WordPress Pretty HTML Emails - Responsive Modern HTML Email Templates

WordPress Pretty HTML Emails - Responsive Modern HTML Email Templates

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WordPress Pretty Emails is an advanced and highly extend-able email template system for WordPress, There are 6 emails template by default on the plugin so you can select your desired template.

Multiple Template Support

Do you know that using WordPress Pretty Emails you can set different email templates for certain plugins? Isn’t it fantastic?! Imagine that you can set a clean HTML template for WordPress emails, an advanced invoicing email template for your WooCommerce plugin, a newsletter email template for your newsletter and contact form plugins, etc.

WooCommerce Email Supported

BuddyPress Integration – BuddyPress Email Supported

Ability to use WPE templating system instead of BuddyPress ugly email template!

Customize WP Emails with 6 Exclusive Responsive Templates

One template with 3 different configurations

Do configuration simply

There’s a lot of options that you can change templates to be what you want and also there’s several perfect size background to give great look to your emails.

Your Main Brand Color in Your Emails

You can match your email template color with your website theme color simply by setting your desired color in our advanced template editor.

Do you like to insert your company address, tel, name, slogan, etc. on footer of your emails? It’s very simple using advanced email template editor of WP Pretty Emails.

More than 20 Background Images for Your Emails

You can choose between a lot of background images or upload your prefer image as a background image of your email or other part of app that is give you ability to choose.

Change your website sender email and sender name

No need to challenge with WordPress filters anymore for changing sender email and sender mail. You can simply set your desired email and name in the WP Pretty Emails plugin.

Add your company logo to send emails

You can set your company Logo in top our bottom of email.

Check the result of your changes in your email inbox

You could send your customized email to your inbox and see the result before any client.

Are you a theme developer?

Do you know that you can simply override WP Pretty Emails templates in your theme (just like WooCommerce templates files) to make it fully compatible with your theme? This way your theme users will have a same theme for their websites and their emails.

This is a great selling point for your theme and it can increase satisfactions of your clients. No need to say that you will earn more money because of this great feature!

We will be more than happy to help you if you had any questions during the development.

We don’t say anything, they said…


Version 1.6.0
- [ADDED] Font-Family, Font-size, Line-Height options has been added to some templates.
- [UPDATED] Notification-1 options has been updated.
- [UPDATED] Simple options has been updated.
Version 1.5.0
- [ADDED] BuddyPress template integration has been added.
- [ADDED] Stationery email template has been added.
- [ADDED] Notification1 email template has been added.
- [ADDED] More than 15 new background images has been added to Background Gallery.
- [IMPROVEMENT] Panel UI and user experience has been improved.
Version 1.0.0
- [ADDED] WooCommerce1 email template for styling WooCommerce emails such as invoices.
- [ADDED] Simple email template with many options for configurations.
- [ADDED] Introduction email template with some advanced options.
- [ADDED] Events email template for promoting your events in style.
- [ADDED] Ability to change WordPress sender name and email.
- [ADDED] Ability to set a specific email template for certain plugins.
- [ADDED] Ability to disable/enable HTML editor.
- [ADDED] Ability to disable template sections such as footer, header etc. completely.
- [ADDED] Retina optimized panel.