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I would like to know whether it’s possible to hide the price on the web page? Instead of revealing the price on the web page I would like the total price to be sent to the customer once they click submit. Is it possible to set up your plugin to do this?

Hi just purchased. It won’t install keeps failing.


Thanks for the purchase.

Wordpress Multipurpose Calculator can be Easy to install without any problem.

Have you unzip the file which is downloaded from codecanyon, If not please unzip the zip file and you can find the plugin file inside.



I have seen your Wordpress Multipurpose Calculator plugin i wanted to know more about this plugin. i wanted to buy this ? Can get Below are Calculator : – Tax Calculator ? TDS Calculator ? HRA Calculator ? NSC Calculators ? Kisan Vikas Patras ? VAT Calculator ? EMI Calculator ? Number Of Instalment ? Home Loan Calculator ? Auto Loan Calculator ? Calculate Effective Capital ? Calculate Net Profits ? Calculate Net Worth ? kindly reply asap.


You can use your own formula to built any kind of calculators.

I am very interested in this calc., could it do something like this format which is just textboxes and number calculations?http://www.kryptiq.com/ccm_solution/

Hi, I think my comment has been removed? I’m wondering if this plugin makes it possible to add images into the form? Something like http://verandaportaal.nl/configurator/

Hi there! I would like to do a property calculator that is able to handle multiple rooms and numbers of rooms – something like $/m2 x (2xroomAx100m2 + 2xroomBx150m2 + 3xroomCx190m2 = Total cost of property.

What kind of calculation would I use for this? and what about multiple fields? We’ve run out of letters of the alphabet for field references…

Looking forward to your feedback!

Responded via email :)

Can I have a concrete calculator with this plugin? I want to be able to input length, width and depth (all in metres) and output result in volume (m3).

Yes, you can use the formula to calculate the volume.

Great plugin….what would make it better would be the option to have a floating total price that follows along as you input values and shows what they would pay as they go…

Nice one!!

Good day. Acquired your plugin. It is strange that there is no setting of the text in the report. “Summary Of Reports:” .. I’ve wanted to translate everything in Russian, but I had to change in php files. In the end, it turned out that the letters in the report come to the wrong encoding. I thought it was because of me, but replace all the files on the original, repeated. Same mistake. http://prntscr.com/8y72uz


Thanks for the purchase.

Could you please send an email to support@jminfotech.net, with your site url and details to check.

Hello, is it possible to do a calculation like: Age x Weight = Text Output

Is it possible to only show the calculation once a user has given us their email address in the form submission?

Hi! I would like to by the item, but i’m wondering if i can calculate numbers between two dates and if there is an option to repeat fields (every new field is than also calculated in the way the first was)

Is it possible to Show a permanent Price, before u press “calculate”. Like the ” Result Price ” up of the Button

Yes, We can do this with a little customization.

I’m looking for a calculator program that allows me to create a job materials “estimate” WITHOUT PRICING – just need the totals of each element required per a total square foot of surface area … can I build something like that?

Could you please send an detailed email to support@jminfotech.net


aranhac Purchased

I just bought and installed this plugin. Does it just do Price calculations. When I hit the result button I would like it to say something other than the default headings on the result table but I don’t see where I change that. some help please.


Thanks for the purchase.

Could you please send an email to support@jminfotech.net, with your site url and new headings on the result table.


Can a calculator be done like this page below with your plugin ?


I am on a site for a Electric Co and would need this asap, lemme know if this is possible so that I can purchase it asap,



I like your plugin. However I have a pre-purchase question.

I will be having 5 fields in my form – A, B, C, D & E. E will be the number of quantity. The price of the combination selected in A, B, C & D will be multiplied by the selection in E and show the price in a new column F

A person can add this to a list. He can then again go through the process of selecting different combination from A, B, C, D & E and add that to the list.

So the list will show both the combinations that he has selected. They can then either email, print or save that list in his account.

Also I would like to show the fields vertically in columns rather than showing it in rows as per your layout.

Please let me know if this is possible. I’ve attached how the final output should look: Link

I have noticed that this question has been avoided quite a bit. Could you kindly answer me in this forum on whether or not this plugin will HIDE the price until the user has submitted the form including their contract details? I don’t want to give the user the milk without buying the cow.

Yes, You can simply hide the price with CSS.

I have a pre-puchase question. Is it possible to customize the design of the form sheet so it will fit into the look and feel of a specific theme?