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You are my idol. One year ago looking for something like that. thank you very much. :sunglasses2:

Hmm, Did not even know about it =) inserted in next ipdate 1.0.2, Thanks …

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.

Great!!!! :)

Hi there :) Before I buy this plug have some question :) 1. Have option to auto search complete ? 2. Have a chance to do something for the big url which we are see in the browser ? 3. If I understand correct we can say for the plugin also custom taxonomy filter ?

Regards David

Super ! Then buying in sunday :) Okay ! And one more question :) I need plugin something like Ajax Content Navigator for WordPress ! Can you do it ? And how much will cost ?

Regards David

Ok… about ajax plugin I will think, but better write me specification, all you want and how you see it, . – here is contact form, write in here =)

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.

Will this plugin work on my website theme, Plz Check for custom categories and taxonomies and can this be made in horizontal layout?

Hello. Unfortunately not. All data like ‘STARTING COST PER PLATE: 200’ is already in system and cant be view by the plugin+layout of wp theme + ajax – it is all need to be tested with plugin. I think for this custom system it is nessesary to make ‘custom search system’.

Ok then does this plugin support custom post type and taxanomies for a search filter i can make use of it in a sidebar.

Yes, sure, but I think you will need a little customization for results output template. The plugin works well if your theme has such layouts for example. If you now thats your theme has such layout pages as on the demo – then no problem…

Conditional options, it would take! :) I have A and B, if A then I can choose D or F

Hi. On front? You mean such scenary: I have A, if A is not checked or selected – D and F are hidden and is not involved in finding, if A is checked D and F appears but while not checked they are not involved in finding, but already after checking A I have ability to check it? In such case A is like a parent for D and F in constructor. Do I understand correctly, or confused? =)


In ver1.0.2 I will make it for checkboxes…

Anything else I need to know. I have some code to call the search form apart from the widget? It can be a shortcode or php code?

I was investigating because Visualcomposer not recognized as Widget, it would be very good recognize!

Yes, I am just going to make shortcodes to insert in content, it will be in 1.0.2 ver…

I saw you made an upgrade, could know the changes included? Thank you very much

  • - fixed js bug in backend for html elements while filter constructing
  • - css of ui slider on front a little fixed
  • - added ‘Act without pressing filter button’
  • - added text inputs for ui sliders on front

Do you need info which files where edited?

I just purchased the plugin and installed it and it broke my site. I had to deactivate the plugin and reset my permalinks to get my product category pages back.

I am using a WooThemes theme (Canvas) and WooCommerce.

Do I have to re-enter all the categories and attributes from each product go get this thing to work?

The update helped a LOT!! I am having trouble setting the correct output post template.

I can help you with it, please send me your wp theme as zip archive to my email, I will experiment with it =)

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.

Great plug-in! I just purchased the plugin and I have a couple of questions.

1) Is it possible to hide the options that are not being used. For example in a real estate: If I set my locations to the following cities: Minneapolis, New York and Chicago, but at the moment I don’t have any properties in Chicago. I’d rather that the search form only display Minneapolis and New York.

2) How can I display the meta data filter options that are being created in my template so I don’t have to add new custom fields with the same data and effectively I have to insert it twice? Something like: <?php get_field('field_name'); ?>


Hello! Try v.1.0.2, Taxonomies added. 1- yes, 2 – yes,

MetaDataFilter::get_field($key, $post_id = 0, $look_for_reflection = false);
look at doc!/section_7

Looks great realmag777 I’ll give it a try.

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.

Hi I can not view the products when I try and filter them, I only get posts.

I changed the filter settings so “Supported item types” is set at product, but can not figure out what has been done wrong.

the website is blocked for public, but if you have an email address can I send you the login information, if you want to see the problem.

Thanks, it worked :)

You are welcome =)

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.

Can I use this plugin just with Wordpress? I’ve an cooking recipe site and want to filter recipes by custom taxonomies (ingredients, cuisine, etc.) and meta-fields (cooking time).

Meta fields already hardcoded and displayed on recipe page. Will I be able to integrate a plugin to my environment?

Vu ge Ukrainec?

Ja navernoe ne pravilno vurazil musl. Sajt na Wordpress. Nugno integrirovat v tekushie realii filtraciyu. Kak ponal, WooCommerce eto opcionalnaya poddergka.

Kak but s tekushimi polyami meta-boxa? Ih mogni ispolzovat ili nugno sozdavat novue cherez plagin?

Kirilica ne rabotaet.write here:

Da, ya s Nikolaeva. Ya kak raz otvechal na etot vopros =) Vot screen otveta, teksta mnogo:

Screen in text: (

Sut texta o tom chto data kotoraya est perevoditia cherez reflections v novie polia. Sozdaiom novoe, ispolzuem staroe tolko v udobnom formate

Hi realmag777,

thank you a lot for this great plugin, it works very well and has a lot of possibilities! :-)

I appreciate especially the conditional options which are working currently with taxonomies. Are you planning a similar feature for the meta data? That would be absolutely awesome and in my opinion a great further development! :-)

Also radio buttons would be a nice feature …

Thanks again for your good work and kind regards, phonix

Hi realmag777,

thanks again for your quick reply! :-)

Sounds like a lot of very interesting ideas – and a lot of work …! ;-) I wish you every success in implementing all of them and I’m very pleased that you have taken my suggestion to the list.

