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Congrats on launching this plugin!

Can I see a working LIVE DEMO? Also, is it possible for you to add the ability for users to HOTLINK IMAGES, rather than put load on the hosting server?

You must also have the option to crop and scale down images, and to accept images only in certain formats like jpeg..


Can we also rename ‘Image of the day’ to ‘Best Graphic shared today’ with the time until which it is valid as the day is not over yet?

Thanks for the interest. Yes you can use whatever title you want for the sections, Image of the day, or Video of the day are just references for the shortcodes. LIVE DEMO coming soon. Regards


I am also interested in your plugin, please let us know when you have a working demo to see the gallery wall itself. Also Can you add the items in the drop down like” video of the day” into standard WordPress nav menu using shortcodes or adding the pages with shortcodes? Not sure if it is utilizing shortcodes to generate the pages containing the gallery content

demo site and video are coming soon this week, thanks for the interest

Is the demo up and running?


I have a pre-sale questions: Can I customized the form? I only want the form to show Upload Image, Title, Category, Tags. If is possible to upload multiple images?


not at this stage, you can upload 1 image per user, regarding customizing the form not at this point too, we will consider that for future releases. Regards

I am having trouble with this plugin. It is creating problems with the layout in my theme. Particularly, it is causing my navbar to disappear with the my responsive theme – Renown. When the plugin is deactivated, everything is fine. As soon as I turn it on – all sorts of layout issues. Please help.

Hi dear zerofractalmiami,

I really liked this plugin and bought it immediatly. I think you’re gonna sell a lot of this :)

Now, I have installed plugin, and create my pages with related shortcodes and all was perfectly fine and easy.

But still I need your help as I need your support concerning these two questions:

1. I would like to make the gallery page (where uploaded images are shown) only available to my website “registered users” (and invisible to “non-registred visitors”.) ?s this possible? If yes, which code must I add , and in which php file exactly? Thanks a lot.

2. Although I have chosen “Date Picker Language” to my language, it is shown still in english. And as I couldnt found any Po Mo files, I was wondering how can I translate it to my language. Can you please help me on that too?

Your support is very much appreciated. So thanks a lot in advance.

I also have another question: As none of them are shown in Media gallery, neither on Lightbox: “Why in the form there are these questions to be filled? : 1)Description 2)Category 3)Tags 4)Date captures 5)Where was captured 6) Email. Can you please explain to me why are these questions asked, if the responses are not visible to anybody in the Gallery part? Is there a way to make it visible to people visiting Media gallery ? Or in the Lightbox maybe? Thanks.


Have any option available in your plugin to upload video from computer not vimeo and youtube. Actuall I need to upload video from user computer also.

If any solution regarding this please confirm me.


Dear author, can you please tell me why is there a “Category” option while we upload files, when there’s no possiblity to “filter or sorting all media, according to those categories” in this plugin? Where is the utility? I would like my visitors to be able to view images & videos, according to their Category where they belong. Can you please help me to do this? If you could answer to my questions, I would be verry very happy! :)

can this plugin be by: uploading the photos or video and showing them live immediately in gallery, please let me know?

are paginations?

why do you hardly answer your customer’s questions? It’s too bad customer service seems to start out so bleak as if they were asking the world of bothering to know about your product?


great plugin!

A pre-sale question:

Does it integrate facebook video as well?


Is it working with the latest WP ?

Will it work on wordpress 4.9.4 on windows server?