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This plugin would ROCK if you gave me the option to delete all posts within the specified data range …

WP continues to under whelm me with respect to Post management by only allowing 10 posts at a time to be deleted … I have sites with 50,000+ posts that I need to delete based upon category and/or date ranges …

Any chance you will/can add the “delete all posts within date range” capability???

Well noticed, we shall bring your requirements under the hood very soon. Thanks.

Great idea. I just Bookmark it.


I just bought this and it seems like it will be very useful, the problem is there is something wrong with the search by specific date.

When I do a search for the past 7 days it finds several posts. But when I try search for a post that was found in that previous search and use the actual date of that post that it found before, it doesn’t find anything when I do a search by specific date, even though the published date matches the chosen date.

A update has been released. This specific date issue has been fixed. Many thanks to have our WP plugin!

I just downloaded the new version and it works. Thanks for the fast fix.

I think this plug-in should get more sales, it really is essential if you are managing a large number of posts and need to find certain dated-related ones quickly.

Thanks. We are uploading another update for Author filter. You can download it. It will narrow your searches. Regards!

I would like to buy this but I want to ask a question first. can it tell me the number published by specific author in specific date range or month based on how many posts in each category?

If it does that it will be very fantastic. I realy need this functionality because I pay my authors monthly for what they post according to categories, for example: news: $xx, Analysis: $xx, Video: $xx and so on. If I get this plugin to tell me just how much has been published by any author in specific date, it will make the management task easy for me.


Filter by Author added, you can now filter by author and categories. Hope it will meet your requirements. Thanks!

We have uploaded a youtube video for this wordpress plugin, please check it from

It counts total result according to your filter criteria (eg. category, date or date range author). Thanks.

hi, sounds awesome. would buy it immediately if i could display future posts. lets say for the next 7 days? is it possible?

You have to have something to search/filter. “If you could” draft posts in future dates, it should work. Hope this you make sense.

Thanks for your interest.

The “filter by author” is a great addition to the plug-in!

I highly recommend this plugin to anyone with a large number of posts/authors who needs to be able to find posts fast.

I suggest changing your graphic to show a close-up screenshot of the search box installed in the admin area. This should help sales because you can immediately see what this is all about.

For some reason the graphic never grabbed my attention until I had seen it several times, maybe it’s just too wordy because often times we just glance at things briefly and if they don’t grab our attention in the first few seconds we tend to ignore them.

Fresh install today,

Seeing this in firebug:

jQuery(”#inpFilterByDate”).daterangepicker is not a function

Zip archive exaction has an issue, please rename the plugin directory to “post-by-date-range”, instead of “post-by-date-range-v1.4.2”.

We have uploaded updated files in CodeCanyon.

Thanks for purchase our WP plugin.

great plugin .. is there a way to switch off the search by author feature ?

Author feature was added by request. It may enabled in the next update version. Thanks.


I want to buy your plugin but first i want to know some things!

I want to include in my menu a dropwdown list of these:

Expiring Today Expire Soon Newest Posts

The expiring today should link to a category that shows the posts that has an expiration day on custom post type. The “Expire Soon” should link to a category that shows the post that has an expiration day for the following 7 days on custom post type.

Is this possible with your plugin?

This is built for search post by date. You are asking for custom post type with custom field. It will not work that way. But you can search any custom type post date.


Can this be used in front end in the theme template or as a widget for the user.

This plugin is only for user. Thanks for your interest.

I’ll second the motion that it would be awesome if it could be used on the front-end, I would definitely purchase if it would let a front end query be built by the user using the same functionality of selecting a date range. I don’t know of any that allow that functionality yet.

I’ll second the motion that it would be awesome if it could be used on the front-end, I would definitely purchase if it would let a front end query be built by the user using the same functionality of selecting a date range. I don’t know of any that allow that functionality yet.

+1 for that

Is this plugin still under development?

hi! im looking for a plugin which i could add playlist of youtube videos in a specific hour and day . This display i want it to be automathic in which the user doesnt have to press the start buttom. it is possible with your plugin? Thank you

Hello. I’m looking for a special kind of plugin, which can manages multi reservation, more than 9 differente places with many time slot. And I also want to know what are the different types of payment included. Thanks you

Hello, need some kind of plugin, Does it work? The last comment is 6 months old, so, please put some update, ready to get one. :)