very much in advance for an answer. I have to tell my client if his request is possible to be fulfilled by Tuesday morning CET. I would love to use your plugin, because it offers all I need (besides this open question).

Best regards Winfried

Hello there dear team, last week I sent a pre purchase query which I urgently need to be answered, as I consider to purchase the plugin.

But this makes only sense if I can define questions as “randomly” per quiz category and not only allover the entire quiz. I need to inform my client about this until tomorrow (Tuesday,, Oct. 10th). The answer might be a simple “yes” or “sorry, no”. I would prefer a “yes” or “with the next release which comes this week” :-) Thank you very much in advance for a quick answer. Best regards Winfried

Please refund this plugin not working properly thanks