WordPress Notifcation Message Plugin

WordPress Notifcation Message Plugin

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SweetNotify is a WordPress Notification Message plugin! It lets u define a notification for your wordpress!

I bet many times you want to have some messages appear on your page to notify users something such as: which time your system will go to maintain! Or you want to tell user go checkout your lastest product,...! Yeah, SweetNotify makes you really easy to set it up!


  • Set up notification for whole of site!
  • Set up notification for specified post (Just appear when you go to that post)
  • One-time(just appear on the first time see page, auto disappear on next visiting time) or always-on(always appear on top of page) or user-hide(appear till when user click hide button) notification
  • Support 3 positions: top, bottom, center& 4 notification types (info, warning, error, success) with 4 colors and icons!
  • Display notification as dialog box, on top or bottom of page, or even in the top or bottom of post!

Note when testing

When u clicked close button to dismiss the message and want to see it again! U must clear your cookie! If you don’t know how to clear your cookie, just append ?reset-sweet-notify=1 to url to Sweet Notify clear its cookie for you!


Main plugin page
Only global message for whole site
Global message and notification message of single page
Global message at top& single post message at bottom.
Another demo with error box type and global message! Both of message are at the top.


I used some icons from
I used notification template from


You can go to here and post your question into correct category! I will reply there to help you! I’m happy to assist all of my buyers ;)!