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Nice stuff – a very useful idea that has yet to be mastered here.

Thanks you, I will improve it significantly, update is already in the working phase.

Is it possible to redirect only certain page and based on device two different url redirects ?

scenario :

i have an app page: www.example.com/app and if someone enters that page from mobile phone if its android it redirects him to android store and if that page is entered with iphone, it is automatically redirected to apple store.

“based on device two different url redirects”, that’s certainly possible. But redirect only on some pages is not out of the box. However, it would require minimal code tweaking to accomplish that. I’ll look into implementing this feature. Thank you for advice.

you are welcome… this plugin would then be a bargain, since one other plugin (not here) also has that posibility (also not out of box but they are working on it) and costs 3x more then your plugin. ;)

As soon as I’m done working on php.net website I’ll finish up the work on that :)

I’ve purchased this mobile redirect plugin but it is not working…when I activate it and go to the mobile redirect…it has the categories at the top of the page…Id, device, url, homepage, force, redirects but there is no information under the categories..there is nothing, no fields,etc Can yo please help me with this?

Can you give me instructions on how to do this..so I can get you this info please?

Can you Please tell me what you need to see to help me? I’m not sure what you want to see I copied and pasted the index php…I hope this is what yo want to look at . I really need your help.thanks. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cehafn5e8kv13d2/phpindex.txt

Wow, I’ve been really patient about this..3 days have gone by – why won’t you get back to me?

Can this redirect users to a mobile theme automatically? I am trying to find a solution to an i have with another plugin (WP Mobilizer). The current plugin redirects smartphone/tablet users to a different theme. Can this plugin do that?

Does it work with WP Super Cache? I did see you mentioned W3 Total Cache.

Is it possible to redirect users only from homepage?

Example: User enters www.mysite.com -> plugin redirect him to www.mobile.mysite.com

User enters www.mysite.com/offer -> plugin doesn’t redirect him (mysite.com is in responsive design)

Looks like an interesting plugin since one of the mobile redirect Wordpress plugins is making my theme’s dashboard crash. Another plugin doesn’t fully work regarding the view full website option.

A few questions: - Is the plugin compatible with all themes? - With regard to licensing which isn’t completely clear. I own multiple Wordpress websites and would like all the websites to use the same plugin. In other words, can the plugin be installed on multiple websites? Which license would this be?



I just installed the plugin on two different wordpress sites, using the latest wordpress version and the screen where i should be able to put in the diferrent URL’s for the different fields is just blank…

Same issue as dawnsonrussel

I was about to buy, but it looks to be abandoned…

Is this still supported?

hello, I get a fatal error once installed. can you please help

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_called_class() in /home/content/o/n/e/onefivewc/html/site/wp-content/plugins/mobile/system/Singleton.php on line 16

Hello , before I want to buy this plugin I want to make sure that …does it have refund amount if for some reason if the plugin doesnt work for me? Because I need plugin to work efficiently to redirect mobile home page for various mobile devices. Do you have full technical support fully if plugin doesnt work for my site? pls let me know..thanks

It is possible that your plugin does the following: once they enter from mobile to my web you see my web but the web opens a new window with a mobile redirection of a company that serves to monetize?