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I am interested in your plugin. I have some questions:

1 – I want to know where in your plugin settings change styles? Have you screenshot shows all the styles change functions. Video does not show where to change styles.

2 – Are you adding features to your plugin soon to change life styles of option settings and not CSS for non-developers?

thank you in advance for your answers.


Thank you for your reply. I saw in your demo.

I express myself badly, I would like to customize the colors made??, define my own styles. how it works there to do that.

Thank you in advance for your response

You can simply send your request for customization of colors, with the details of colors and styles; after purchase. In case, if you have CSS knowledge, you can simply edit styles in the stylesheet.

thank you for your reply. my knowledge is not high in CSS, but I should be able to get by for color changes in the stylesheet ..

Perfect … Tomorrow, I buy.

hi, I have just bought the plug-in but can’t find the dashed underline style, could you help? thanks

well, I managed to find it but I have another problem, using the H2 style I get an incredibly tiny font size and need to add 20px as a font size to be able to read the title

Hello, The minor bug with h2, h3 heading tags has been fixed. You will be get notified, once the updated files will be available for download (usually within 48 hours). Feel free to use the plugin after. Let me know, if you get any more problems?

thank you for your reply

Is this plug-in has this type of stylish?


Hello, Thank you for purchasing the plugin.

1. All you need to change the tag classes in CSS stylesheet. (Tell me the changes you want (up to 5 changes will be done for free).

2. No there is no any option to add ‘Copy’ & ‘View’ option in this version (I have noted down, possibly will be added with upcoming updates), For code box text issue, please let me see it live on your site.

Hello Wpraft!

1). I like to use your plugin Heading Note-Azure style as the H2 heading style. Could you please tell me how do I do it. I can edit the plugin.

2). My blog already uses

 <h2> and </h2>
with another style (similar to this one: – http://goo.gl/TPPySE). Now I have removed that style code and apply your one. Are there any possibility to apply your H2 heading styles to all the posts. I think if your plug-in uses
<h2> Title </h2>
code to style, instead of
<h2 class="wp-note1 wp-h2" />
, it will work.

3). Suggestion: - If you could add steamdev.com/snippet (without numbers) to code box future version, it’s more colorful.

1. Open wp-post-styler.css and and interchange .wp-note1 or .wp-note2 or .wp-note3 class to h2.wp-h2.

2. You can add custom style for the h2 tag on your theme, just choose the desired style (.wp-note1 or .wp-note2 or .wp-note3) and copy the style of desire note style to your H2 tag. Or can simply add a class to h2 tag on html. Before adding a class to h2 make sure, you have removed the default theme style for the h2 tag, for post only.


 <h2 class="wp-note1"> </h2> 

3. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to add such feature with next release.

For any help, feel free to let me know?


Do you have a page with examples that I can set up for the client?

Many thanks


No, We are not providing live example for this plugin to protect CSS styles and codes, alternately you can check its screenshots and video.

Ok thanks. I have installed the plugin and the style dropdown is missing, I am using a child theme for genesis and the rich post editor 2nd line appears absent?

Please, show us the screenshot of your WordPress Post Editor (Rich). In the meanwhile, we are sending you a customized copy of the plugin, please test it on your site, and let us know if it is working perfectly? Please let us know your Email?


Does your plugin integrate a button to MCE? So that it’s easy to enter short-code or how is this done? Do you have a screenshot of the plugin?

How do you add your own style?

Thanks, do you have any plans to extend front end functionality? Maybe add font awesome support?

how difficult is to add my own styles?

Yes, you can extend it. if you have little bit knowledge about php and wordpress core. Right now we are not going to add any new feature to this plugin. If you wish to extend the plugin for font awesome support we can guide you through.

Hello, I have bought your plugin WordPress Post Styler, my item purchase code is: 4fd5ea43-8d88-4498-90b9-b7537d79dfb0

I have a problem because after instalation there is no new drop down button on my post editor (rich mode). Could you help me.

Thank you Pawel