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Hi I tested an older version of your extension, we could only download a single image. Is it now possible to download several images for an event? Thank you.

Hi, How did you tested an older version? Also I’m not sure what you mean with that, cna you explain more?

Hi, Sorry I made a mistake. I was talking about another add on. I am looking for an add on like yours with a payment submission form and upload several images for users. Thanks

Hi, Sorry I made a mistake. I was talking about another add on. I am looking for an add on like yours with a payment submission form and upload several images for users. Thanks


Does your plugin support recurring bookings if recurring events are set up?


Yes it does

Great!, just wanted to confirm the functionality I am looking for before I buy it.

Let’s say I add an event for an 8-week class that meets Tuesdays at 10am that can have 5 people and if a user signs up, the user is booked to all 8 classes and would fill a seat for that class.

Yes, you have an option to allow users to book for all the event dates automatically

Pre sale question: Is it possible, for Wordpress Pro Event Calendar , add events from JSON? We need to have a possibility to add events, locations and organizations from our server by JSON. Thanks


The standard format for event import/export is iCal, so you would need a customization for that.


Pre-Sales Question:

I’ve been looking into your product, but not quite sure if it can handle certain functionality I am looking for as a tour booking solution. I have went through quite a few plugins but they do not quite handle my scenario.

Booking Details: 1. Vehicle Tours will be booked. 4-8 passengers per vehicle. 2. There are different tour locations, with different pricing per location per adult or child. The price for an adult or child is not the same for all the tours. 3. The company only has 8 vehicles. 4. Customers do not choose their vehicle. They only choose which tour they want to purchase.

This is where it gets a bit complicated.

1. Every day, 8 vehicles are available to be booked for tours. 2. We need a way to only allow 8 bookings per day, due to the limited number of vehicles. 3. However, for those 8 slots per day…. any tour can be booked. 4. For example: In one day 8 vehicles could be booked for the same tour, or they could all be booked for different tours.

All the booking systems I have been looking to, do not allow something like that. Where you have a limited amount of bookings per day, but each booking(tour) could have a different price and different ticket options.

We also need to be able to take payments to book the tour.

Thank you in advance for your time.


It seems that you would need a customized solution, in this plugin you can limit bookings per day but the booking price is one for all the tickets.

Thanks for the interest

Activating the plug-in will cause an error. What should I do?

You can sen dme a message through the form in the support tab using the account that made the purchase


Is it possible to have different colors on calendar for each Category? I know you can do special events. But if I have 2 different categories, can each be seperated in color/.

Yes if you are using the latest plugin version, there is an option in the category edit page to set a color


Hello,,i have problem with ajax page load and your plugin: http://gamesrad.altervista.org/programmi-a-quiz/ if you go in this page and click on ’’Avanti un altro’’ o ’’Eredità’’ open other page,but i go in this page through my menu these page don’t open. You can see going on home my site: gamesrad.altervista.org,open left menu and click on ’’Programmi a quiz’’. To fix this problem I added, widget ’’PROGRAMMI A QUIZ’’ in the menu on the right, if you click ’’ more ’’ the page opens. But is not there a way to put more even on the Premi settimanali page or to solve this problem?

Hi, pre sale question: is there a way (by coding) a way to add some content in single event template? Thanks, Francesco