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i have a big problem. If there is a new subscriber – this new subscriber gets the following E-Mail after subscribe:


You are now subscribed to Bet-God. Your subscription will end in 4 Wochen.

Thank you

Why there is no username, name, e-mail etc. in this e-mail If i have a look to the code, there should be something like this.

  1. Email Function ###############################################################

    function jigowatt_membership_email_subscription_status( $user_id, $status = ‘subscribed’ ) {

    $user_info = get_userdata($user_id);
    $admin_email = get_option('admin_email');
    $message = '';
    $admin_message = '';
    switch ($status) :
        case "subscribed" :
            $message = "Hello,\n\nYou are now subscribed to ".get_bloginfo('name').". Your subscription will ".jw_subscription_remaining_for_email($user_id).".\n\nThank you";
            $admin_message = "Hello,\n\n".$user_info->user_login." is now subscribed to ".get_bloginfo('name').". Their subscription will ".jw_subscription_remaining_for_email($user_id).".\n\nThank you";
            wp_mail( $user_info->user_email, 'Your subscription to '.get_bloginfo('name'), $message );
            wp_mail( $admin_email, 'New subscription on '.get_bloginfo('name'), $admin_message );

You can add the details if you’d like! This just isn’t part of the default script.

hm, i dont understand why this isnt added to that plugin. I think if a user registered its quite normal that there should be the information what his login data looks like ??

Hello, I have a problem with the establishment of registration.

When I place the shortcode [ jigowatt_membership ] it is written on the page or is the shortcode :

Registrations are disabled .

How to fix this?

You have to enable registration from your Wordpress site options.

Hi. I am buidling up my site which should become a forum-site. Perhaps your plug-in can work together with UserPro, which has forum-pages etc.?

I need different classes of users, to run both personalized content + also run statistics on usage + polls/ questionairs based on user type.

But users must also be able to comment on posts + create posts through this plug-in: http://codecanyon.net/item/bwl-knowledge-base-manager/7972812

Also, I would like to know what negative feedback you have received. Normally I would never buy anything with less than 4,5 star review. But I am also fair taking into consideration if the developer has listened to and responded properly on the respons given, and taken the necessary actions to improve.



Hey Peter,

I’m afraid our plugin won’t allow users to do what you want I don’t believe. The plugin allows users to be split into groups & then you can wrap content in short code with a restriction dependant on the users level.

We also can’t promise that this plugin will work alongside with another user specific plugins.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

support woocommerce ? support changes in style of registration form ? is there ability to add cycle of payment ?


This wasn’t originally built with WooCommerce support but it depends on what your plan is. Are you using it to hide products or are you using it in the theme to display categories? With more information we can might be able to help further.

You’d be able to change registration/payment but it would be custom work which we can’t support. We can help with custom with but it’s at our support rate of £60 p/h.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

hello there, is this plugin work with last version of WP 4.2.2? can you done some custom work on this (glad to pay for time)?


Sorry for the delay in reply.

There shouldn’t be any issue with it working on WP 4.2.2 & yes we can do custom work. If you want to email envato – @ – jigowatt.co.uk with more details we can quote you on the work.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


suddenly this plugin cerates several problems – not nice if there is an active website:

1. if a subscriber has paid via paypal – he is only in status pending. Before some days users where activated automaticly. I also can`t activate them via clicking the Subscribed or paid button. - If a users subscribed for a free subscription, so no paypal payment – he is subscribed automaticly

2. to test the issue ai have added a test package. Now i cannot delete it….nothing happens.

Waiting for your help!

website: www.bet-god.com

pfff..NO my provider does not change anything. Its the biggest provider in germany. I cannot delete a membership pack and subscribers who pay via paypal are not activated. By the way – i also used the standard theme and disabled all plugins…. To be honest, im not 100% sure anymore what works and whats not. So no othe rideas from jigowatt ? Because than i can start to look for a new solution :-(

pfff..NO my provider does not change anything. Its the biggest provider in germany. I cannot delete a membership pack and subscribers who pay via paypal are not activated. By the way – i also used the standard theme and disabled all plugins…. To be honest, im not 100% sure anymore what works and whats not. So no othe rideas from jigowatt ? Because than i can start to look for a new solution :-(


I’m afraid its hard to say without going into chargeable time from us. We haven’t updated the script recently so it wouldn’t be any changes to the code that would have cause it to start having issues.

All we can suggest is trying a clean install locally with a fresh database to see if that works which it should have no problem doing. If so then it will be a problem with the current install you have.

Alternatively you could try downloading the script fresh and reinstalling it. This would eliminate the issue of any of the script files being changed and causing an issue.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


I’m looking for the possibility to let enable Paid Option with the setting to charge for publishing and to set a post as featured to be displayed in a premium section.

Is possible?

Hello, I tried to set up a subscription with 50 years, because we have some undetermined subscriptions. That hasn’t worked. The date was set to the year 1970.


Can you provide us with a temp login details so we can take a look?

Please email envato @ jigwoatt.co.uk.

Thanks, Jigowatt.


Is your plugin valid for Wordpress 4.3 ?




We’ve had no reported problems, this should work fine with 4.3!

