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Your shortcode generator posts ajax request to example.com instead of my site! Please update the code :(

Hi, version 1.1 will fix this and it is already uploaded for review. I guess that it won’t take long. Sorry for that. If you give me your email address here or via contact form I will send you the update right away.

Does it only show thumbnails? No content? No bigger pictures?

Not right now but it will. First of all was the idea to have a fully automated shortcode generator along with an Envato account overview, both in a WordPress installation. In future releases we’ll have a lot of other features including preview images, prices, etc.

Hello, Is there a demo. In the demo link you only have info about the product. Thanks

Hi doulos, there are some screenshots available. We’ve had a working demo but we take it down because most people leave their credentials (username and API key) stored in the demo and it is not a very clever thing to do ;)

Soon it will be a video demonstration just like this one here http://markessence.com/blog/demo/wp-referral/

oops, so where is the preview? I have checked your preview site but I didn’t see the demos, there are more descriptions.

Please check the screenshots available

cool concept… any chance of importing product descriptions n the hover over info?? n maybe into woocommerce products too?? doable?? thnx.

I’m afraid that would not be possible. The Envato API does not support this now. When it will support item description we’ll update the plugin and you’ll be notified.

Best, Shanon

PS Do not forget to rate our work at http://codecanyon.net/downloads ;)

yes keep me updated!

We will Lance!

Best Regards, Andy

superb prompt support, thnx.

Always with pleasure!



I purchased the plugin, found my username and generated an API key.

Only output is: Sorry, but there was a problem connecting to the API.

Is this something temporary? Or me?

Multisite install. Everything updated. Using Shortcode generator, Popular -> 4 items, Themeforest, WordPress.


Works fine on shared hosting. Seem to be missing dependencies on optimized and stripped down centos server. What requirements are there for this to work?

Hi I’m glad to hear that! The only thing that you need is curl (http://php.net/manual/en/book.curl.php) to work properly.

Best, Shanon

CURL enabled and plugin working great. Thx – and very good and quick support.

Pre-sale question: any word of hover larger image implemented yet or not ? Appreciate feedback.

We will upload a bugfix release later today. Thanks for pointing this out.

Best, Shannon

Great to hear – and Thank You :) for the quick response.

You should receive an update notification in few minutes.

Whenever i activate this plugin, my feature slider will not appear. How to solve this???

Can you please give us a link to your website?

nice plugin, works without any trouble! Question: is there a way to show items from subcategories too?

It depends. Please give me an example (some of the subcategories are included in Envato’s API and it should be pretty easy).

Please do not forget to rate us at http://codecanyon.net/downloads


for example, now i am only able to display the WordPress, but how i can just display the items from WordPress -> Advertising

thanks for your help!

Not working, shows no item, the Shortcode Generator : I copy the code, but displaying nothing on my wordpress site http://i.imgur.com/U09hWgh.jpg?1

Just download and replace the files. You do not have to change anything in your website (short-codes or else).

TNX! Problem solved!!!

Excellent. Please take a moment to rate us at http://codecanyon.net/downloads


What in your udate? please update changelog

Sorry for that. I’ve updated the change log. Just a small bug fix for new Envato API policy.

Hello, Is there a way to show larger image and/or descriptions and/or items from subcategories (for ex: wordpress/corporate) ?

Best regrds, Nicu


I’m afraid it is not possible due to the limitations of Envato’s API.


If you plan to upgrade it, keep in mind to add category most popular option. It would be nice.

Hi, first – again thank you for this plugin. Is it possible to change the text on hover, that says: url preview – when used for audiojungle. Second text line says: Download .[the item].................. from audiojungle.

This of course only with audiojungle items. The “url preview” is a total oxymoron, since we have the thumb on the page, need to click on it to go to audiojungle to hear the file. url preview means nothing to a client – rather confuses them. Videohive for example has of course the actual larger image open up, where as audiojungle only gives the hover tesxt.

Am hoping that this can be changed from within the plugin and has nothing to do with the API.- I hope :) Thanks for your attention to this.

Hi, before buy it, i noticed that in the product demo, some pictures of the plugin list (http://www.oceanicbreeze.com/portfolio_category/premium-wordpress-plugins/) are not displaying properly (they are partially cut).

Thank you Tony

Only shows thumbnails! Does not show product info data.! Pretty steep price to just fetch and show an image per product.


Is there a way to reduce the “url preview” to 50% when it is hovered over?

where is the support? is this still working?