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The plugin is causing a conflict with our theme: BeTheme. When your plugin is activated it causes an issue with the CORS Library which stops the icons loading, particularly social icons and theme icons used in footer etc. Our site:

I created a ticket as you asked, but no response. Do you really support this commercial plugin?

Hi, yes we do. You have opened the ticket during the weekend, so please be so kind and give us at least 2 business days to respond.

Hi, I sent you a solution to your issue. Please let me know if it helped you.

Hi, Great looking lightbox plugin

Quick question … I need a lightbox plugin that I can use shortcode to surround content in my post templates rather than manually create each lightbox. Then somehow the surrounded content opens in a lightbox.

Does your plugin allow something like this:

[lightbox] [post_title] [featured_image] [gravity-form] [/lightbox]


Hi, I am sorry, but currently it does not allow such thing,

Hi.. Sadly your Lightbox does not work at all. I want to add HTML and a Contact Form 7 Shortcode in the Editor. But nothing apears. The preview just shows a black overlay. And on the page I have a white empty Lightbox without any content. Any Ideas where the Mistake could be?? Thanks for support.

Hi, please open a ticket using our support system on

How do you do bulk image add for this plugin? Thanks.

Hi, this was an intended feature, but has not been implemented yet, so in fact you cannot. I will remove this from the description. Thanks for noticing.

I need alight box to act like this basically a full screen image which when clicked on opens a full screen light box can this do that?

Hi, no our lightbox does not have a fullscreen option. It only has fit screen option.

What if I want to add a sidebar instead of having titles/descriptions at the bottom/top of images. I want to have a sidebar so can list a “top 10” style gallery. Possible? Easy to mod like this?

Currently you cannot

can we use album? like album thumbnail if we click then photo gallery on lightbox

Yes you can

Hello, can this work with Gravity Forms? so that when people click on a simple URL text link, the gravity form lightbox will open, is this possible? Thanks

Hi, yes. On the demo page you have an example with a poll.

Hello, thanks, I just made a purchase based on your response above, but I can’t make it work , already sent you a support ticket, hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

I am on it.

would it be possible to create forms which allow users to submit media via the the frontend?

If your form allows that, then I do not see any reason why you could not do that. I have not tried this though.

Where can I download the 1.01 version? It is not available here for download? Thanks.

If you download it again from codecanyon you get v.1.0?

Just purchased and am adding a video grid lightbox. I wanted my own custom thumbnails so I added those to “Element Thumbnail”. When I save and look at it on my site, the thumbnails are stretched terribly. I want it to be responsive but is there a set dimension the thumbnails need to be? Or can I specify the height on them?

I figured this out. When I upload the thumbnail, it was adding an extension to resize the image. I had to copy the image URL from the media gallery and manually paste it into the element, rather than choosing from the media gallery.

Glad you fixed it :)

hi, can i add the light box to wordpress menu ? thank you

Yes, by using DOM selector

Is it possible to add a slider shortcode from Slider Revolution to a ligthbox that that a slider will run with some photos that fade in and out?

Sorry for late response. If you need simple photo slideshow, then the plugin has it built in. However this setting is global, means if you will set slideshow, then all your lightboxes containing multiple elements will slide automatically.

Hi there – just a quick pre-sales question. Is it possible to have only one image on a page that when clicked launches pop up of several images – also when mousing over image are these overlays that notify user of gallery built in – hope that all makes some sense – thanks for your time :)

again -any update to this issue please? I have emailed 2 support questions covering the same topic and still no response

I’ve taken time out to create this video to highlight that the overlay options does not work despite adding shortcode – see here:

Support truly sucks :( sorted through other plugin

Hi, this lightbox accepts shortcodes that generates video player? I am using s3bubble My case, I have to use the shortcode… I can not use inframe

Hi, I have testested some and it did. I cannot assure it will work with this one.

Hi, i have a question. I need to open a wordpress gallery when clicking on a link. is that possible with your plugin?

Hi, I’m having problems getting this plugin to work with Visual Composer. Does it not work to be embedded with VC shortcode? It’s breaking the page. It also appears to not support shortcode inside the plugin’s element content section when Wordpress text editor is chosen.

Hi! If I’ll buy your plugin, can i use them more than 1 site?

Hi, just a pre purchased question can this item support iframes gallery like adding two or more iframes in one lightbox