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efromdc Purchased

hey. About a year ago I asked if you could create a feature that allows you to set up a master menu and push that menu to all other subsites in a multisite environment, changing the paths as it gets to each site.

Did you ever do this?



Hello, on some simple research on your issue I found this https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/multisite-shared-menu/ which I think it solves your issue. Also if you don’t want to share the menu I think you can just duplicate a menu with my plugin and use it in that place. How does that sounds?


efromdc Purchased

Multisite shared menu (which I have) does NOT solve the issue which is why I was asking you to update your plugin so that you can

1) push new menus to other / all sites in your network

2) make sure that the menus are relative to their sites (if menu “home” exists on the menu, the menu path should include the /subsite/ instead of the /source/ site

Can you update please?


efromdc Purchased


Hello. Does your plugin allow bulk export? I have 7 menus I want to export. Can I export all 7 at once in one file? Or do I need to individually export each one and import each one? Thanks.

I see. Thank you for letting me know. Do you have any plans to add a bulk export/import function in a future update?

The functionality is simple the problem is that probably the import will run for a long time. And that can create problems for some settings. Anyway I don’t think that will save very much time. Maybe just above 20-30 menus

I can see how that makes sense. Yeah, I’m not worried about individually exporting my 7 menus. Thanks again. Your plugin will surly save me time! There’s no other plugin like this out there. I searched for a long time.


miclub Purchased

I have just purchased and installed WP Menus Management Plugin. The export tool works. The import is not working. No errors are given but the menu is not created.

Hello. Can you please send me your export file to catalin[at]wpfw.net? I will take a look.

This plugin is compatible with Uber Menu. Curious if it can support Liquida LMM Menu (also 4 sale on Envato)? I’d like to know or test before finalizing my purchase. Thank you!

I didn’t test yet, but if you want pls send me a private message i will send you a copy of the plugin and if it works you can buy the license.

Hi there,

please disregard previous message. The plugin is working perfectly. Thanks so much, it got me out of a tight spot!


Great plugin, got me out of a tight spot and saved me a lot of work!

I’m glad to hear that :)


i have installed your plugin into a website, bau i cannot see the import export menu options in appearence – menus.

Do you know if there is any plugin problem?

tha website is http://ggshop1.equality.gr/


please check the page display settings, it’s a button on top right corner of the screen

thanks a lot

Small question; If i would export a menu at www.domain.com (1st WP install) and import it into a different wordpress install at www.domain.com/other-install/. And i would import the menu from domain.com into a menu at domain.com/other-install/, will this affect the permalink structure using this plug-in? I’m hoping that the import will keep the link intact linking towards domain.com/page/ instead of domain.com/other-install/page … Could you confim this? (the menu’s has Custom links, Page links, (custom) category links, etc.)

NO. unfortunately it will update the base url with your new installation

To make this plugin compatible with non-standard WordPress installs such as Bedrock(https://roots.io/bedrock/), you might consider updating your get_wp_path() function to use ABSPATH:

function get_wp_path($filename) {
  return ABSPATH.$filename;

Ok, thank you! I will include it in next update

I exported a menu but when I imported there were no child categories only parent ones.

can you please send me an email with your export file at catalin[at]wpfw.net?

Thank you. Email sent


On your site you say the plugin is 10$, but I see here it’s 12…

On the main image you say also the updates and support are free, but I see here they’re renewable for 3$ per 6 months…

How do things stand ?

Thank you.

yes that page is old, i will update, the support cost is envato policy, i will offer support to everyone regardless.

Hello, I’ve installed and exported menu from the live site, and uploaded to development site. The upload is reporting the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘google’ (T_STRING) in /home/miromedi/public_html/bbf-staging/wp-content/plugins/wpfw_menus_management.1.6/wpfw_menus_management.php(693) : eval()’d code on line 12622

Just done.

Hello, any more update on this?

Sent you a new version.

Hi, for some reason I am not able to import any menu back

please ignore the above, it was just a persistent cache issue

I am also wondering about the ability to on a wordpress install with multi sites to copy a menu from one site to another. I would purchase the plugin if that was available


qemweb Purchased

Hello, the options screen doesn’ t work, it won’t show the options, when i deactivate you plugin and go back to appearance>menu the option screen works fine !!

Help me please.


WPFW Author

can you please tell me what WordPress version do you have?

Hi, I’m looking to edit wordpress menus offline then reupload with changes, would I able to see the menu txt format somewhere before purchasing? If not, could you tell me how complicated it would be? Thanks a lot.

Hello, Does this work with Wordpress 4.7? Thanks, Q