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Awesome job. Good luck with sales :)

Hello Does this integrates with wpml plugin ? i mean if i have a multiple language site with wpml, will the plugin regognise which language to show on custom posts ?


Yes our plugin can be integrated also with wpml plugin.And yes it will regognise which language to show on custom posts.

If you will buy our plugin and you will need our help please contact us.

Have a nice day.

demo page using your login details are not working!!!


Try to use this link: http://custom-posts.wdh.im/wp/wp-admin/

you must login with username : demo password : demo1234

Have a nice day

Your demo link doesnt work

Thank you for telling us about the problem, if you want to test the demo link again you can do that because now it is working. Have a good day.

Hi… I have two pre sales questions:

1. Will you update the plugin? 2. How can I change the front end display of the created custom posts?

We will answer gladly your answers: 1)Yes we always working to add new features to our plugin so it will work better and to be on our clients needs.

2) To change the front end you have to create a single-wdhcpf.php page in your current theme. When you buy our plugin we have an example a demo theme and you can see there exactly how it is done.

Have a nice day !

Hi. Thank you for your kind answers. I think, at the moment, your plugin is not what I am looking for. I don’t want to make any template edits.

As a suggestion, that really would empower your plugin:

Why don’t you add a backend layout designer, where users can drag and drop field labels and values around, style them and save as a template for a post type? I think, just creating post types with taxonomies and fields is the same what popular free plugins already do.. Types, cpt, pods and many more. Stand up from the crowd and offer a solution for users without coding. This is what I am looking for and I would gladly buy your plugin, if it could do that for me


Thank you for your sugestions , we will put them on our to do list for the next update of WordPress Multilanguage Custom Posts Builder PRO.

Have a nice day !

Hello I can’t add featured images with my custom posts – Featured image box is missing

Hello, please send as an email in our office email : office@wdh.im and we will fix your problem as soon as posible.


When i try to access the demo I get warning: the site ahead contains malware

can you fix so i can test it ;-)