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Do can sync Menus? Theme design?

Hello sinayes,

No, just Posts, Products (WooCommerce) and Pages.

Great product. One question, this can be used with a local host to live site?

Hello jtorres_mora,

I do not think so as the 2 sites need to be inside a multisite environment (1 Database with many WP-Installations).

Best regards DB-Dzine

Awesome. Looks very promising. Bookmarked for future projects.

Thank you :)

does this have to be installed on the source site also ?

Hello deanjon,

sure. This plugin needs to be network activated inside your multisite.

hello, is this selectable field sync in product? eg I want it sync every product except it price will be set individual? and can it sync variable product?

Hello truonghainam,

right now it is not possible to sync a product without the price. You could sync it without all post metas, but I do not think this is in your intention.

Best regards DB-Dzine

please update to allow sync product without sync it price, it would be best and truly helpful, think of site with multiple store, selling multiple product but with different price scheme

Great work! :-)

I guess all sites must be running on the same server and you must have a WP multisite environment running…or not?

Yes right.

ok. thanks. i have the sites running on the same server but no wp multisite environment.

I made a Dutch translation for the WooCommerce extension. Interested?

Sure, you can send it to: support@db-dzine.de

Does this support custom post types?

Hello lolacommunication1206,

yes all wp compliant registered post types are supported.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Is it possible to filter on categorys and/or tags as a selection to sync to he other sites?

Hello AudioByRay,

unfortunately this is not possible right now.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hello, does this plugin supports WPML ? If yes – i got a few sites that need this plugin! :)

We are not really familiar with WPML as in our honest opinion we are not convienced about the performance of WPML.

and what about Polylang plugin? its much easier one! i have it too on some of my sites

Sorry, we are also not familiar with Polylang.

Hello, 1. does this sync variable products? 2. after copy products to network site, can it also sync stock level? Can it copy selected products to selected site? Thank you


1) Yes 2) Well the plugin sync on the product title. So if you do not change the title it should sync everything. 3) You can always exclude some products you do not want to sync.

Best regards DB-Dzine

Hi, how can I sync custom post types?

Forget it, I found it out by my own. Thanks for this awesome plugin!!!

Great that you have find out yourself. If you need any support feel free to ask ;)

I’ve found a little bug in your awesome plugin. When i use a “&” in the title of the page or post i want to sync, then it syncs the page many times (about 30 pages) and doesn’t sync all pages.

Please have a look at it.

Regards Andy


Your plugin seems to do all the things I want, except I can’t figure out if it is able to sync the WooCommerce cart as well (resulting in a single shopping cart across WooCommerce multisite).

I would appreciate it if you clarify this for me.



no the cart will not be synced. Only Posts.

Best regards DB-Dzine


i still have a huge problem with the plugin. Every time, when I push the button “Manually run Sync” it doesn’t sync the extisting posts, it always makes new posts. So the existing ones are not synced.

I also get this error:

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in /www/htdocs/w014ecb1/flachau.ms/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-multisite-sync/admin/class-wordpress-multisite-sync-images.php on line 171

Please have a look, it’s really urgent! I can send you FTP and Wordpress access to check it.

Regards Andy

Hi ImpWerb11,

please send FTP & Admin credentials to support@db-dzine.com

We will have a look at your problem asap!

Best regards DB-Dzine


i’ve sent you FTP & WP Admin credentials.


Pre-purchase question : Does it work with ACF Pro version ( with custom post type ) if the fields are syncronised between sites ?

Thank you, Nicolas


bitte folgenden Fehler beheben: Wenn ein zu synchronisierender Inhalt von einem Custom Posttype den selben Titel hat wie eine Page, wird die Page in der Datenbank umgeschrieben in eine Revision des Custom Posttype. Hier muss unbedingt eine Schutzfunktion rein, die den Posttype abfragt und den Typ “Pages” ignoriert, auch bei selbem Titel.

Ist das Plugin WPML-Kompatibel, also werden die übersetzten Inhalte ebenfalls synchronisiert?




das Update befindet sich in der Überprüfung durch Envato. Sie werden benachrichtigt.

Super, vielen Dank für die Info!

we have 2 different wordpress webiste, hosted in two different servers, so we can use your plugin to make sync betwwen the 2 websites???
Thank a lot :)

Hi there,

when the 2 wordpress sites are in a multisite environment, then the plugin works.

But when the 2 sites are completely two seperate installations, then not.

hi, i do really love your cncept about synching multisite, but before i buy, there is some questions i would love to hear the answer from you :

1. Cron jobs by php ( wordpess ) or by system ? cause my hosting dont allow me cron job by system . 2. per one cron job, how many subsite could be input to synching ? is it unlimited ( 200 subsite :v ) or is just one cron jobs one subsite ? 3. can your plugin synching mainsite to subsite ?

Thank you , im so happy to know this.

Hi there,

thanks for your interest.

1) Cronjobs are done by WordPress (PHP) 2) You can have unlimited subsites of course, but performance could decrease – not tested with 200. 3) Yes

I would also would recommend you to fully test the plugin with just 1 test-subsite before syncing everything.