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Good Luck with Sale!

Is the quiz responsive?

Hey thanks for your question. It is responsive, but as we saw too late, not fully. It will be responsive in the next update, which will be next week.


I’m very interested in your plugin. Two questions:

- Does the cloze functions allow dropdowns to choose the answer from? - Does the plugin allow immediate feedback, question per question instead of at the end of the quiz?

Thanks marcel

Hey, thanks for your questions. 1. If you mean to show the answers in a dropdown instead of radio buttons, then no, but it that can be implemented additionally if you need to. 2. Yes, it will highlight the right/wrong answer and show the relevant message for the right/wrong answer.


Hi, you can set a gambling limit for each user? example: a user after he has played three times right or wrong result can no longer play again?

You can limit a user to pass a quiz only once, but we can add that feature to limit a specific number as well. Let me know if you need it, and we will consider it in next build. Thanks.

Hello, The interface looks great… sharing on social media, email to friends or invite friends is needed. Also, it should provide feedback on the missed question

Thanks for the feedback, we will surely consider it on the next builds. There is a feedback on wrong question e.g: the question was not answered correctly is same as the the question was skipped, and depending on options it will show the message which was written for the wrong answer right after the question or at the end.

Hi, can you show specific pages based on asnwers? Example:

We have several products , for which we have questions in our survey… Based on this answers in survey and logic we want to show specific webpage. Thanks for answer

Hello, unfortunately we don’t have it yet. But this plugin does it: it is not mine, but at least you will get your problem solved)

Does the statistics passed the test it is possible to track people who have passed if they are registered.

Yes, the statistics will be saved for registered users.

Hi, Which types of time limit function are available? I need also possibility to limit an user to answer a quiz for not more two or three times. is it possibile? Let me know. Thanks

not, currently it is a checkbox that locks user to pass a quiz only once. But you can add this feature in the next build.

When you provide to release a next build of this plugin? I suppose to buy it if you add this option. Let me know. Thanks

we instead of you*

I am not sure about the update, it depends on number of sales. I will let you know when we update it. Thanks.

Is possible to create a quiz with a kind of “clue” questions and propose a final question that send user to the solution? For example Guess the actor:

Color of Eyes? a – blue b – green

Color of hair? a – blonde b – dark

The actor is:____

Name? a – Jim b – George

The actor is: ____

Thank you!

Umm, no, but that looks interesting :)

We haven’t thought about this possibility, but we will surely consider it in the next versions, Thanks.