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Hey, I think your script could be very usefull and i definitely want to try it somewhen in future!

However, I have a question. Are you planning to implement CodeCanyon license checking? So a user has to enter his (valid) purchase code which will be check via the api to recieve update notifications and the updates?

Greets JonasDoebertin

It’s already implemented, check it out :)

Yeah, don’t ask me why I did not realize this when I read the description at least twice…

But, thanks for your quick answer!

Greets JonasDoebertin

Hey man, I sent you an email. I have some questions about usage.

I sent you a message as well.

Quick question.

I’m not a programmer but I have hired 2 developers to create plugins for me. At the moment, I have a plugin that I sell to my customers. The plugin doesn’t have the “automatic update integration” so I assume if I bought your script (this is a script, correct?) then I can add it to my plugin and when my customers install they’ll see the update notification whenever I update my plugin?

I originally thought this product was a plugin itself but it sounds more like it’s a script to allow my own plugin to be updated, is that correct?

Many thanks

when the plugin is deactivated – when you click on the version details of the new update its blank?

do you experience the same thing or is this user error? lol

redflamemedia – I am experiencing the same thing.

And I also am not able to actually update the plugin. When I click to update it gives me an error. . .I’ve emailed the plugin author twice with no response.

It seems like it would be pretty slick to have this up and running, so hopefully he gets back to us shortly. . .

Is this being supported at all? I’ve emailed the author a few times with no response. . .anyone else having luck getting support?

Actually, I flagged your comment to alert Envato to the fact that us buyers need a way to flag items as “Abandoned”.

There was nothing wrong with your post, as I told Envato when I flagged it.

We have to have some way to get their attention – flagging looked like the easiest way this time.

Is the Author supporting this file yet? I’m still interested in using it, but cannot get ahold of the author. . .has anyone had any luck yet?

Is this only for CodeCanyon authors, or will it work for upgrading from my own location?

have been trying to use the past few days – its actually pretty cool, but some of the features are not working for example it doesnt seem to actually show an update in the left admin menu… ie that number inside a circle

also i have updated the script a few times and sometimes it just doesn’t seem to show – even if you click the check again button

its a shame that the author has abandoned this it could be a great script if it worked, i have the same issues with theme notification updater as well….

I would advice no one else buy this until the author responds and fixes the issues…

How does the validating envato customers work? Does it require the user to fill in their envato api code?

Can this integrate with a non-envato licensing system?


Works with Wordpress 4.0? or next version 4.1?