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When is your update capable of supporting custom post types and custom fields?

With the next release.

Hello, I bought your plugin for post tables yesterday. I am asking if you are going to release a version which supports custom post types anytime soon. You have a great plugin, if you add support for custom post types and I would like to be the first one to rate it.

Thank you. We will do our best to release it soon.

Do you mean horizontal columns? No, it’s not supported. Sorry.

No, such layout is not supported. Sorry.

So … this awesome plugin still don’t support Custom Post Types?

It looks like we dont have answers from the author so … nothing to do here …

Sorry, I don’t get any notifications for these comments. I have seen this first time accidentally. We developed Custom Post Types and we are preparing the next release now.

Is there an update coming up for this plugin? I would sure like to see custom post types and custom fields.

Custom post types and custom fields are developed and we are preparing the next release now. It will include them.

Hi There.. How do I hide Column Visibility button? Your response would be much appreciated. When I bought this plugin it says there was support. Thanks

Hi. It’s easy. Please go to Post List Table Settings in admin and uncheck the Show Filter checkbox.

That is not working. I uncheck the Filter checkbox and it still shows up. Is there another place I can disable it? I sent you and email on this already and have not heard back.

Did You press “Save” button (for each desired section)?

As me understand. This will bring all post to one table page. Is this plugin allow create 1 post table with all of this function? I want create page table, each collum is country, zip code, phone code, flag pic,.... and people only search and see all info of the only 1 post (example: they search usa only, then show the line of only usa). Thanks

If each website is one post. Ex i have 10 post. So all post will auto come to this table??? OR it is custom add 3 or 5 post as i want? Can i also drap down which post first, which is second….

You can choose ALL posts to show or posts from specified Categories

there is Sorting, Filtering, Show/Hide Columns capabilities for all columns as well as number of posts per page http://gza.dev.ge/post-list-grid-table/full-width/

Hello, I just purchased your plugin, but its really important for us that you publish that update with custom post type support … 18 months since last update… a lot of things has changed in wordpress and user needs.

This is great idea for plugin but its incomplete without custom post types and custom fields…

Any date for that update ?

Thanks in advance!

added, hope will be available in couple days

Version 1.8 released – Custom Post Types & Custom Fields support added

Are you able to add Deferred loading of data? Right now it loads all posts and that can take a while. Here is deferred loading for DataTables: https://datatables.net/examples/server_side/defer_loading.html


Deferred loading needs full rewrite of the plugin. We can do it for additional cost.

How to add new custom Post Types & Custom Fields? please add this to documentation

First you need to add them to the existing WP posts. Then they will appear in the plugin admin where you can manage them.

Hi, do you have a live preview with custom post implemented on it? Thanks


vanarie Purchased

Purchased plugin. Can I setup more than one table with this?? It looks like you can only setup ONE table with this plugin! That’s a bummer.

Today you can setup only one, but the multi-table support is planned with the next release.


joco Purchased

Doesn’t work. The table overruns a two column page, see here: http://www.culpepercycling.com/ride-calendar-compact/

Also doesn’t allow for default filtering of dates.

Hello. Checked the page and it works with the filtering. Please clear your browser cache and try again. Also which browser do you use?


dub3325 Purchased

Custom post types DO work….however most of my custom fields created by ACF are missing from the provided list. Why not just allow us to type in the field name instead of predefining the fields? Most of the important fields dont even show up for me, so this makes the plugin pointless for CPT’s.

Hello, can your plugin do this ? http://imgur.com/a/BVorN

hi, i got few error message -

Deprecated: Non-static method Post_List_Table::get_table_settings() should not be called statically in /home/moriasup/domains/moriah.s171.upress.link/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-list-table/post-list-table.php on line 305

Deprecated: Non-static method Post_List_Table::load_datatable() should not be called statically in /home/moriasup/domains/moriah.s171.upress.link/public_html/wp-content/plugins/post-list-table/post-list-table.php on line 306

can you help my with it?

thank you; Aviad

hi i bought your plugin.

i have a huge problem – When I update a post or page, All columns are change!

Could you please help me?

hi i bought your plugin.

i have a huge problem – When I update a post or page, All columns are change!

Could you please help me?