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On the single event page, is there a way to hide the event creation date under the title? Also any way to hide the default featured image icon?

Oops, never mind. Just realised that this is actually based on the theme, not the plugin :)

Hi, interested in your plugin.

Would it be possible to book venue and have scaled costing i.e if venue is booked from 13h00 to 14h00 cost would be $10, but if the venue is booked from 13h00 to 15h00, cost would be discounted to $8 per hour with a total of $16

So I Would like for the client to be able to book consecutive hours at a discounted rate dependant on the amount of hours booked.


That’s not possible at the moment

Rhanks for the interest


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Hello, I have a question. I see your plugin can view events from google cal using a live ics url. When you add events to this cal can they get added to google cal automatically? Or is this a one way sync only for viewing from google cal?


It’s a one way sync, it only imports the events



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is it possible to display list of event categories?

Answered by email

Hi, Is it possible to show Event Location and Organizer on mouse over?


Not at the moment, it’s only displayed in the single page


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Is there a way on the grid view to have 7 columns?


The max is 4 columns


Hi, is it possible to Sync multiple iCal (Url) ?

Yes you can


Hi, I added an event tag to some posts on one of my languages (I am using WPML) and all the single post URLs now result in a 404 error. How can I fix this? Any help would be much appreciated, since this happened on a live site.

Thanks in advance!

Already solved this. Just in case this happens to anyone else: in my case it happened when moving the site from staging to production, for some reason in the Event Calendar > Settings, the slugs were blank. This is why every event returned a 404. Once I set the slugs again, everything worked like a charm.

On the pop up window after clicking on Book Event, It is possible to change “Tickets Remaining” to “Spots” Remaining or “Positions Remaining”? Also how are the fields above the drop down menu modified? Is it possible to change the name of those fields, add/remove them?


I figured out the adding/removing fields part. Just now need to know if I can change “Tickets” to something else.

You can change the texts either from the calendar edit page “tranlation” section or using the .po files in the language folder.


Thank you!