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Interesting plug-in. If it randomly picks from a table then how do you prevent it from not creating a duplicate post of the same item?

Hi, thanks for your interest. The ‘id’ of the random post is stored in a separate table and that table is referred to when selecting the next post to prevent duplicates.

Hi, Looks cool. I’ll be using the ecard (cc) plugin. I’ll bulk upload the posts, users, use a “groups” shortcode (wp), and twentyeleven. It’s possible that your script could be of use. If so, how? (I’ll have tens of thousands of posts and have to keep my focus on speed.) Ill use tags, categories, and extensive keyword structures for users. Oh, finally, I plan eventually to use opencart since it is multi user, multiventor, etc, I hope to hear from you. J

PS: I just looked at your demo and I’ll have a very similar format as you displayed. I’m even more curious now.

Hi, thanks for your interest. The plugin is designed to interface with a database. So, it could be a database of retail products as shown in the demo or any other database suitable for turning into blog posts. As long as the data is stored in a table and that table is divided up into columns (e.g. title, description, price, url, etc.) it should be able to handle it. Even if the table consists of fully formed posts it should be fine. You can always send me a sample record if that’s any help. :-)

Could I use this for the Amazon Associates API? If so, would it be possible to have the plugin to read and display the discount % off and original price in each post?

Also, would this be compatible with other affiliate APIs like Commission Junction and LinkShare? Thanks


Is this plugin still being supported? Any plans to make it 3.9 compatible? Finally, will it handle a data feed standard tab delimited text file with these features:

Simple 8-bit text file, i.e. not Unicode.
Field names are in the first row.
Fields are delimited by the tab character.
Lines are delimited by newline & carriage return characters.
Character fields are NOT enclosed by quotes.


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I am intersting on this plugin, my questions : 1. Can I use any WP themes ? 2. I will show food product with Bar code number, and user can search the bar code in search bar. However I did not see any searc bar in this ? 3. For example my table has 4 column : Product_name, Ingredient, Image_url, Bar_code_number. Since it relate with a vegetarian food, so I want to make script “If the ingredients (table column) contains of animal material, I will say “Not vegetarian”. How I manage in this.