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I have two sites in two folder on a domain. e.g. example.com/network and example.com/jobs . I’ve setup some links to custom url which refers to source site from where I’m exporting e.g. example.com/network/abc When I import it in example.com/jobs then these are getting converted to example.com/jobs/abc.

Please let me know if you can help with it. Thanks

What I understand is that the links which must be replace and the ones you want to keep have the same prefix. In that case I don’t think there’s any way to stop them being replaced.

ugh- Is this why I couldn’t get the plugin to work on Multi Site? Your change log V1.2 in 2014 says you added Multi Site support, but your comment 8 months ago says it does not work in Multi Site. Can I get a refund? ” WPFW AUTHOR 8 months ago Flag Hello. The plugin doesn’t work for multisite. The code you are talking about is because posts and pages must be imported as well on the new website if aren’t already created. Hope that make sense.”

please create a refund and I’ll approve it

Hi, WPFW, I’m currently looking at your product in order to sync a menu built with custom links to other sites. Does your plugin allow this kind of method ? Regards, Paul

Yes it should keep the custom links

Should ;) OK, I gave it a go. Thanks for your work (keep fingers crossed) !

Aaaand… it dit ! Thanks a lot, saved my day, my week, and maybe my next monthes. 5 stars !

Hi, very good job.

One question: I have wordpress 4.9.4 installed and PHP 7 version / your plugin would work correctly?

I wait attentively to be able to buy

Greetings Toni

Sorry for delay. Yes should work.

Thanks, I’ll buy it … any questions I’ll contact. regards

ReferenceError: columns is not defined. This error comes up in the console every time I try to import a menu. How can I fix this? Please help ASAP. Thanks.


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Ok, no reply from you in almost a month time, so I’m demanding my money back which I payed for this useless plugin.


WPFW Author

Make a refund request and I’ll aprove it