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Congrats ! Nice work! :)

Can I use this plugin for custom post types?

Yes, you can use it for custom post types


Hello, I am interested in purchasing but I’m not sure if it will work. I’m looking for a plugin which can take content from posts in a specific category and output in a chronological order which should look like a book, complete with a bookmarking feature which should be useable without having to log in.

Can this plugin do that?

Okay great. Can you notify me when you update?

Yes, I will

Hi, pre purchase question: I need to have an index in the flipbook and Im talking around 300 pages. Can this support both features?. Would like something like this at least in function http://directoriorojodeirapuato.com/wp-content/uploads/EdicionImpresa/index.html thanks

I didn’t understand which indexes you are talking about, please explain this. Thanks

Hi my friend, it is very nice your theme. But can I transform my posts in a magazine too? Like to let my client to do it himself with his posts, can I? Can I make a magazine from just one category too? Tks a lot!!!

Yes you can, and posts of that category will be shown as magazine.

¡Ey! I have just bought. I need an option to full screen my images. Please. And not in a lightbox. Something more like a portfolio full width grid. Your plugin with this option will be awesome.. the best.

Something more like a comic

Please contact me here, and I will provide you best solution http://webcodingplace.com/contact-us/ Thanks

Hi, i am using wordpress for my website, lets say i have a pdf file, its 16 page or 20 page, can i use the pdf file or 16 jpg files to make it like a booklet? (usually after making a booklet design, i need to show the client a proof of what is the page orders looks like! so i am planing to use this) Also is this a plugin to install on my wp website? or stand alone script? also this is all code, right? nothing flash?

This is WordPress plugin that uses posts to form book. Its pure CSS and JavaScript nothing Flash. But you are looking to show images in booklet then following is what you are looking for


It will take your jpg files and will form a book like following


hi your plugin does not have a valid shortcode trying to add too visual composer element

Please send details to rameez7759@gmail.com, I will see this issue on your site. Regards

it does not seem to work on my website http://www.advertiseplus.co.uk

sent email with admin access rameez7759@gmail.com

I didn’t get any email, you can also contact here http://webcodingplace.com/contact-us/ Regards

How to use your plugin

Hi, go to Flip Book menu and choose settings Example: Select Taxonomy: Category Term: (any category here) other options as per your need. Get shortcode from bottom right corner of screen, paste that shortcode on any pages.

For more info please contact me here http://webcodingplace.com/contact-us/


Hi, I’m interested in purchasing the plugin, however I was wondering if I can create a navigation for the flip book to view certain pages. So what I want to do is display a category of products on a page and when a user selects a category link, the flip book will automatically flip to the page. Can this be done with the plugin?

Hi, navigation is not available yet, but I will add this in new release soon and let you know.


Hi, can I add audio beside the text?

Yes, audio is supported and will display like this


Thanks , will I be able to addd audio per page as short stories for kids plus adding pic?

Yes, you have to create posts for each page

hi, can i flip through custom post types? for example if i have recipes. thanks!

Hi, yes you can


I’m looking at purchasing the page FlipBook plugin but I have a few questions. Does this plugin support the latest version of Wordpress. Also, how easy is it the remove the date of each woocommerce product post? Lastly Can I style the css manually to give the book rounded corners etc…?



Would love this to work for me, but is it responsive? Can you provide any responsive styles if not so pages are 1up with flip capability?