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Hello, can i edit the actor page, http://demo.aa-team.com/cc/moviesimporter/cast/kevin-hart/ and add more information shortcode etc ?

Yes, you can edit it just like a normal page.

Interested in purchashing, is there an update coming soon to fix issues mentioned above? Is there a recommended theme to use for the plugin?

They are not really bugs, it depends if the server is well configured or not. This plugin work great on any theme.

Hi. The “order by” sorting isn’t working.

Hello, please open a support ticket in our support center ( http://support.aa-team.com/ ) so we can take a better look at your issue.

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Hi, I want to buy this but not sure is this Plugin still working with the wordpress latest version

Yes, the plugin is working.

I like this plugin: 1. it is used for other themes are not? 2. This video plugin get mixed with the default wordpress posts not? 3. Can I disable referral link inside: “related from amazon”? 4. in many parts dislike demo, so can not turn it off?

1. Yes, you can use it with other themes as well.
2. The plugin uses custom posts.
3. Yes.
4. You can customize the look of the plugin.

Best regards

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hello, can i instal this plugin to all my website ?

Hi, the Envato license agreement is one license = one website.

is this plugin compatible with any wordpress theme event Movies theme ?

We made the plugin to work on any theme yes.

purchased plugin, but disappointed till now- No option to import movies as normal post type so Movies imported doesn’t appear on front page.. at least a widget or shortcode should have been provided otherwise what is the use of plugin..

Try to deactivate the JetPack plugin.

i have tried everything .. you can check now except your plugin, all are deactivated, Not a single attempt of importing has worked till now it always get stuck ..you need to seriously work on plugin.. i have enough invested my time for this plugin.. sorry but i have forwarded refund request kindly reply soon..

The plugin works fine on our servers and on our clients website. Open a ticket so that we can take a better look at your issue: http://support.aa-team.com/

It has not been maintenance does not seem to be willing to support. When you have to PHP7 no longer work. I’ve already stopped the use.

This plugin was not built for PHP7 as PHP7 is new and not a standard on most major hosting companies.

Can you search for specific type of movie content? Like I want to import only movies that a horse is the topic of the movie. I dont want a specific genre of movie. Is this possible?

And TV shows?

Hi RichardWing,
Unfortunately the search can not be that specific as we do not have that data in the API.

Hi I want to know if it’s possible download the information in spanish?

Unfortunately the plugin works in English only.

Best regards
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It will not work with the latest WordPress.

Hi momochi,
It should work. What seems to be the issue? Open a ticket so we can take a look at it for you. http://support.aa-team.com/

hi… what kind of movies u have and how many? for example i am interesting in horror movies and the database come from where ?? IMDB ???

Hi wordcreative,
The plugin uses the https://www.themoviedb.org/ database.

Best regards

Hi. I have a quastion about Plugin posts are in http://site.com/wp/wp-admin/edit.php And our movie and series database is in custom fields We want to sync our data with your plugin, is this possible?

Hi ali1150,
We do not have a feature that can do this in the plugin.

Best regards

This looks an awesome product i have purchased, just one question, can i pull through any extra data for the movies ie the technical data of the film like imdb has or the trivia fact type bits ? just wondered if i can customise extra info coming through thanks in advance and if could point me in right direction appriciated

Thank you! Unfortunately the API the plugin uses doesn’t have that data.

Best regards

Ok great thanks for getting back to me

Hi, i would like to ask if it is possible to import 2000-3000 specific movies. For example, we have an excel file with one column (movie titles) and we need to show only these movies in our website.


Hi merovatis,
If the movies are available in the API then yes you can import them.

Best regards

Hello, Before buying, I would like to know if it was possible to automatically add the movies contained in a local folder? And only those ones. Do not automatically add future releases …

thank you in advance

Hi cloudyflix,
That is not possible since the plugin uses an API to get the movies and you can not change the source.

Best regards

don’t work for me! can’t import any types of movies and get stuck! i have opened ticket support, i use grifus theme

Hi hottime40,
You have our answer in your ticket. The plugin worked great.

Best regards


First great job on the plugin.

I was wondering if it would be possible to narrow down the searches a little more. Perhaps adding in a sort by Month or Year.

Is there a easy way to add a new sort tab like “2018 Movies” or “March 2018” 

Hi fedexman09,
Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have some filters like that.

Best regards

does this spin the content

Hi Gingerfuzzy,
No, it doesn’t.

Best regards