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Hi there Thank you for the plugin! We have a website in Hebrew directed to the right; and the carousel is showing only one post and the other posts are not shown (I have used the Simple Template showing only one post at a time). Can you tell me how to fix it? I have used your plugin in other site bur don’t remember how we fixed it in the past. Can you send the replay to my mail: Thanks Tamar


Please try direction: rtl; in your css code.

If you face any difficulties, then you can send me your site URL so that I can check.

You can email me your site URL from this page:

Please also send temorary access credentials of your site, it will help to check backend panel.


This looks very close to what we are looking for, can you turn Demo 03: Template3 into a grid?


Would you plase same me a demo to match ?


OK, just bought this plugin and there is no menu item in WP admin to manage the carousel? How to access settings page for this plugin and how to create carousel?


There is no settings page for this plugin. Carousel items are your post, page, or other custom post.

You can use carousel by inserting respective shortcode. Please check the documentation for shortcode options.


Doesn’t work su wordpress 4.7.2. I would like to have refund. Thanks


What is the exact isaue? Please share your issue and site URL so that I can check and help.


Dosn’. appear in the dashboard of wordpress

Oh! You could write that earlier.

There are no settings or other options of this plugin to appear in the Dashboard.

Everything you can do with the provided shortcode. Please check the documentation to get the shortcode and its parameters.

You can easily build a carousel with your post of page items by using provided shortcode.

Please check and let me know if you have any further question.



Pre-sales question:

Can you display two different post types in the same carousel?


I guess not.


Hi just wondered if the Post-Page Carousel works with pages as well as posts?

I want a carousel of Pages filtered by category is this possible?

Thanks Kev


Yes – posts, pages and custom post types are supported.

You display carousel items by providing specific category slug in the shortcode.


Hi I’ve just purchased this plug in, and it works great.

I was wondering if it is possible to choose the image size of the thumbnail image, I have created a custom size for a square image in functions that I would like to use so that all the images align correctly


I didn’t get your query, sorry.

Would you please explain a bit more? Also, you can email me directly from my profile page:

If you send email, then please attache the followings:

1. URL of your site 2. A temporary admin access details, 3. FTP access


no worries, I think I’ve sorted it -

I wanted the carousel to show Custom Post Types which match a certain custom taxonomy.

I amended the template.php with the following:

$query_args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘projects’, ‘post__in’ => $idsParam, ‘post__not_in’ => $idsParamNot, “tax_query” => array( array( “taxonomy” => “themes”, “field” => “slug”, “terms” => $cat_slug ) ), ‘orderby’ => $orderby, ‘order’ => $order, ‘posts_per_page’ => $postLimit, );

That’s great. If the above code serve your purpose exactly, then you did it perfectly. Congrats!



i’d like to make a customization for mobile views. In portrait version I want to see two post at once, not one at once. Can you help me?

Can you help me please?

Hallo, I need this information, i’ts about 5 days. Too much for a support service. If you do not answer me, I need to buy another plugin and rate you with 1 star.


Our support section was going through a vacation. I’m really sorry for this situation, Apologies.

Basically, CSS3 Media Queries can do that, to change/adjust views for different device screens.

You can request for a refund if you like. If you do so, I’ll process that immediately. Because, fault is from my side – I was not able to provide support you on time.


Hi, could you please see

The plugin shows the VC-Code and does not filter the page-id.

What to do?

Thx Janice

Hi, the carousel is not working on my site:

pl see shortcode: [gts-pcarousel template=”simple” post_type=”page” page_id=”686, 700, 714, 732”autoplay=”4000” cat_slug=”” items=”3” length=”250” read_more=”Weiterlesen” link_color=”” border_color=”” bg_color=”” nav=”1” pagination=”0” slider_id=”” link_thumb=”true”]

What is wrong?