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I would like to make the registration to my website paying, is it possible to make it with your plugin?

Hello wpproducts, Pre-sale question. How to test your demo site? There is no information for test. Also, one time payment will be applied for one post ? and also, would i make a rule for specific amount pay users – who can keep writing a post on user dashboard ?


Can this do Video Post ?

You can use embed video urls in the post like any other post on wordpress

For over a year I have been looking at many solutions! This is exactly what I was looking for and I am glad to be the first to buy! Thanks!

Thank you so much for this lovely comment. Please email us if you need any help.

tell me please,, can I pay money for the author who post in my wordpress with this plugin ? thank you

It will require much custom development to implement such feature.

I saw that when the customer has to pay is the module ” Credit Card Information ” I would like to direct payment of paypal is that possible?

I configured the bees paypal but does not work.

It will require custom development to implement the other method of paypal at additional cost.


could you able to add a payment gateway called stripe.com credit card payment

Yes, we can perform custom development to add stripe payment gateway. Please email us at developers@solvercircle.com to discuss a quote.

Hi, is it possible to set options for a user who submits a post or for a post the it still online? we ne options like a, +$10 for featured in faeture_category_1 b, +$10 for featured in faeture_category_2 and so one….

that the use can choose seperate categorys if he pay these upgrades. by default the user should only post to one category. it this possbile? we need this features asap!

thanks and all the best benjamin

i bought it yesterday, but: WHY Should i type my paypal username+password ? thought it should work with api key or something else. otherwise you have my paypal username+password. Thank you

I already mentioned, you could submit a support ticket at support.solvercircle.com for issues with existing features. And your mentioned theme utilizes woocommerce for handling payments and there it also requires to purchase more and more payment gateways for woocommerce. Anyways, sorry for the confusion and we shall and we shall positively consider your above mentioned issues. Thank you.

done, after searching for this plugin, i put it in General Inquriy ;). Hope you are so fast there like here. Thanks

Hello! Interested plug, but before buying I would like to know:

Is it possible to give a subscription is not on the number of articles that provide access only on the number of days?

And is it possible to connect to other methods of payment?

Requires custom development at additional cost

if this can be integrated with other than paypal like payza or 2co or skrill or propay please reply must

currently it has only Paypal.

i mean to say it can only transfer money to paypal…. means if customer have paypal account but i have payza payment method…. then it would work or not plz reply

it would not work with Payza yet.

whats the best theme for your plugin


lampi Purchased

Hello, I’m from Germany and I need the EURO. Is that possible? thank you Bodo

Thanks for the purchase. Please submit at ticket at support.solvercircle.com with your site access info and issue details.

May be the poster pay according to:

  • how long the post will stay online?
  • how many categories the post is added?

BEWARE this does not work out of the box and bad documentation developer is more concerned with money than helping his customers fix a faulty plugin. Why is this being sold if it doesn’t work? I set up my api and still getting error – Please provide valid information – My info is correct and I used multiple valid credit cards and it does nothing. Been waiting all morning for reply and help this is pitiful! If this issue is not fixed by tomorrow refund my money so I can pay someone that dont mind helping their customers!

Hi There, please submit your issue details and site access information in a Ticket at support.solvercircle.com and we shall try our best to help you.


Do you have other payment gateways? I don’t want to use PayPal, I want to take a credit card on the website.

You can also accept credit cards through Paypal gateway here.

Hi, it’s not entirely clear from the description, so I’ll ask here – does this plugin also allow Pay to post? So a user needs to register to publish posts on my site, and these posts will then be public (everyone even unregistered users can see them).

thanks, Lukas

Hi there, does this plugin support custom post type and custom fields? Thanks :)

Hi there, is it possible to limit words per post? So far I could see the limit is the count of posts.

Greetings, Chris

Hello, pre-sale question. Is it possible to set a membership expiration by an actual duration of time from when they register? I’m looking to allow 1 hour per registration and then they can extend after the hour. Is this possible or is the lowest value 1 day? thx!!

Hi, thank you so much for asking. It will require custom development to offer such feature. Please feel free to email developers@solvercircle.com to get a quotation.