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This looks amazing! Definitely bookmarked! I will have to get this in the near future for something big I’m working on! Good job Pablo!

Welcome Pablo, appreciate it!

Question (which I assume is a yes):

Can I use this with standard Wordpress pages rather than plugin generated squeeze pages? I’ve been doing more landing type pages with css in a theme rather than squeeze pages from plugins.

Hi Noahjnet

You assumed correct :) Pablo

Great! Appreciate your response!

Take care, Pablo.

Hi Noahjnet Thank you for leaving a comment it is much appreciated. It will save you so much money being able to really focus on building quality lists of prospects. Have a good one Pablo

Hi, Thanks for the plugin, Looks promising, Just a quick question , how do we get the squeeze page styles, As i’ve recently purchased your plugin, Need to know, As i can’t seem to find, How to incorporate squeeze page style in my pages, Thanks

Hi graphiccloud – firstly thank you very much for purchasing my plug in. It will really help you to build that premium list :) Now as to your question regarding squeez page syles. In the video you will see that I use optimize press to build my squeeze pages. You can of course use any squeeze page system that you like to build yours, or just build it within your wordpress pages. It really does not matter as long as you set your landing page, and then your country pages. I wish you all the best. I can be contacted via my support desk if you need any further assistance. https://handholdingmarketing.zendesk.com/home Best Regards Pablo

Def bookmarked! Now I gotta find a project to use it in!


Hi look forward to your finding a suitable project :)

Hi Gray Thanks for leaving your comments. It is much appreciated.

Regards Pablo

Hi, when I see a plugin like this that looks interesting but no demo and not even screenshots of the plugin in action (a video is not ideal for everyone) it deters me from buying it.

That’s why I did not purchase today, i’d be interested to see it in action.

Hi sharksharkco I have now added a full list of screenshots. Plus if you click on the Live Preview link you will see a video setting out how it works. Regards Pablo

Hi sharksharkco

Thanks for the invaluable feedback. Will get it sorted out in the very near future.

Regards Pablo

hi there,

wondering if this will let me redirect bot traffic too… im interested anyway as a major affiliate with hundreds of sites i buy a lot of aged domains for seo and ranking etc and they can often come with extra surprise baggage of various sorts where i get a LOT more server resource wasting traffic of no use to me (and yes it tends to be from asia – partly due to my niche however)... but also im increasingly seeing intensive hacking efforts that are simply annoying even if they dont work it uses server resources and i’d like to have some fun with that and just redirect them off to some odd site or other of mine, or maybe just send to some doc share site pages or youtubes etc. ... (or send them to their competitor site back in asia ;) just checking if this is all doable with this plugin? got your survey ones looks good will see i think it will do well on some of my sites

Hi Firstly thank you very much for purchasing my survey plugin I wish you all the best with it.

Love the sending them back to asia…possible disappear up their own rear :)

The first stage of the plugin is that you set up a page for example called landingpage – this detects the IP address of the country and sends then on to the page you set up for example called “USA” so the good guys USA/UK/CAN etc would see one squeeze page whilst the other traffic would be sent off to see another page you set up called for example “others” this way the you can use the rubbish to send to another page with maybe CPA offers etc

I hope I have explained myself clearly for you :)

Cheers Pablo

Welcome to the community I be on the look for more products and I keep an eye on the recent products as they mature through the network.

Keep up the great work. Bookmark for now :)

Hello are you still supporting this plugin?

Hi Is there something I can do for you?

Can this plugin set max number of clicks to send to url?

Hi thanks for your question! The short answer is no. This plugin is used to syphon off Tier 1 traffic from the rest of the world traffic. You need a rotator type plugin. Regards Pablo

hello are you still support this product

Hi Yes I am still supporting my Premium Traffic Management plugin.