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We’re looking for a calendar plugin with some funcions… and this seems to be ok. Just for check, we need:

. a full start-date-ordered RSS for integration
. facebook integration (from wordpress to Facebook)
. the usual things: different displays (list, calendar,...), colored categories, recurring events, map,...

I think it support all of this functions, but I need to confirm.

Thank you in advance!

Another question…. is there a wey for showing start date in RSS feed?



Ropstam Purchased

Hey there .. I bought this plugin and have the calendar widget in sidebar. The problem is that after you click on a date and see the event in widget, when you hit ”<<BACK” .. it does not take you back to calendar screen .. it shows a list of events and there is no way to go back to calendar screen ..

Problems, at least with the Demo.

I tested the demo on my Android Smartphone, Galaxy S7 Edge. Brand new phone and responds fast.

What did not respond well was your demo. It showed lag, delayed responses, hard to activate some fields when using the submit form. This usually indicates there is a script problem that causes the browser to lag.

I found this lag to exist in both my mobile screen (using Chrome for Android) and on my Desktop (using Firefox).


I am planning to get an event calendar for my 2 websites but before I purchase Pro Event, I would like to ask if this plugin is capable of inserting an MS outlook ICS feed so that my pro event calendar gets updated or refreshed automatically whenever a new item on my MS outlook is added. appreciate your response please. Thanks.