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Hi there, I was wondering if there was a way to add the Category as a column in planners table? I like to schedule my posts so as to vary the categories, so it would be nice to see the due date and category in the same view.

You can do that. Take the code here and add it as a new plugin: And take the code here and replace the file /includes/post-planner-dashboard-widget.class.php in your post planner plugin directory.

Thank you! I’ll give it a try!

can i use postplanner on front end? can i use it on products? I would like to use it for creating products with multivendors? I’m trying to piggyback the functionaity of assigning users to posttype via during creation…Be nice if say the assgned person approve or reject assignmenrt and so if a person was creating a product that had commssions set to assigned users/authors then the assigned user could accept or decline ….

No, the only front-end is the display of upcoming items with the widget. I’ll add the approve/reject to the requested feature list, but that doesn’t mean it will definitely be added. You could possible use it for products if they are a public custom post type, but it will still be only the same elements that are for a post (no separate price fields or anything).


Can you tell me how can I prevent Contributor role from creating new Planner?

Generally I just want them to be able to view and create content thru new Post. I have installed the Members plugin (Justin Tadlock), however I was not able to disable the Add New Planner for Contributor.

Can you assist?

Thanks, yeeloon

Sorry, I missed the email notification for this. Is Disable Default User Roles set to Yes under Settings > Post Planner > Advanced? If you disable the edit_planners capability, they can’t create a new one (although the button still shows up on the Edit Post page.. that’s a bug I just found).


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Hi @seaserpentstudio,

It is still possible. FYI, I’m running on latest WP 4.5.3 on my localhost. I’ve set Contributor as default role upon sign up.

Can you possibly share other possible settings or configs needed to disable from Create New Planner for a Contributor role?

Thanks, yeeloon

The only special settings I have are Disable Default User Roles set to yes. If you go to the Planners tab under Users > Roles and uncheck everything for a contributor, does that work to not allow them? Then from there maybe you could identify which capability is not working as you expect.

If that doesn’t work, where are they being allowed to create a new Planner? Ex: is the menu still showing up, or is it someplace else.

If a post is assigned and then goes past its deadline without being completed, can it be set up so that the admin receives an email notification? Are past-due assignments flagged in some way in the system?

There’s nothing in the plugin that would flag it or send notifications such as that.

Our post planner is stripping all formatting in the main textarea. What should we check? Our regular posts do not do that.

Is this on the Edit Planner page? Or when you’re editing a Post with a Planner attached? I see that Insert Selection isn’t preserving formatting, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re referring to.

I fixed it. I wish Envato would allow us to delete comments. =)