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I am interested in the WP multisite sync plugin. I viewed the demo and where it says Destination Sites. If this field is left empty what happens?

How can I update hundreds of multisite without having to select them all?


Hi there,

when its empty nothing happens. If you really have hundreds of destination sites, then we recommend you to create multiple cronjobs also. Server performance wise of course ;)

Product attributes and product types such as Bundled products does not sync

Hi there,

please send WP-Admin & FTP Credentials to support@db-dzine.com. Then we will debug your problem asap.

Best regards :)


Does your WordPress plugin work for different domains? That is, domain1.com, domain2.com and domain3.com synchronize the same woocommerce products. Does it also synchronize users in different wordpress (or do you know any plugins that do this)?

Hi there,

if your different domains are connected inside a multisite, then yes. For user syncing our plugin does not work.

Best regards :)

hey i’m using WooCommerce Extra Product Options can this also be synced?

i think it is more eazy to send you the plugin than buy and refund after.

Ok i bought the plugin i’ve installed the redux but there is no option in settings ? What do i miss?

Hi there,

it does not look like you are in a multisite environment. Can you check this?

I don’t have settings option even if i installed the redux plugin.

ok but my websites are on different domains. anything ca be done?

As you are not in a multisite environment this will not work. Refund accepted.

does this sync the comments on blogs posts, two way sync?

No we do not think so, but we have to check.


diditho Purchased

Hi, is there a way to sync post only with specific category ?

Hi there,

no this is not possible right now.

Best regards :)

Hello! I would have a small question before proceeding to purchase Does it synchronize websites with localhost? I have to sync my online site page content with my local website, is it possible? Thanks!

Hi there,

no this is not possible. Sorry.

I have a Woocommerce Multisite, I only want to synchronize the reviews of each product. Is it possible with this plugin?

Hi there,

no this is not possible sorry :(

Hi, I’d like to know about cronjobs. What is it and do I have to set anything for this cronjobs with coding or something? And 10 cronjobs means 10 different sites? Wordpress multisite system need to be purchased prior to your plugin?


you will need a wordpress multisite network installed. This is free and does not need to be purchased.

Then you can create 10 conrjobs, that sync posts within your multisite.


Hi, I was wondering if your plugin can sync custom fields across sites. Is that possible? I am using advanced custom fields plugin. Thanks

Problem is, that the ACF fields need to have the same ID on both sites. If this is the case it works, otherwise it does not.

Ok. One more question. If I have multiple languages with a plugin (WPML) are the other languages synced also? My case is a woocommerce site.

Not tested, but we do not think so.

Hello, When i update a variable product on source site, On linked product new variations added instead of updated existing ones

Hi. although author’s response time have to be up to 2 working days, three days after, i didnt get even a negative answer for the issue above.

Hi mate,

by all the support questions we had we overlooked yours – we are very very very sorry for this :(

Could you please send us a network wide WP-Admin account & FTP credentials to support@db-dzine.com so that we can debug your problem asap?

Best regards and sorry again :)

Can this plugin without multisite wordpress? instead local wordpress sync to production server? Thanks

No sorry

I’m interested in buying this plugin, but first I want you to clarify a question:

I want to have all the pages in my network synchronized, that is, if I upload a product on the main page, that product will be viewed and created on all pages. If that product runs out on one page, it will run out at all. If I update that product, it will be updated in all the pages.

Can I do all that? Will you give me full assistance in the installation?


Hi there,

yes this is what the plugin does. With pages I hope you mean your Multisite sites.

I’m interested. But I have other questions:

1- Does it work with multi-site subdomain pages? 2- I want that when a new page (new multi-site subdomain) is activated (when one is created) it will automatically come out in the “Sync To” list, that is, that I do not have to put it.

1) Yes possible

2) No not possible.

Hello, I bought one of your plugins, the one that duplicates woocommerce products. It costs 19 dollars.

I realize that the plugin that I need is actually the one that synchronizes all the multisite that costs 29 dollars. I would like to know if you can give me a refund of the plugin I bought, so I can buy the most expensive one.


Note, please reply in my new email: raymermed@outlook.com

You can request a refund and then buy this one instead.

it’s working on 2 different wp? I haven’t multisite plugin.

Nope it does not.

Hello, I want to know if you synchronize the following: 1- Products of woroocommerce. 2- Sliders of “Revolution Slider”.

I have an other question. Is it compatible with the “Multisite Cloner” plugin? https://es.wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-cloner/ That is, that plugin will create a page with the data of the original page. If you clone a publication and I modify it, will it be synchronized?


Hi there,

1) yes you can snyc products 2) No we do not think you can do it

Also not sure if it is compatible with your other plugin, because we did not tested it.

Hello, We would like to know if this plugin will work with WPEngine as they block all plugins that take longer than 200s to fully load, so we want to make sure we don’t run into any problems. Does synchronization happen all at once or is it broken up into smaller packages? Can we choose to sync only recently updated/edited information to increase efficiency? Please let us know so we can decide if this plugin is right for us. Thank you!

Hi there,

I think it won’t work with WPEngine, because we do not use any kind of AJAX sync process. We try to sync all by once.

But its a good idea to do this.

Hello There,

I have a pre-sale question for you. First I would like to say that you did a great job with this plugin! I’ve never seen a better one on the whole internet!

I have a multisite network of sites. It’s a directory and I want to sync all the listings with assigned users across the websites.

For example:

There are listings on this website de.jobs.com and if a new user / agency submit a new listing to this website I want that exact listing and assigned agency / user frontend profile to be displayed at www.jobs.com.. Just the public profile not the admin area.

The listings include pdf attachments and should be within the same category e.g. doctors. As I said it should be also linked to the user/agency that submited it.

Is this possible with this plugin or are you limited to sync post, pages, media, faqs, testimonials ?

de.test.com > test.com – multistie – same database

I hope you understand what I mean :grin:

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi there,

well we have not tested every custom post type. We think this would not work 100%