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I just bought this wonderful plugin and I have a question … May be “obliged” the message to be the center of the screen? Mine is always right …

Thanks :-) Philippe

Hey, U re the first buyer lP and I really appreciare ab that! Maybe u forget to set width! Please give me your site address so I can take a look on it for u! Also, u can shot me an email at info@axcoto if needed! Thank you again!

Is the “bounce” action configurable? I just want to to appear and disappear smoothly.

It is not configurable right now! I will added it later in some next day! But if you are going to buy it, after bought, send me PURCHASE CODE or comment here so i can make sure you bought and send you the file which just appear and disappear without effect! Thank you!

Thank you for having solved my problem, good job!!!

Me again :-) I am very happy with the result :-) Take a look here: http://www.naturephotographie.com/?reset-sweet-notify=true


Is this possible to set only in post below content?

No, it’s not support that right now! Later I can added it as short-code so user can insert it right into post! Thank you!

No, it’s not support that right now! Later I can added it as short-code so user can insert it right into post! Thank you!

Is it possible to make it dim the screen? I require a message box that will make the user click on an acknowledgement before entering my site. It also appears that HTML can be used in the message field, is that correct?

Yes, any HTML can be used in message field! To make it dim screen, we can set CSS ! But plugin doest not support to force user must read/agreen for something as its message because user can click “Close” button to dismiss it! Thank you!


Two questions:

Can this be set to only appear in the user’s Dashboard (an admin message)?

Is this compatible with WordPress multisite (for example, to show a system status message to sub-site administrators)?



I’;m sorry that that is not support right now! But I’m adding it and I will let u know when i got it! Thank you for interesting!

Is there a way to add this to the events page create/edit in the Events Calendar Pro plugin?


Is there a way to get this to show in the center of the screen (so if Top is selected, it will appear at the top center of the screen)?

I’m also ahving a problem with it always appearing at the top, even if I select middle or bottom.


Sorry for missing! I did’t check this page :(! Could you contact me directly at info@axcoto.com? Also, what you want about events calendar pro?

No problem, I know how it can be. I’ll get an email to you :)

For the Events Calendar pro, I’d like to be able to select to use the notifications, as it will probably be the main area I’d use it.

I’m writing a site for a foundation that runs courses, and it would be good to have notifications, for example, when there are only a few spaces left on a course.

I can’t have accents and special characters, how to fix it ?


Any accent and special character results in bad formatting. Try any of them á é í ó ú ñ ü, etc… For example if you use “click aquí” that stands for “click here” or any other of the mentioned ones, gives a bad result.


Any word on this ? I have to miss spell words and spend a lot of time changing phrases to avoid the error.


Still looking into this.


I am looking for plugin, which will sent email notification to the subsciber when its post is published it or moved it to trash. I would like to sent email about “approve” or “deny” the post. I would like to have possibility to write/update text of sent emails.

Can I do this with your plugin?

Thanks, Bigdrobek

I’m so sorry that my plugin doesn’t work for this one Bigdrobek :(!

Hi Just wondering if you have the code for the notification to have a smooth transition, and also wanted to set the width to the page not the whole screen.


Is there still support for this plugin

No support for these plugin, anymore?

Pre sale question :

Can this notify if new post(s) is/are published while the user is reading with number of posts published ?! Like facebook new feeds notification buttton

Best regards Ayman