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Some question:

1. can it make scheduled sending? 2. Can I load html code (html newsletter template) and edit it? 3. can I save templates? 4. esxist a real live demo with admin (your preview does not show anything)

Hi eipemkg .
1. Yes , you can schedule your newsletters.
2. Yes, you can use your html templates for campaigns or newsletters and edit before sending.
3. Yes , you can create your own template.
4. I’ll do it soon.
good luck


1 – Is this plugin autonomous or do I have to use some external service (Mailchimp, Feedblitz…) to use it? I use paid hosting service (bluehost), if it helps.

This is new to me. I am used to feedblitz service. I’d like to know if your plugin works the same way, I mean (questions 2 and 3):

2 – Everytime I publish a post in my Wordpress blog, will it automatically be send to the subscribers?

3 – May I customize the header and the footer of these emailed blog posts?

4 – May I customize the signing form, like bg color, letter, sizes, remove the lines between the fields (as shown at )? It would be good if I could to insert the form at the newsletter area of the footer of this page:

Thank you in advance.

Hello dalmas.
1. This plugin is autonomous and does NOT use external services.
2. No , this plugin cant do it.
3. Yes , you can edit every newsletter or campaign in this plugin.
4. Yes , you can put the form in a div and customize it by adding codes in your style file or add a style tag in your head . like this :

<div class="mydiv">
.mydiv {

How about an admin demo so we can view the plugin before purchasing?

Hi Takeme360. Yes , you are right. I’ll do it soon :)

Pre-purchase question: Can you set up multiple smtp addresses? My client has 4 email addresses that will potentially send out newsletters to list – all from their host. Thanks!

Hello BSproduction .
No , It can’t.
I think it’s better to use another plugins because we can’t support this item anymore and we think you can find some better newsletter plugin in codecanyon.
Thank you .

Hello. If my dedicated server can support send 500,000 emails per hour. Is this plugin whether support that?

If I send emails to gmail. Whether can into gmail inbox, rather than junk mailbox?


Hi heaf2398 , I think my plugin is not a very good plugin in this case. I think it’s better to use some other plugin for your website. Good luck

Can your plugin fulfill following functionality , or you can refer some other plugin for that ?
  • 1. Custom Subscription form designing by admin panel.
  • 2. Multiple options to display – pop-up, inside form , fly, button,
  • 3. Giving user option to opt-for multiple categories .
  • 4. Setting email frequency at the time of subscribing or at later time.
  • 5. Confirmation of email.
  • 6. Opting out the categories or editing subscription options.
  • 7. Manual Email trigger – sending email to category subscribers on different actions such as new content on a category posts, sending fresh email of certain or all posts of the category(s) they subscribed.
  • 8. Design Newsletter
  • 9. Manual Subscription.

Hi webmasterdts,

You can Send Recent Posts to follower. You can change Subscribe Button Color,Form Font Size,etc. This plugin send email newsletters and has no popup option.

All of subscribers are same . There is no email confirmation or activation email. You can design your newsletters template or use our templates. You have Import/Export option , and you have a shortcode to put it anywhere in your website for manual subscription.

I hope I answered your questions :)

Hi,I have purchased this plugin.and I have questions 1) when I enter settings, it does not save. What am I doing wrong? 2) settings—> App Id : is this the Item ID in my License? 3) SAVING – you should be able to go back to a saved newsletter without having to store it as a template. I think this is a critical necessity, and without it the app isn’t great. Please tell me how I can do this or add it ASAP. Thanks, Urbanana

Hi, Urbanana. thanks for purchase. :)
1) First, fill all of the fields to solve this problem . Check the error under the save button.Check your debug console in your browser. If nothing was there, delete plugin and install it again. Tell me if you had any problem .
2) This is your facebook app id . You should have a fb app for your website.
3) You can preview or save in “New Newsletter” and you can check your newsletters in “Newsletters” . This plugin has 3 section: Newsletter, Campaign and template. You can use any of templates in your newsletter or campaign. But when you schedule a newsletter you can’t change it.
I hope I answered your questions :)

I am still getting many error. I don’t see any documentation for this.

1) all of the Newsletters are dated 1970, even though Wordpress date is correct.

2) The system is not saving my settings no matter what I fill in.

3) when I try saving a newsletter I get an error saying “Warning: mktime[] expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /newsletter.php line 61

Just use numbers, letters, -and _

Hi Urbanana,
did you set “Sending Time (GMT + 0:00)” correctly?
please contact me directly , send me your email address in a private message.

can i use woocommerce shortcodes in this plugin

Hi nippi9,
I didn’t try it. I don’t think so :)

Plugin can’t send recent posts

Failed to connect to MySQL: Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)Error, tnx man :/

Hi. Please uninatall and install again

Hello, Aryas. I’m considering to purchase the plugin.

1. Is it working with the last version of Wordpress (4.4)?

2. Is there a limit number for subscribers?

Thank you in advance.

Hi dalmas. 1. I didnt test it, but we had no issue report yet. 2. We didnt put any limit but it depends on your database and hosting. Thanks

Hello, Aryas. I just bought the plugin. In the backend, looks like the save button is not working when I try to save the settings and a template I’ve created. May you give a look into this, please?

Hi dalmas, can you give me the error please?

I am trying to save the changes I’ve made in the settings page but it is not saving when I click the “save” button. The same is happening when I try to save a template I’ve created, it’s like the “save” button doesn’t work. I’ve checked if the settings were changed after I clicked the “save” button, and they were not. And the templated I’ve created doesn’t appear between the others as an option to create a newsletter.

Can you send me a private message please?

Hi there, i’m interested about this plugin, but i just came to some questions on problems, that i need to solve for my client:

1. i want to be able send emails regulary 1 each day with latest posts from last day, but not on weekend, and on monday have there all posts from last 3 days 2. can i set shortcode into template? I need it because of including of ads 3. i need to filter posts by categories, resp. exlude some categories to be included into some email

is this possible? For me its enought if its possible trought some filters, thx