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WordPress Menufication

Hello, I’m using a WordPress Theme (TOP NEWS) which came with Wordpress Menufication Plugin. The Plugin works and looks great but doesn’t work on Blackberry Passport. Do I need to adjust any of the settings to make this work or would any of the Add On fix the problem? Thanks

I want to change the color of the menu button. Is this possible. I also want to be able to add a hover color to the menu items so when a user clicks on a menu item, there is a feedback letting the user know which item they clicked on.

Let me know.

Thanks! Paul

Pre-sales question – any SEO implications with using off-canvas navigation?

I wanted to know if it was possible to not have the menu show the current active page and have everything collapse? Also how can I add hover effects on the menu items? Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi there, does this work with X theme?

Does not work for Blackberry 10 browsers or IE mobile. Developer looks to have ceased development. Buyer beware.

hello, when i enable this plugin, my google ads won’t work anymore on mobile, can u please advise? Here’s the link to my site: http://goo.gl/XMZGSL


Is it possible to place the SEARCH function in the menu bar, without ‘hiding’ it in the menu?

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks!

Hi, i have a problem with your great plugin…

when the #app-side-menu-btn is clicked, a fullscreen appear, with a background-color, z-index and overflow-hidden. Now, i want to close the side menu BOTH from #app-side-menu-btn AND from #overlay!!!

How can I do? Could you kindly help me?


I just bought your Menufication plugin and i cant get it to work. I am using Ithemes builder and no matter what i do the plugin isnt working.

Could you help me some how??

Im trying to get the menu on the left sidebar to be in my menuification menu http://myim.club/dashboard/

thanks Kieron

All features work well, however when I set my logo to a link, for example my homepage, it gives me a 404 Error. Is there a correct way to link your homepage to the logo?


The way this plugin works, with javascript, the DOM reloads after the script has done its job. We display advertising on our websites, and thanks to this behaviour the ads get loaded twice, so it takes a lot longer before the ads display.

Is there any way I can set up my theme in such a way that the javascript does not have to rearrange the DOM?

does the author still support this plugins? Want to purchase this but don’t see any reply on comments section.


I just added a Top-Level page with no children, but my Menufication menu still shows a ”+ sign” next to this Nav Item. Is there a way to remove this, since there is nothing to toggle?


I want to buy a plugin, but I’m reading in forums on the internet that this plugin depricate

Demo goes to a 404 ! Thought you should know. Tak P.S. Been to your country… Sweden rocks! Svenska System Bolaget ! ;-)

8 (from West Australia)

hello i purchased and installed the plugin, is not active. i’ve also choose primary menu from the dropdown in your plugin. but no menu appears different than before. can you please help ? thanks eugenio

hi plugin does not work support does not exist can you please help or refund? thanks