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Good day,

I purchased this plugin today and when I want to use the embed code it doesn’t work and the full screen option overwrites the entire page.

Kindly correct this error or refund my money please.

Regards Danielle

I found my license key. Unfortunately the plugin still doesn’t work. When I use the embedded function and set the height to 100% (the default 500px works fine) it doesn’t display on my page.

Your plugin also advertised that it can display as a booklet? This function is not available??

I could have used a free plugin which has the same functionality as your plugin. I was actually interested in the booklet advertising that is suppose to be included in the plugin??

Height need to be in pixel. you can set the width in %. Please send me the link where you setup the pdf embed to show. Also send me the shortcode you have put from your admin end.

I will implement the booklet functionality in next release


Is it possible to count the characters of a pdf file?

Hi, Sorry it is not possible using Wordpress PDF Viewer and Embed Plugin


ikjosh Purchased

Hi, just purchased and installed on my site. It’s not working, and I’m getting the following error in my console…. “Uncaught ReferenceError: PDFObject is not defined”

Looks like this line…. var myPDF = PDFObject.embed(wp_vpdf_obj.url, ’#’+wp_vpdf_selector, options);

Hi, Please share the URL where you have inserted the pdf file using the plugin. I will definitely help you to fix this issue.

Thank you.

Hello, I can’t find my Licence Key to activate the plugin. Where can I find it?

Hi, Please check the bellow link, you can find lots of Tutorial about it. So instead of reading a text guide it will be easier to understand :)


Thank you.

Hello, is it possible to have the pages side by side instead of single paged? Like a flipping book? Thank you

Hi, The current version of this plugin does not work like a flipping book.

Hi, I have recently purchased your Wordpress pdf viewer and embed plugin. I like the ability to disable the download option, but I am concerned that users are still able to right-click and then perform a save as.

Is it possible to disable the right-click menu on the embedded pdf?

Thank you,


Hi Hamlyn,

In the current version it is not possible to disable to right click but in the next release/update I will research about it and if feasible will implement this.

Thank you.


Where is the ‘usage’ instruction? I cannot find instructions anywhere.

It is installed and activated, but no idea how to utilize it….


Please find the use guide inside the plugin documentation. You can find the documentation inside the zip file and you have to open the index.html file which have all the guide about the plugin.

Please let me know if you need any other support.

Thank you.


mbehal Purchased


I just bought your plugin, but the button doesn’t appears in the post or page.

I’m using WP 4.5.11 on

Thanks, Michal

Hi Michal,

I will definitely help you on this issue.

Please send us your wordpress admin access through this link:-

I will check the issue and let you know the solution as soon as possiable.

Thank you.

Just purchased this. Using this plugin on a closed network with NO INTERNET access. I’m I able to activate this plugin? IF not whats the work around without internet access to activate the plugin?


You need to connect to internet just one time and activate the plugin. After that it will stay active until you uninstall or update the plugin.

Thank you.


douwj Purchased

Hi there, I enter my purchase code but I still just have the free version. Please can you activate the premium account on purchase code: 55ae28b8-e8cd-4ed2-9be9-bfe0416ee8e8

I need to launch and your system won’t accept my code!


douwj Purchased

When I enter my purchase code nothing changes. Its still the free version and I paid for something that can’t be upgraded to the premium version. I’ll have to buy something else as need to launch.


douwj Purchased

What I bought and what I received are two different things. It doesn’t look the same at all and it does not accept my purchase code. I’m getting really irritated and if this can’t be solved or you can’t give me what I bought then I want my money back please. I need to launch and your product is keeping us up. Please respond. I paid for this.


douwj Purchased

I’ve added the purchase code like 48 times and it still tells me: Please activate Wordpress PDF Viewer and Embed plugin. Click Here to enter your activation or licence key.

When I enter it – there is a little green message bar that is blank – and then it refreshes to the dashboard and tells me: Please activate Wordpress PDF Viewer and Embed plugin. Click Here to enter your activation or licence key.

So it is not possible to upgrade to your premium version with the download from Code canyon and it does not look like your demo AT ALL. It looks completely different with hardly any features. Please sort this out or refund.

Purchase code: 55ae28b8-e8cd-4ed2-9be9-bfe0416ee8e8


douwj Purchased

Hello Again, the purchase code is not activating your plugin. There is a bug somewhere. Please help me I need to activate the product I purchased.

Hi, My apology for this late reply. I was away couple of days for some emergency. I just came back and got your message. I will certainly help you on this. Please send me your admin access details using my profile page contact section –

Hello, I just bough the plugin but it doesn’t work. I added the code but nothing is showing on the page. How can i fix it ? Thank you in advance !

Hi, I sent you a message by email with this page for example: In this case a PDF was insert with the default button (embbed) but nothing is showing. Best regards.

Hi, I did check the URL you provided and found that plugin js and css not there. For further checking what causes this we need your website admin access. So please email us your access details for further support.

Best regards.


The issue was from your theme as it did not include wp_footer() in footer.php file and that’s why no footer scripts was loading. I have added that in your theme’s footer.php file Now you can check the pdf it displays as expected.

Please feel free to contact us if you face any further issue. I’d really appreciate it if you could leave a 5 star review for this plugin.

Thank you.

Hello, am I able to insert pdf’s by simply ‘adding media’ or will your ‘insert shortcode’ button work within Avada’s page builder tab content area?

Hi, The shortcode button will appear above default wordpress editor.