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very nice, good luck bro

Thanks mate, will have updated version with more pure animation as well as functions take it to next level of flexibility! ;)

cand I split an image into squares and on every square when I have the mouse over to appear the information stored in that box? or is only for dots? nice job! tanks

Hello Elimedia,

Thank you for your question!

Im sorry, current you cant do that, but there’s a manually solution, it’s you can use any image editor tool, and split it out for squares, then save and up your edited image with squares. Then you can drop markers (general markers, like number 1, number 2…) on it.

I think it will work, but will kind of manually a bit, hope you do good with that solution.


For the pre-sale customers:

This plugin do support HTML in each marker, that mean you can add images, videos, embed vimeo, youtube videos into that markers/icon.


Can you please help me something with the plugin?.

I read the documant, it say i can add custom icons, im still not sure, what’s the icon size is the best?.


Hello sir,

I see your problem, becaue the usual size of icons should be about less than 100×100px, also for markers, that say, the best size to upload should be about 60×60px, it’s perfect for most of devices.

You can use the support system, here: http://support.comfythemes.com to get supported anytime.



I purchased your plugin, now, can i have the table reservation function?, how does it work?.



To use table reservation, you first need to make the POI first, then install contact form 7, and create a reservation form, thne you create a page, insert poi shortcode and contact form 7 shortcode. It will works.


i just had a project with restaurent theme, can you please help me out with your plugin?

I have emailed you, please take a look!

Thanks – this is an awesome plugin!

I tried (and failed!) to write something similar for a client in the past .. I wish I’d found this earlier. It’s so easy to use – brilliant!

Thanks for purchased my plugin!

I saw your plugin, Acheo great and I wonder what is the possibility of you develop a plugin that could be editable to seat all theater, shows, sports, to be used everywhere where there are ticket sales with seat number where the uduário choose and make your reservation quano He changed the screen to make payment, it is possible that?

My email is: reinaldo@federalmediacom.com.br

I emailed you, please let me know by email. Thanks!


Can I get some help please. I added a video in one POI but if I play the video and close the POI, the Youtube video still playing. How I can stop it once the POI is closed?


Currently, we do not provide that function.

Thank you!

Can I use it in WordPress 4.3 ?

can i have admin demo tq

the images aren’t showing up on your main product page :)

hi, i have small problem with plugin and i can’t register in Your support site. I have points on three maps on one site but i see points only on one map (3 maps flors).

URL: http://gryfice.galeriahosso.com.pl/nasze-sklepy/

thank You for support

best regards Konrad D.

Please help me. Registration on Your support site is not working. I need immeditlely help from You! You didn;t answer me.

ok i add tiket (i found problem whith register – Envato bar blocked the register site)

somebody help me? Nobody on support. Nobody answer my question. Now the support site is not working. What is happening ????