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This plugin causes a redirection 301 with “wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” and does not load that file. How can i fix it? I have it with rehub theme.



By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Please drop me exact link to the issue I will check it ( Describe what I should do to get the error )

Pre purchase question: Can I use this in Homepage aswell to create a searchbar in Header with multi dropdown options based on Attributes + Search button? For esample

Brand – Model – Year – search -

How can I make the output result of the filter as a new post(or a new page) with SEO friendly URL which is permanent url and doesn’t change. For example- I have the lot of woo product in my shop. Now I applied the filter so that specific woo product appears only. Now the URL generated, I can convert it into a new post/page OR can I convert into a post with different URL (SEO friendly URL) anyway such that post/page contains those applied filters product.

Looks like you need this plugin + MDTF constant links , read more here:

I watch your video, but the solution doesn’t satisfied my need. The url is only permanent for sharing, but on clicking that url, the url get changed in the browser. With that link, I can’t make a new post or page.


Unfortunately, there is no other solution

I am having the problem of “very slow search queries”. I’ve read your recommendations here:

The problem is: I cannot find the “dynamic recount” and “hide empty terms” options under MDTF settings. In which settings tab can I find these options so that I can uncheck both of them?


On widget settings –

Is it possible to pre-populate this plugin with user_meta? For example, in your WooCommerce example site, would it be possible to automatically check the filter for “Man” if you already had that information from registration?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have such a feature. You need customization of the plugin code

Thanks for your answer! Do you think these modifications be easily accomplished by using get_user_meta? Alternatively, does your team offer development services for custom modifications?


Please write me on support(use contact form) –

Paste your message.

Hello, is it possible to display images of the taxonomies in the filter? Best regards


Unfortunately the plugin does not have such a feature. You need code customization. If you have experience in programming I can tell you how to do it

this would be nice! i think i can try it! i use the plugin taxonomy images for the images.


Can you tell me the path and file name of price range code is placed? Please see this screenshot


If you use shortcode – \plugins\meta-data-filter\views\shortcode\do_mdf_search_form.php ( )

If you use widget – \plugins\meta-data-filter\views\page\draw_front_page_items.php ( )

Is it possible to always display sticky posts at top of filter result?



Try this options –


I saw your reply above regarding automatically checking a filter option and you mentioned this is not possible here

Our team would be interested in a similar feature, that is automatically checking a filter based on a cookie. Is this something that would be possible with custom development? And do you offer such services?

Thank you.


Please write me on support –

Paste your message we will discuss this in more detail

Hey when I go with my site to mobile version, the search button is perfectly above the content but all the filters are under it (it scrolls automatically down and as I check one box it scrolls up again). Is there a way to change this I want to have it above the content under the search button? Also when I click one checkbox it automatically loads the content new, is it possible to make something like a filter button and one filter when I checked all checkboxes I want to check? The first question has higher priority and is very important! Thanks for the help


1) Please drop me exact link to the issue

2) Unfortunately the plugin does not have such a feature. You need customization of the code

See the fitler tab is under the content. Is it difficult to change that? So that the filter options are under the search button?


it does not depend on my plugin. It depends only on the current theme

Hello. 1- I tried disabling the overlay skin, chose plainOverlay and I can still see the loader. I want to hide the tax_loader.gif from showing up. how do I do that? 2- I need to change the layout of the filter as to remove the table and work on the responsiveness as to have the filter show horizontally on larger screens and vertically on smaller devices. Where do I have to change the template? 3- My filter has a city/Area/category. By default, the filter shows only the area/ category and when choosing the city it filters automatically the areas. how can I show the area filter from the beginning disabled and gets enabled after filtration?

Hi. So I tried that and didnt work. Will return back to the JS customization: where do I place that for best results? same files?

Do I add it in “JavaScript code after AJAX is done” part at the mdtf settings?


Better add your JS in theme( child-theme ) folder.

I have create my shop page and i putted the code “[mdf_results_by_ajax shortcode=”mdf_products per_page=8 columns=4 pagination=tb meta_data_filter_cat=50” animate=1 animate_target=body]” (id:50 its my MDTF Categories ID) . And i checked ( AJAX items recount ; AJAX items output) on the MDTF Widget, also i have checked (Try to make shop page AJAXED) on the MDTF Settings. When i want filter my product, he give me “No products found” !!!


Please drop me exact link to the issue

problem resolved

Your plugin came bundled with a theme that I purchased. Do you happen to have a list of freelance developers who are familiar with your plugins and can do the setup for me?


Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

Paste your message

Your plugin came free with Rehub theme.

This is a serious enquiry.

I have three numerical slider ranges. What I want to do is use ‘OR’ operator in between these numerical sliders.

Is this possible? If not, are you available for custom work?


Unfortunately the plugin does not have this feature. you need customization of the code.

Please write me on support( use contact form ) –

Sure, will do once I fix some bugs in my site!

Hi. I like your range-slider for price, but i need 3 additional range-slider: 1) for width 2)for height 3)for depth (it is furniture shop) Width, height and depth is attributes with numerical meanings like: 200, 350, 1250 etc

Is it possible to use your plugin for range-slider filtration this attributes? thank you

I searched in this comments and I seen your answers like “possible only for meta data, taxonomy – it’s impossible” But i don`t understand it. What i need? I need do 3 fields with Advanced Custom Field plugin? It will meta data? Explain more simple, please.

I watched your video and i understood. Thank. Last question i will ask on WOOF plugin page




I want to ask how can i assign MDTF categories to woocommerce product? And how to show the products based on MDTF categories in page ?


In the plugin settings – To show product use shortcode [mdf_products] with attribute meta_data_filter_cat –

Hello there, we boutght the plugin but we are stuck at fairly simple task.

We want to have multiple filters for default Wordpress categories like: offer type + listing – these both are included in WP post as categories.

So, we want first the user to select offer type from dropdown then listing city from checkbox.

We tried to use the widget but could only set one field to show up, but we want multiple. how can we acheive that?

Here is a visual reprezentation of what we want: – note that both offer type and city are set as Wordpress categories.



Please write me on support( use contact form ) – Paste your message + wp-admin access I will try to help you

I purchased the Rehub theme and download this plugin with the theme. The version of the plugin is v.2.2.4.

The problem is in range slider: header text and input fields not displayed. I found there is a topic about the same problem in Wordpress support (for the free ver). The solution is to change function in file “plugins\meta-data-filter\js\front.js” with this code. I follow the instruction and it just works for the free version. Any idea about the version 2.2.4? Thanks


Please drop me exact link to the issue I will check it

hello, i replied after your email, please now it’s your turn

I don’t know any codes, in the MDTF – WordPress Meta Data and Taxonomies Filter – easy entry – WordPress filtering it is coding work,

hello, there is no any option to have custom css, how can we style?


I answered you on email