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PRE-SALE QUESTIONS: Hello, is it possible to add or edit form fields? And what about translations? .po & .mo files are available? Thank you!


At the moment you can hide / show the existing fields.

You can translate it using the .po files.

Thanks for the interest

Hi, 1. Is there any way to indicate timeslots that are booked on the front end either by text or icons rather than just the grey ‘X’ which shows also shows days i’m not actually working

Thanks. Also is there a way to change default font awesome icons on the calendar, now that the week dhas ended, its showing all ‘X’ and if a visitor comes, it feels a bit more like there are no dates available at all??

I’m just thinking about giveing a list of questions and hopefully answers as I cant get most things working correctly.

1) In the general settings, I choose to approve appt automatically, check the city and note field but if i save the page, they go back to default state?

2) I have manually activated appointments but nomatter how I clear the cache or refresh page, the slots on the calendar are still looking vacant?

3) Can I hide calendar from previous weeks from the front end so users cant go back since previous dates cannot be booked?

4) You previously said a red circle shows on days when appointments have been booked, I dont see that?

5) On smaller screen mobile phones, a visitor cant book monday because the time on the left of the calendar goes in the colum of the Monday slot?

6) payment form is not very clear, especially in internet explorer. anyway to change its look?

7) I cant use a demo on your site to see how the plugin is actually working, do we have to pay $5 to test drive the plugin?

8) After supposedly making a payment, no money is actually charging on my stripe account, its on live mode and i have put proper api keys that i successfully use on other plugins

9) After supposedly making a payment, there is no success message and email reminders and confirmation that i have set are not coming in at all?

I have tested these things with every other plugin on the site switched off so I dont think there is any conflict. Please be detailed on what I can do to resolve these issues as it can be frustrating while trying to get on with a project and its just not working.



Please send me the list through the form in the support tab.



I need that the system generate invoices, can be posible ?



It’s not currently possible.

Thanks for the interest

Good evening,

its possible to set the payments to “i pay in local”, without paypal or credit card? And get the customer and the admin a email notifaction if is booked? Kind regards


Not at the moment,.

Thanks for the interest

There is an issue in your site, the url http://www.rossadamcohen.com/clients/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php redirects to the home. This file is important to make ajax calls, so check in your site if some other plugin is causing this problem or a server restiction

no, when i display the calendar it says NONE avail

Submit message about listing dosnt work!

You can send me some wp admin and ftp access through the form in the support tab


i will how?


Hi, I already have a DIRECTORY website… I want to include this plugins on it. I have a few questions:

1 – I already have a login system, with trial users… I can mix your plugin?

2 – Have shortcodes?

3 – Have frontend to users registred add they information?

4 – Is translated to Portguese-Brazil? If not? How to do it?

Thank you


1 / 2 / 3 – Yes

4 – You can translate it using the .po files in the languages folder.

Thanks for the interest


Can i install the appointments without payment? Can i add more “register” fields in appointment plugin?

Thanks!! GG

Hi, thats not currently possible. Regards


is it possible for the customer to book multiple appointments in one booking process? So, to book 2 or 3 hours at once, for one single provider.

Thank you.


That’s not currently possible.

Thanks for the interest


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Hi, i just bought this plug-in…...is there Dutch translation available?


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Hi, client don’t get email when appointment is aproved ?? please help me.

Answered by email

Is there any chance to use a timetable instead of calendar? Also is there a solution to export the bookings in .csv format? Thanks!

I’m not sure if you mean the appointments plugin or the calendar plugin, this one has a timetable layout and you can export the appointments to xls.


Hi, there seem to be a problem with having a maximum capacity of bookings per timeblock. Nothing happens as I try to change the number. It always stays on infinite amount of booking per time block. From looking at the code, it seems like it’s this function in the base.class.php that is causing the problem:

function countAppointmentsByDateTime($datetime)

I don’t really understand why it’s not working and have been trying to figure out what’s wrong to fix it for a week. Could you please help?

I tried checking the Plugin library on the Wordpress site, but didn’t find any notification for an update. I also re-downloaded the plugin from Codecanyon, but it’s the same version that is installed on the site (1.0.5). Both the plugin and Wordpress site is up to date. What update is it that you mean?


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Where do I get the latest version from, Please help out here

I just answered your email