So now I’m curious about the new features and look forward to the updates …

Thanks so much and kind regards, phonix

Thank you a lot =)

Hello. It is going to be new update of the plugin. Please after update press save button in the plugin widget! It is important for new functionality.


Your plugin looks very promising. I need to clarify a few things before purchasing however. What I’m looking for is basically a widget I can put in the sidebar that is range slider, similar to the price slider that other plugins and themes have, but instead of the price I want it to filter the products through another category or attribute according to the range slider.

Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks!

Hello. In data constructor you can create a lor of range sliders and set for each range, for example from 10 to 1000 Range sliders works only with numbers! After creating you have to go to all posts which you want to make searchable and in meta box of each posts set values for each created range slider After that go to widgets and drop Meta Data Filter widget to the sidebar. Thats all. But remember – range slider works only with numbers. Example of filter with range sliders loook here:

Of course you can use taxonomies too in one time with range sliders, but they can be only as drop-down and checkboxes

Okay, that makes sense! Thank you for the response. I’ll look into it!

Hi there, I am interested in your plugin, I have 3 x questions:

1) does it work in single product pages, home page etc?

2) is there an option to show taxonomies in line / horizontal as opposed to vertical, as I want to show it below the menu full width?

3) I am not sure if you use ajax but in case you do is there an option to disable it? Asking this because I have tried a free ajax based search plugin and it breaks some stuff… Thanks, alkhor.

Hello. Decided to test it for your plugins requirements, results are here =) No error with player, and works well in Uber Menu, but range slider need a lot of custom css… It works =)

Hi, thanks I will email you later ;)

You are welcome =)

Hi realmag777

I’d like to know if it’s possible for this to work with wp e-commerce also? I’m just now starting a client’s site and and leaning on that more than woocommerce…

Hello. If e-commerce keeps options data in meta wordpress fileds – yes. In general, the plugin was originally designed for any environment… Meta fileds and taxonomies is in woo and in e-commerce …

Hi realmag777

I purchased your plugin, it seems to be what i need, but i have problem with setting up search page, can you help me? my web site is


i have sent you an email with files

Hello. Yes, I got the mail. I will write on email about results …

ok, i will be waiting

Hi Realmag

Just bought your plugin but when I try to install the plugin I get the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nfs/home/deb72222n3/domains/ on line 628

Do you know how to solve this?

Thanks! Max

Hello! I just came. I have one version – maybe the plugin lies in such manner: plugins/meta-data-filter/meta-data-filter/ and wp engine cant find index.php or meta-data-filter.php.

Try to do next: - start ftp client and enter to the folfer plugins in your wp - remove the plugin - go to http://your_site/wp-admin/plugins.php or refres page if you are there - upload the plugin trough ftp, but do it right:plugins/meta-data-filter/index.php, must be so - refresh http://your_site/wp-admin/plugins.php

It works: thanks!

You are welcome …


I am trying to filter Tags and Categories from Woocommerce, these are being recognized in the Taxonomies options of the widget area when assigning them to a sidebar.

When I save and go to the page I cannot get them to appear. Is there something that should be done in order for these filters to appear?

Hello. Just create filter with one html item ‘taxonomy’, or add to one if you have it already ( After that go to widget and select category of that filter And one more, if you want to use only taxonomies without meta check this box , it is need for logic

Thanks, had not noticed the taxonomy option. Working perfect

Update to 1.0.3…. you are welcome =)

Hi, I seem to have a similar problem to the one above (the filter widget not showing taxonomies). Unfortunately, the first 2 links to clip2net render a 404 page. What I have is a jobs site. I entered one taxonomy in ‘MDF Categories’. After that, the widget recognizes and correctly counts all taxonomies. But after clicking ‘Save’, the widget doesn’t show any taxonomy. I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere, but I don’t know what.

As a side note: you might want to extend and/or rewrite your documentation, because I think it’s not very clear on adding this plugin to a site with existing custom post types, taxonomies, categories etc.

Hello. Yes you are right, I add to doc decription how to work with taxonomies only:!/section_4 Screen:

This guy is unbelievable! I wasn’t able to configure the plugin by myself so I sent a email to the author asking for some help. He completely installed, configured and styled (css) the plugin for me for a very small fee. Can’t say how much I appreciate your help mate. I would recommend you and your plugin to everyone!

Many thanks! Max

Thanks, You are welcome =)

Plugin seems to be what i need. Lets say there is a category with name “Red”. I would like if i click the “Red” checkbox auto selected and expanded if its parent item. Is this possible?

Hello! No, but you can emulate this in such manner: in widget select red category, copy from browser link, and insert into menu or where you want.

Now it is not very convinient (big link), but in 1.0.4 (will on friday) plugin will have such functionality as marketing short links . – example.

Any way data keeps in GET array, and it is not possible simply by category force to show something …