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Really good idea but before I could buy it I would need it to be customisable so that you add extra events and schedule when they begin and end. This way you could have Christmas, Mothers day etc . 8-)



Hi Paul,

Thank you for your interest in Magic Backgrounds. Don’t worry, next week will be available Magic Backgrounds v2.0 with a set of extra events and also few improvements.

Best, Shanon

Can this plugin do posts to have background on tags or words as f.e. love, Cars, Fashion … etc?

No, I’m afraid not. It changes the background of your website or blog according to the current season and current holiday or special event if declared.

Ok this is random but do you have a plug-in for for your menu on your main website? I am in love with it.

I think I do not understand the question.


Hi, it is awesome idea… I have a question, please: would be possible to add also “day/night” background changing feature. My client wants to make a website that the background changes depending of the time of the day (day/night) and also depending of the season. Please, let me know if this would be possible. Thank you

Yes it can be done. We’ll have this in mind for future releases

Guys are you still supporting this plug in?

Absolutely nigos. Do you hve any problem with it?

Is it possible to add a klickable link to thebackground image?