If there any problems please let us know.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hi there, can it be achived two level IP securiti. First for those who pay single licence and second for those who pays firme licence?


Sorry if I didn’t follow your question exactly. But if you want to set up two different levels of premium content you can do it.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

A working demo would be much appreciated before spending 40 quid for a plugin… thank you :)


This would be possible yes, but its not something we’d be able to help set up for free.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hi. I was not asking for help in setting this up, I was asking A: for a demo – B: if it would be possible to achieve what I am after with your plugin – C: how many types of subscriber we can create. Could you help with these 3 questions please?

What a pre-sale team. After a week I am still not able to know if I can buy this plugin or not. Which customer is willing to wait for a week for a quote? Thanks God I have found a cheaper and better plugin than this (and in constant development, with a working front and backend demo…..), with a support team that have been able to help me in minutes. For half of the price! We have tried here, then we have phoned you, then on the phone we have been told to send you an email and so did we, then after 24 hours you are still not able to help nor to reply to our email. You don’t really deserve these 40 crazy dollars and I hope nobody is that crazy to pay that amount of money for a plugin that hasnt been updated for 5 years without even trying it as you dont even provide a demo.

I would buy your software only to give you one star.


Hi there,

I purchased your WordPress Premium Content plugin for a client earlier this year. They are now asking if it’s possible to integrate any alternative payment methods to PayPal whilst maintaining the default functionality? If you could provide me with any advice it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks!


It’s not something we’ve tried before as we’ve never had a problem with using PayPal. I can’t see it not being able to support an alternative payment gateway providing you can put it in as this isn’t something we can give advice on under our CodeCanyon support.

If you’d like us to look at doing some custom work please contact envato @ jigowatt.co.uk.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

To whom this may concern,-

I just bought the Membership plugin. I tried to make a premium page, but the users can still see the widgets. How can I hide the widgets?

What I actually want is to block the users from login when the subsription has expired.

Best regards,- Nimal

We do not have any subscription page and we do not want any. We choose the users and we give them a username and password. Each user has a time limit, when the limit expires the user should not be able to login.

The site is built with one login page, where all the users have to use the login (it is not possible to access the wp-admin url before the users, even the admin, have logged in) in order to enter the website. No users with an expired login should be able to login. I tried to make all the pages premium expect from the login page, but the user can still login in and see the widgets. What I prefer is to block them totally from login when the login expires. Do you get me?

Jigowatt, nevermind I have solved the problem…

Heya Nimal,

Okay, with some more information about the site this makes more sense but you appear to have solved the problem before we could reply. Glad you got it sorted.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

I have a question to the following note:

“admin users will be able to view all premium content regardless of any settings.”

The above statement doesn’t apply when I use the the following function: is_user_subscribed( $user_id)

Is it supposed to be like that?


By default the admin users should be able to see premium content without any coding required.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hi there,

Can you please let me know if this plugin can restrict viewer to see only 10 full articles if they are not logged in? After 10th article, if they want to view more full articles, they will be prompted to sign up/login.

Your earliest response is highly appreciated.

Thanks, Arpita

Hey Arpita,

The script will allow you to hide certain posts / pages or certain content on a post / page but it won’t allow you to resist after a specific point within a loop I’m afraid.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hi, thank you very much for your script ! I’ve a little problem, so, i have to clic on “paid” in the susbribers list to member can see the private page. It’s not automatic. Have you got a solution please ?

Thank you very much !


I’m not sure where you mean when you are talking about “paid” in the subscribers list & the relation it has to a private page?

Can you give me some more information please?

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Does it work with WordPress 4.4?


We’ve used it on WordPress 4.4 & it worked fine.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hi there. i need 3 feature:

1) pay for single post with optional stuff like “show in highlights + $XX ” 2) pay for X posts (like packages 10 post, 20 post etc) / user must see how much post left 3) if post not in higlight upgrade this post to “show in highlights + $XX “

did your plugin support this?

thanks and all the best


Currently the way the script works is it allows you to create various user levels then section of content on the site based upon those levels.

You can hide certain parts of posts depending on what level the user is and even offer a preview of the hidden content if you want.

If this sounds like it’d match what you want it do then yes it’d work.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Hello I have bought this item in the past and am considering using the update for support, I have a theme that allows galleries,works,posts and pages. I want to be able to use this on the galleries and works as well, can you make that possible? I also experience that when a new member has subscribed via pay pal it doesn’t allow the user to be auto approved, I have to go into the site and manually approve it which severely aggravates the new members.


You should be able to use the shortcodes through out the site, but full page restriction currently doesn’t work with custom post types. We can look at adding this for a future update though.

We can also look at sorting this in a future update too.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

Why is it that when a new member has subscribed via pay pal it doesn’t allow the user to be auto approved, I have to go into the site and manually approve it which severely aggravates the new members.


As I’m not the original developer I’m not overly sure why it was done this way or if it was a limitation when it was implemented.

I’ll pass this feedback onto the current developer so we can look at improving this system if possible.

Thanks, Jigowatt.

How do I access the registration page?

Also How does the IP thing work?

So is this no longer supported?

Yes, it is, but your questions are very vague. We are awaiting release of the next version from Codecanyon. We expect this any time now.