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a very useful feature…

tell me, can i enter a value? or only drag and drop?

say, i want to have 15px… instead of drag and dropping/guessing my way to 15px, can i manually write 15px?

bookmarked, good luck with sales.

some of my themes has a shortcode, like [spacing=”15px”] or something like that…

Hey pleiadene, and thanks for your comment.

Yes it’s just like that. The plugin creates a shortcode like this: [wpb_linebreak height="120"]. Where “120” (in this case) is the height in pixels.

Will it have this written all the time:

Line Break & Paragraph Spacing by wp-buddy.com

I see that in the screenshots, but it wouldn’t look too good on a client’s site

Hey SelfPublishServices, no. It’s just in the backend (when the editor appears). And you can replace the image that gets loaded there (it’s in the img-folder) if you don’t like it ;)

That’s ok then :)

A video example will be more useful for understand how to use.

Yes, that’s a good idea. Maybe I make one today ;)

SelfPublishServices: it would not show on the actual front-end from what I understand, it’s just in the back-end editor in Visual Mode. If you go to Text Mode only, it will say [wpb_linebreak height=”120”]

Hey pleiadene, absolutely right ;)

Thanks Pleiadene. It was in the back-end I was worried about with clients going in there, but because it can be changed it isn’t a problem :)

Hi wpbuddy,

I am interested in this type of thing, but could you consider adding some simple line dividers to this with the spacing options?

Hi wpbuddy,

By line dividers I mean line, double line, dotted line, shadowed lined, etc. Not just line breaks. Make sense?

Ah okay. Yes, I understand. You want to layout it differently.

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment but it’s a good idea. I’ve noted that down. Maybe I can bring such a functionality up in one of the future versions.

What you can do is to install a custom CSS plugin like this to change the style the way you like it. But you cannot change every single break. Only everyone at once.

Hope this helps.

Hi wpbuddy,

Okay thanks!

Hi wpbuddy – can this be used without text content and just as a spacer in itself?


Hey graffig, and thanks for your comment.

Actually there is no text content. What you see in WordPress’ visual editor is just a background-image that can be changed (you can find it in the /wp-content/plugins/line-break-paragraph-spacing/assets/img/ folder.

Hope this helps

Hi wpbuddy,

Will this work in my Woocommerce Product Descriptions?

Hi Jana,

and thanks for your comment. If WooCommerce allows shortcodes in the product description, this should work, yes.

Hope this helps. ;)

have any options to sets for default 10 px for example?

Hey ideadigitalve, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately there is no such option at the moment. But this is defiantly a good idea. I’ve added this to the request a function page on my website. Maybe I can integrate a functionality like this in one of the next updates.

However to help you out quickly you can install a plugin like Simple Custom CSS and add the following line to the Custom CSS field:

.wpb_linebreak { min-height: 200px; }
The above code sets a min-height of 200px to every line break.

Hope this helps.

this is for my custom css for my template?

Yes, you can enter this in any custom CSS box, whether it comes from the previous mentioned plugin or your theme.

Hi. 2 questions: Is this compatible with the latest version of wordpress? Can I change the default height? (one time for always), I want to buy this because of wordpress line breaking bug. I want only one line space.

Hey Repenter, and thanks for your comment. Here are the answers to your questions:

1) Of course, the plugin is compatible with the latest WP version. By the way: you can see the compatibly list in the sidebar of the product page at CodeCanyon.

2) Currently there is no option to set the default height. However it’s possible to set a min-height via custom CSS.

Hope this helps.

Hi WPbuddy, thanks for your answer, look here is my problem, and it is really annoying. It doesnt matter how many times I press enter or shift+enter, it doesnt work. http://i.imgur.com/C0rdjOt.png . It’s not possible to set default height for your plugin even with manipulating the codes of your plugin?

Hey Repenter, why not setting the margin of the p-HTML-Element? This may help in your case. Use something like that in any of your CSS files:
p { margin-top: 40px; }