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Good Day!
Pre-purchaser here. :)
Some facts:
1. I have wordpress site.
2. It contains 5 pages
3. Every page has its own unique owner/user/operator.
As I understood, if visitor will activate the chat, all of my 5 owners of their pages, will see the user’s question? They will act as operators, but for the whole site and not for “the specific page”. If someone will ask a question, it will be visible for all operators (if they are online of course).
Is there any way to make plugin work on those 5 pages, but separately/independently? So that if I’m on page 1 chatting about my secrets with an owner of that page > an owner of page 3 won’t see the conversation.
An independent chat so to say. :)
Hope it makes sense
Thank you for your time :)

Is there a way to add the emails to a subscriber list like mailchimp?

Hi, I’m having some problems with the plugin. Messages are not being uploaded on the admin site (wordpress dashboard). Can you please help me.

Hi there,

I’ve just submitted an update to fix that issue – it should be processed within the next day or two.

The update has now been approved – you simply need to unzip the plugin’s *.zip file and overwrite the wp-content/plugins/visitorchat directory with the new version via FTP.

Please note, after the update you need to go to the VisitorChat settings and hit save (to flush the caches).

Is the “Chat” plugin able to…

1) – Keep a transcription of the chat ?

2) – Allow files to be uploaded to the admin ? If yes, can we restrict the file types and sizes ?

3) – Optimized for front-end use on a mobile phones or tablets by the visitor ?

4) – Does it have an audible alert for new chats or visitors?

5) – Does it have an email function if admin is not available?

6) – Can it handle between 40 and 80 “admin operators” ?

7) – Will it alert an operator even if the browser window is closed ?

8 ) – How is this different than the “Uber Chat” plugin ?

I like this plugin and am going to bookmark it.

Why is the plugin ” no longer supported ” ?

How stable has it been for most buyers ?

1) – Yes, chats are logged in the admin back-end. But they can’t be automatically emailed.

2) – No.

3) – No, but the other “UberChat” items are. But make sure you’re happy with how the interface responds to smaller devices.

4) – Yes, but only if the browser window doesn’t have focus.

5) – Yes.

6) – No. If you’re looking at 40-80 operators, you’re likely having several thousands of users active at any one time. If that’s really the sort of traffic you’re facing then you should outsource your chat to a SaaS infrastructure.

7) Only if the Windows client is running.

8) UberChat is a complete re-write with additional functionality.

Support: there is no hands-on support but any non-individual issues are fixed via updates.

Make sure you have a proper look at the demo and also with a mobile device.

Hi there

I have this plugin but bought through my work account (forgotten password) so it wont show up as having purchased it but ive got a question about it if thats ok…

Our hosts have noticed there are a lot of requests on the server by this plugin, is there a way to limit those as we are getting very close to the limit as per thier fair usage policy. Unfortunately the client whose site it is does not want to upgrade their hosting so we are trying to explore other avenues. Its a really good plugin so we dont want to change it if possible!

thanks K

Ps i can provide purchase code if required to show we have purchased this item!!

I need a online chat for my website. Is there any chat plug in that comes with mobile application that allows me to download in My Iphone and be able to receive messages and see when a person Is on my website.. Thanks in advance!

Hi Presale question here

1. Can this be trigger by a link? 2. Does it have a option to block annoying user 3. Does it have a Desktop Notifications, for us not to always open-up a browser 4. Does it support mobile user


hi, could you give me a hint on how to add another field on the enquiry. thanks

Hello, presale question. Is Windows 10 supported?

Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

Is it possible? How to? I wanted to see how it would look like when embed inside a page. I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

Hi, I’m having a problem with desktop app ,i ran it for the first time , i entered the API Endpoint and API Key from the plugin settings page , i entered the username and password for wordpress admin , after that a message appears when i click login ” Could not connect to the server . Please check your API-Url and your internet connection ” . i disabled windows firewall and tried to use the app on another computer , and i disabled the security plugins on Wordpress . and made sure that /public_tmp is writable , still the same message appears , please not that its the fist time i run the app . any suggestions ?

and how i can change the default message “Questions? Good, because we’re available right now – simply type your name and email address to start a live-chat with our support team.” thanks in advanced

Hi pre-purchase question 1. Is the WordPress live chat responsive? 2. How many sites can I install this on? 3. 3 How many computers can I install this on? 4. Does this work on windows 10 and windows 10-anniversary edition? I wait for a reply before I buy this.

I forgot to add does this work with the latest WordPress as the last update on this plugin was in 2016 and it’s now 2017 and their no more updates so i had to ask.

I have many consult inquiries,( thousands). Is there any way to export them the database or another way to excel, word or whatever?

I need to add two more fields to the form when I’m offline. Name, email, tel and city. How can I do this. ?

Hi, can admin initiate (start) the chat to client??

I am intrested to buy this script…but sir,i have one question to use this script,we have to purchase any api plans. or just i have to place my script in hosting server and use right….no need to pay anything…


when user start a live chat, I would like to notified by e-mail, how to do that ?

It’s works on Enquiry but not Live chat messenger :-(