perfectpoint does not currently provide support for this item.

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This is Awesome !!!Thank’s a lot

Is there still support for this plugin?


Yes, sure. I am here for support.

Is the plugin ok for the latest version of wordpress? Also the reason why I asked about support was because the preview redirects to a blank page? Anyway I’ll return later for a purchase because I like the replies, support and comments you return to your customers.

Good luck with your sales

This simply replaces the standard Wordpress Login, should work with any theme? Or any theme that does not change the login or which one would over-ride?

It just changes login screen & works with any theme. Yes, this one will over-ride if any theme changes login screen.

Is there a reason this plugin has not been updated for almost 2 years? I purchased this previously and it concerns me that there could be security issues down the road? Please advise, thanks.

What is the warning message? Can you send me? Yes, I can fix that.

There is no warning message. I am asking why the plugin has not been updated for almost 2 years. Does this plugin need to updated at some point?

Don’t need update. It is working perfectly. :)

Just wondering if the page is responsive… hmm. Update as some kind of warranty would be good.

Yes, it is responsive.

Hello, does it support captcha plugis, will they show after I install this plugin? Thank you

Yes it supports captcha plugins.

Hello :) i have a small question. I need register on www, but this must have few more fields. Not only NAME and EMAIL but i need : gender (best to choose one), name, second name and BOX to confirm regulamin. Your plugin can make this ??

Hi, is this plugin integrated with woocommerce? And is there an option to add additional fields for registration? Thanks.

I like this plugin – great price and easy to use – up and running in minutes. One thing I would like to see to make it even better: have an option to make the “Login area background” transparent.

I need a bit changes in login screen to allow me add a text & icons, something like that one below: