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Hi again,

Any frontend form or frontend post (for cpt) do you recommended to us. My all author only use frontend (never access wp dashboard) and how will i use your medafi fields to display them on frontend. Maybe you should create a form just your medafi fileds for forntend… Becuse i tested all kind frontend post pluging but no one can write fields to filter from frontend. Million Thanks.


Any frontend form or frontend post (for cpt) do you recommended to us. – Unfortunately I do not know of such plugins

thanks for the idea

I’ll pass it to the developers

Hi, i use MDTF as a plugin delivered by Rehub wordPresstheme. Everything work fine thanks you your support en youtube tutorials.

But is have 2 question about translating word ‘ANY’ in the shortcode.

question 1 – In the widget i can translate ANY (see screendunp: – But in shortcode of MDTF i want to use i see no option to translate to Dutch. Do i miss something?

Does anyone know how to translate in the field label setting of the MDTF shortcode?

question 2 I don’t know which item type i have to choose for a filter for depth / height of a product. (text input?) And how to use theme in the filter. Is there a manual for these kind of filters like height, weight, depth?


1) Try on filter settings –

2) Do you mean this – Use reflection: DOCS: Now very important moment when we are talking about Price! MDTF plugin sometimes installed when site works already, and products already have prices in their meta fields. For example in woocommerce it is _price. So, to make such already defined meta keys searchable the plugin has functionality named as reflections – reflecting of value of other meta key. For using this you need in the prices html-item which we created in built-in meta data constructor check checkbox “Reflect value from meta key” and write in activated textinput near that checkbox write meta key which we want to reflect, in our case it is ‘_price’ and press button Update:

Checkboxes can be reflected with meta keys which have values as 0 or 1 only Drop-downs can be reflected with meta keys which has the same value as its drop-down <options> keys Textinput can be reflected by meta keys with any text values Calendars doesn works with reflections at all!

Hi, I use your plugin with Rehub. Filter widget desappeared if I select a category or a tag. How can I fix this bug? Thank you Marco

Hello Marco

By Envato rules support is there where you bought the plugin, please write on support of wp theme you bought …

Please drop me exact link to the issue

Hello! I wrote to you before the New Year in the support service about this problem: You promised to solve it, but it’s been 4 months already, and nobody remembers this problem. I would like to understand, it will be resolved and for how long? Many thanks!


Yes, I remember that. We have it in the list “To do”. But with a low priority (so it was appreciated by the developers) In any case, this will be fixed in the next update

Thank you!

Приветствую! Подскажи пожалуйста: Я на странице поиска, по выбранным параметрам настроил быстрые фильтры (чтобы в сайдбаре по клику на ссылку(результат поиска)) вызвать сразу нужный результат. Этот урл (результат поиска добавил в постоянную ссылку). Например я настроил 3 ссылки по фильтрам (А,Б,С,Д,Е): первый А, Б второй С, Д, третий E.

Все работает, все отлично. Но теперь такая ситуация: у меня кардинально сменилась структура фильтра E, он был такой – а будет такой – И конечно я должен заново сформировать урл результата поиска, сделать с него постоянную ссылку. Вопрос – после смены фильтра Е, будут ли корректно работать остальные сформированные результаты поиска? По логике должны, но я то их формировал когда при совсем других двух фильтрах – Это очень важно, так как там титанический труд ручной все это заново перебить и прописать в исходниках. Надеюсь понятно объяснил.


Вопрос не в самих фильтрах. А в значениях. По сути постоянные ссылки хранят поисковый запрос( а не состояние фильтра ). Если Все значения останутся прежними( и соответствовать продуктам ) это должно работать. Если Вы создали новые значения в фильтре- тогда ссылка будет показывать правильный результат но это не отобразится на фильтре( не будет отмечен чекбокс например )

В любом случае это следует проверить( сделайте бэкап базы данных и Ваш труд не пропадет при любом исходе )

Hi, I am contacting you on behalf of one of my clients. I want to filter the woocommerce product price. I also want to filter the country, language and seller online status. These filters will live on a dokan plugin seller dashboard page. Is it possible to filter the products of the sellers with the data about their country, language and online status on the dashboard.

If possible, will you please tell me how can I do it?

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.


I can not give you an exact answer. A lot depends on how and where these data are stored. ( as meta-data or taxonomy ) these data must be associated with the product and not to the seller


online status is not filterable, and countries should be as taxonomies also as an languages

Приветствую! Подскажите пжлста, можно ли вывести в виджете категорию товара с подкатегориями? Вот настроил – но отображается только родительские рубрики – спорт и классика. Причем если нажимаешь на спорт, то показываются подрубрики и идет сразу фильтрация по ним. Мне нужно чтобы сразу по клику отображался товар принадлежащий категории


Попробуйте эту опцию –

Hello, Can I give you details of my site then you setup the plugin to search content of my site for a payment? if so, please give me your support email address.


I answered you on email

Hello! Plugin MDTF конфликтует с plugin Gravity Forms.

System Status page: cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 2001 milliseconds with 0 bytes received

If your plug-in is deactivated, then there is no error. How can this be remedied? Thank you very much for your answer.


Пожалуйста напишите мне в поддержку –

Дайте доступы на сайт, чтобы я мог повторить эту ошибку

I am sorry! I am sorry! I do not know why, but it all worked on another hosting. Most likely the problem is not in your plugin. Many thanks for the prompt reply.


ok! Welcome;)


There is possible to do the follow with your plugin?

- I need a main page with a list with many cities; – After user click on city name, it will open a sub page related with that city, with a list of local business companies; – Each business must have two or three buttons each, each one must redirect to an external URL when clicked, or even better, that external URL must be opened in a iframe, so when user decide to choose another company, that list of companies and URLs are easy to choose, or even for a city change.

Do you think your plugin can be used for that?


Unfortunately no

hi i cant achieve what im trying to do need your help guys

i want to create a car dealers ships where you choose brand :audi, vw,honda…. after you choose this a secondary selct box of models is updating according to what you selcted in first drop down

a third selct box of car year is updated also

my car brands are post categories and the brands is a taxnomie which ive creted inside post alos year is a taxnimie

i can make it be dynamic according to car brand please help thanks


Please check settings( widget/shortcode ) –

If no luck – write me on support –

Paste your message + wp-admin access

didnt work im writing you a pm


Ok! I answered you

Добрый день! Использую тему Rehub 7.5.1 + MDFT 2.2.4(в комплекте с темой) + Wpallimport. PHP version 7.2.5, WordPress Version 4.9.5. Задачи проекта сортировка и фильтрация актуальных событий. Настроил фильтры MDFT используя Calendar в том числе. С помощью Wpallimport, во время настройки импорта событий, определяю custom fields для подстановки в них даты (Дата в формате 24/08/2018 преобразую ее в формат Юникоде т.к. MDFT понимает только в таком формате ). Получается такая конструкция: medafi_5af0b03b06c86_from = {_date1} medafi_5af0b03b06c86_to = {_date2} После импорта событий, если зайти в пост, MDFT показывает дату заполненную в нужном месте, фильтрует и выдает по датам сортировку событий. Но заметил неприятную особенность. Если длительность События один день, т.е. {_date1} = {_date2} , То на фронтенде, когда по фильтру выставляю эти даты, MDFT ничего не находит и выдает Items 0. Просьба уточнить  1. В чем может быть дело на ваш взгляд? Как сейчас можно исправить эту ситуацию? 2. Было бы здорово в настройках MDFT Calendar иметь возможность подстановки в него custom field, иметь возможность “Reflect value from meta key”. MDFT очень нравится и не хотелось бы от него отказываться в пользу других плагинов.



Я Вам ответил на email

Dear Sir,

I have a bi-lingual website created by businessfinder from this website:

I would like to buy your Taxonomy plugins to replace the current theme filter

Can I use your plugins to replace it?

I would like to filter the following terms:

-Date of creation of post/item (Newest or Oldest) -Random -Price (highest or lowest) -Most viewed Items (Most or Least viewed) -Title of Items (Descendent or Ascendent order) -Filter only an item category, for example, Foods, Jobs, etc. so that I can create that filter only for a specific category on a custom page. etc.

