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Great job, looks very well! :)

Thank you! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I hate QR codes and don’t use a QR app on my phone. URL for viewing your product? Might be handy….

We will. Thanks for your feedback :)

Brilliant demo. Nice!!!

Thanks. We still need to include a couple of buttons for you to see all 3 app themes, but we’re getting there :)

nice app and high praise reviews

may we have the link for desktop viewing?

We’re setting this up as we speak. Will post it here once it’s live. But just notice that the most relevant preview is actually on your smartphone since the app theme is mobile only. Your desktop theme remains the same once WP Mobile Pack PRO is installed on your WordPress.

OK, all done. You can check it out at “Live Preview”. Is it better now?

Nice job but need more work with navigation similar to real mobile app experience instead swipe left n right for more content.

Thanks! Do you have something specific in mind?

Hi, is the application part of the website monthly charges? https://www.appticles.com/pricing.html

WordPress Mobile Pack PRO is the self-hosted solution for WordPress-based publishers. This means that you pay one time fee, you get 3 app themes and you have the plugin ready to be installed on your WordPress website.

Whereas Appticles is a monthly subscription-based platform where you can have access to all themes, unlimited applications and a lot of content sources – not just WordPress, but Joomla, Drupal or others 3rd party content platforms (Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, etc.).

Hope this makes sense.

Once we install this plugin on our WP site, do we have the option to download the app as a native app so we can upload to our own stores? Or do you upload them to your own Appticle App Stores?

Hi there,

Please notice that WP Mobile Pack PRO creates a mobile WEB application, in other words, a mobile application that runs within the browser. It doesn’t involve any App Store (iTunes or Android).

And just to be clear, there’s no such thing as Appitcles App Store. What we stand for is creating beautiful mobile web applications for bloggers/publishers that run in the browser.

Ok that makes sense. Thanks!

hi I would like to know if support custom post on wordpress?? thanks

I think the best would be to test the FREE WordPress Mobile Pack available here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/ and if you’re satisfied with that, you can upgrade for more themes & features.

Let us know how it goes or if you run into any issues.


Is there any error on the pricing???

Hey! WP Mobile Pack PRO comes now with 3 App Themes, hence the new pricing.

Hi this look interesting.. so to understand fully.. the plugin will take elements from my wordpress site and deliver it on mobiles as an app. it has full configuration?

Can I see a backend?

can we add it to the app store

Hi Taiger! Yes, it will use your already existing content (pages & posts) to display that in an app-like interface. We have more details here and a special offer of $49 for 5 app themes: https://www.appticles.com/wordpress-mobile-pack-pro.html

You can see the back-end in the videos we have posted on site or you can simply try out the FREE version here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-mobile-pack/

Hi thanks for the info..

will it also accept content from my directory plugin…

We can help you with .apk under our VIP plan here: http://www.appticles.com/pricing.html

Software Version 4.4.1?

It works on WordPress 4.4.1 as well.

compatible woocommerce ?

Woocommerce is not currently supported.We can customize it for you, but it will involve a small development fee. Let me know if that’s something you’d like to discuss.

email the customer receives is responsive ?

excuse Erada message

hi, three questions: 1. I’ve installed free version, but loading is too long, almost 15 sec. Do you have any solution in pro version? 2. text is too small 3. can i change menu template?

1. Try using one of the caching plugins that we support: http://support.appticles.com/hc/en-us/articles/201795202-Optimizing-Cache-Plugins-for-Wordpress-Mobile-Pack

2. In PRO we can assist you in increasing the font-size.

3. What do you mean by changing the template? Do you mean the wording on it or the way it looks?

thanks for your feedback. 1. I’ve already install WP Rocket (http://wp-rocket.me) plugin, so I can’t install other cache plugin anymore. what can I do? 2. thanks 3. I need to add header, slider menu( under the header), you can refer to: http://m.ettoday.net/, can you do that? 4. In the content page, can I scroll to next page by using fingers?

1. We haven’t integrated with WP-Rocket, but I’ll ask the tech team to have a look and see if we can include it in one of the next releases.

3. That’s not possible at the moment, sorry. We can however help you with a custom app theme that would include that type of slider & menu.


Hello, I currently have a website in wordpress published on the android market (google play) I noticed that when content is shared once published on the company see this app but it creates a blank page and then crashes, and the user must exit the ‘app to unlock it. Also if shares with whatsapp is given error 404. With your pack you were these abnormal on wordpress sites published on the store? Thank you

@subitoweb Several customers have used WP Mobile Pack PRO in the scenario you described and didn’t have an issue. In any case, another option would be using our platform: http://www.appticles.com

what about custom post types, page and fields?

@TylerDeviGrey Pages are supported. Custom post types not yet.

I’ve purchased your template and can’t seem to get a newsletter subscription form to show up on any page / post no matter what I try – how do you recommend setting up a newsletter subscription form… I need this or this is useless to me.

Hi there. You can have a link that points directly to the form, outside the application. Unfortunately, we don’t currently support subscribing directly from within the application. This is a feature request we’ve working on. I suppose you’re working with MailChimp?

No I am using my own applications but have also tried Mail Chimp / Constant Contact. How can your app not support mail subscription or ANY form functionality at all? I’ve tried iFrame, Java Script, directly coding it into the webpage and nothing works.

The whole reason I purchased your template was to make a tablet app that visitors / clients at my events can subscript to our newsletter.

If you can help me with a solution to get a subscription embedded onto a page or post that’d be great. Right now not much use for an app just to display content – I would have made a mobile website myself for this.

Hopefully there is something we can do. Users cannot link directly to the form because this leaves the app and then the next user cannot get back to the app.

Hello appticles, i install your free verison of this plugin. One question: 1. For the side menu is there any possibility when i tap on the menu icon (top right of your free template) to show directly the menu pages and no the “Go To” and then when tap the “Go To” shows me the menu? Thanks

There ia a conflict, when you use Mobile Pack with the plugin “ultimate membership pro” :-( don’t show any page on mobile version.

Can you please send more details at support@appticles.com We’re mostly interested in your URL, so we can also check it and get back to a fix.

oh i found the solution: - In ultimate membership pro, there is an option in general tab: “Show hidden Pages/Posts Titles in listing:” (now is on)

:D thanks


Can you tell us about compatibilty with themes and plugins. I like it, but i know that a lot of these appmakers are not compatible with listing or directory themes.

Is this?

Hi there.

These app themes are for publishers/bloggers (as in articles/posts). If you need a listing/directory type of mobile app theme, happy to implement one as part of our premium development services.

You can reach out by e-mail to discuss more. Hope this makes sense.