Please let me know if your premium plugins can do all the above mentioned.


Thanks. Its cool.

What is about how the items are displayed? Is it possible to display them as default layout, and use your plugins in to filter them?

Cheers Thon


You will need customization of the code. Read this please –

its very good. I will buy your plugins and test it soon.

Hi, I try to display widget filters to only one category, and I drag tag “in_category”, selected category I want to attach, and choose “Show widget if ANY active conditional tag returns TRUE ( logical OR), but it doesn’t work?


You’re right, it’s not from your plugin, sorry! Does your plugin have such or similar function, or can you suggest a plugin for that?

Hi team, I would like to use MDTF as a widget for left sidebar on main page. The problem is moving it from right side to left makes page either blank or hides recent posts widget (is it even right to use this widget on page set as ‘static’?) on the left and doesn’t show at all. I think my theme (OceanWP) or general page settings might be the issue since changing those made the MDTF hide and show depending on settings (although never on the left side) . My current setting is main page being static and ‘Encyklopedia’ sub-page is new posts page (and after some sorting out it works perfectly). I also tried using plugin faking adding extra bar in the middle, but it won’t work. In addition I use plugin for hiding widgets on selected sites, but I doubt it makes problems since it works properly troughout. My domain is Cheers, Paw.

Hello Paw

I do not think it depends on my plugin. Try to install this tool – and check errors


WHEN I add MDTF widget to the sidebar. Is it possible to hide some Filter sections ? As now, when an user choose a Filter category at font page, all filter sections will display, what I want is hide some filter sections.

My site works like this: City A (is a MDTF filter): has 6 filter sections but 3 sections are about JOBs and 3 sections are about CARs

So on JOBs page, I want display 3 sections about jobs and on the CARs page, I want display 3 filter section about cars – when user choose City A.

If can’t hide the filter section like above, I have create City A multiple time to do my works Thanks

Please let me known if I can do it for pro version only



Check option –

I saw the screenshot but still don’t understand and don’t known how to display MDTF categories as drop down like in MDTF widget.

My “Post Type” is “Post” only and I have checked “Categories” option but there isn’t any drop down box at front-end display.

In MDTF widget, I can display multiple MDTF categories as drop down menu. Then when we choose a MDTF category, its sections with filter option will display.

Please advice! Thanks


Please drop me screenshots of the shortcode settings

hi thanks for all your help im trying to make a free text search is theres a way to make it with your plugin or do i need to use a plugin for that



Create a text filter –

AND you can use it in shortcode –

If no luck – Write me on support ( use contact form ) – Paste your message

Добрый день! Подскажите как установить фильтра на всех страницах, кроме singl post в header? А на странице category с автоопределением фильтром этой категории? Спасибо!


Прочитайте это пожалуйста – +

Чтобы скрыть на странице. Можешь использовать эту опцию –

Спасибо! Но если я фильтрую посты а не продукты , (т.е. без woocommerce) запись !isset($_REQUEST[‘MDF_IS_WOO_CAT’]) как поменяется в этом случае?


Вам надо немного кастомизировать этот код. Например – использовать – is_category()

И это должно работать с обычными записями


I created search function, it worked very well before but today I check again and it does not work, I check everything carefully but can’t find the reason, please help me fix this issues:

I am being crazy with this strange error

I can send the Admin info to you to login and check.



Please drop me screenshots of the mdtf settings ( shortcode )

Describe what I should do to get the error

Thanks for reply

I just created a test site and see that the search function works on sidebar but does not work when I put the search shortcode into the page.

Please check demo at here: When search on the left sidebar, it works When search on the search box above content list, it does not work.

Here is the screenshot of shortcode setting page

The page back-end screenshot:


it looks like you’re using a paid version

Write me please from account where you bought the plugin

Hi I am using REHUB theme and REHUB theme has a a visual composer module to display post as a list, but it does not support MDTF seach function.

Here is the simplelist php file

Could you please help to make a MDTF template from file above?

I need a MDTF template for the search shortcode works above the post list.

If it not too easy and take sometime to create, please let me known the price

Thanks Hai


Use a shortcode [mdf_custom] + mdtf templates –

Read this please –