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I can see there is no update in this version of wordpress since 2014, which mean no way to buy this plugin, until unless it’s featured gets increased

Hello, thank you for contacting.

Let me recommend you the $19 version. It’s not a WordPress plugin and doesn’t integrate with WP users database, but also can be used with WordPress website. You can read it’s documentation here:


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Is the “Chat” plugin able to…

1) – Keep a transcription of the chat ?

2) – Allow files to be uploaded to the admin ? If yes, can we restrict the file types and sizes ?

3) – Optimized for front-end use on a mobile phones or tablets by the visitor ?

4) – Does it have an audible alert for new chats or visitors?

5) – Does it have an email function if admin is not available?

6) – Can it handle between 40 and 80 “admin operators” ?

7) – Will it alert an operator even if the browser window is closed ?

Hello, thank you for contacting.

1) Operators can browse full history of the chat. E-mail transcripts are not supported.

2) Unfortunately, that’s not supported.

3) Visitor’s widget is responsive.

4) There’s a sound notification for new messages.

5) Yes.

6) Application itself doesn’t restrict the number of operators. It only depends on how much your web server can handle.

7) Operators need to stay logged in, you can minimize the browser, but it has to be running.

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Thanks for the reply.

I will bookmark this one.

Why is the plugin ” no longer supported ” ?

How stable has it been for most buyers ?

I’m currently focusing on the pure PHP version of this application (the $19 version). It’s not a WordPress plugin and doesn’t integrate with WP users database, but also can be used with WordPress website.

The WP plugin doesn’t include the latest updates, so if you don’t necessarily need integration iwth WP users database, I would recommend buying the $19 version.

By the way – if the product doesn’t meet your needs I’ll agree for a refund during first 2 weeks after purchase.

Hi, I have a pre-sales enquiry.

Can you set a time of day where the live chat will be active on the site?

I will only have support available between 9am – 5pm GMT so I would like to turn it off outwith these hours.


Hello, thank you for contacting.

There’s no setting for the time of availability, but the widget has two states: chat and contact form. When any operator is online, the chat is shown. When operators are offline, an email contact form is displayed instead. Additionally, you can hide the widget completely when operators are offline using the “Hide when offline” setting. So, the chat will not be available when your support person isn’t logged in – no need to set the time limits manually.

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Does this work with multisite? I am currently getting an error when trying to install it : Fatal error: Cannot redeclare autoload() (previously declared in /Users/systems/Sites/Multisite/wp-content/plugins/goodlms/include/payment-api/paymill-php/autoload.php:3) in /Users/systems/Sites/Multisite/wp-content/plugins/livechat/includes/php/lib/autoload.php on line 25

Hello, thank you for contacting.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t support WP multisite installations.

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Some pre-sales questions:

1. Can an agent initiate chat with a website visitor (including the feature which collects visitor’s IP address, current page he/she is visiting, previous pages visited, GeoLocation etc.)

2. Can I setup triggers? (such as when a user spends more than say 15 seconds on a certain page, a predefined message pops up in their chat window and when the user replies, the chat gets connected to one of the agents)

3. Can I answer queries from multiple websites which belong to the same company (Website, Blog & Knwledgebase) form one account?

4. Does this plugin has Google Analytics integration?

5. Does this plugin allows to add default Social Icons in Chat Window?

6. Can an agent store a list of predefined replies/answers which can be sent with click of a button?


Hello, thank you for contacting.

1. & 2. & 4. & 5. Unfortunately, that’s not supported. 1, 2, and 4 on the to-do for future versions.

3. The $19 version supports usage on multiple websites/domains. Please only note that for each website/domain where the widget is used a separate license should be purchased.

6. Yes, that’s the “Canned messages” feature.

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Hi, I just bought item and tried to uload for insstallation but i got this error

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-7946730-wordpress-live-chat-plugin.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Hello, thank you for contacting.

Main ZIP file is not the plugin. Please use the “livechat.zip” package that’s inside the main ZIP archive.

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Thx! it worked fine

Good morning, I purchased your script but does not meet my needs. It is not its optimized for worpress. I read that you make a refund in the first 2 weeks of purchase! how can I apply?

Hello, you can read about how refunds work here:


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i have added live chat on my website. sometimes it takes time to load how to fix it?

this is the website https://www.srilankatravelandtourism.com/

Hello, thank you for contacting.

The widget’s initialization code waits to execute until the rest of the page has loaded. Therefore, assets used by page where widget is embedded influence initialization’s time. I’ll note on my to-do list to offer a special setting in the dashboard to specify whether widget should start initializing immediately or after full page load for future versions.

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Hi there,

I have a presale question.

I would like the visitor to be able to see the chat feature and use it without having to register or whatsoever.

They can just enter their full name and email when the chat support pop up and then the operator would see the visitors name and email. I don’t want them to register or anything like that.

I would like them to use the feature immediately and as smoothly as possible.

Does your chat plugin support my questions and is it easy to configure?

Please answer here and I will make my decision on the purchase based on the answers.


Hello, thank you for contacting.

Unfortunately, visitors need to fill the form before chatting. There’s no special switch for disabling the whole form.

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Aosoth Purchased

Hi this shows in URL when i use chat in mobile: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=mx_livechat&route=widget-mobile

This is security vulnability as far as i know. Could you let me know if you are aware of this or not? Thanks mate.

Hello, thank you for contacting.

Please let me know why do you believe it’s a security vulnerability?

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your plugin seems nice! some pre-sale questions:

1. can i force the user to log in first before the can initiate chat?

2. if the answer is yes for no.1, can i add custom field to the user registration form?

3. can the admin respond to chat from front en when the admin is logged in?



1. & 2. Unfortunately, not. 3. Administrator is a separate type of user and doesn’t chat. You need to create operator account for chatting.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hi! I’m considering purchasing this plugin. I was wondering if there was a backend demo we could try out before we purchase. Thanks!

Hello, unfortunately demonstration version isn’t available.

Is there a solution for using this as a the operator on a mobile phone to answer people on the site?

Hello, unfortunately, operator’s usage on mobile devices isn’t supported.

Hi, I have experienced a serious problem with this plugin. I have installed it on a WP site, and in a few days it caused a peak of executions on my ajax.php WP file. The result was a limit of my site by my hosting provider (Siteground), which asked me to remove it because it was causing a huge number of executions and CPU usage. I also tried to installed it on a different site (hosted on a different Siteground site) and the result was the same. I do not know if there are specific plugin settings to avoid this, but I think this is a real danger for anyone who will buy it. Please, investigate this and communicate us a solutions, or we will report the problem directly to Envato. Thank you for your understanding. D

Hello, thank you for contacting.

The application sends multiple requests to the server using Ajax and queries the database during those. Some hosting solutions may not be suitable for this.

If you purchased the application recently, I can agree for a refund without additional questions. If you decide on that, at the same time, I would like to invite you to try the $19 (pure PHP) version of the application, which is much more optimized and shouldn’t cause trouble on the server. It also can be used on a WordPress website.

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Hello, thank you for your answer and explanation.

Yes, I would ask you for a refund, since I had to remove the plugin from my site and I can not use it on my server. Should I start the procedure in some way with Envato?

Thank you for the suggestion about the PHP version of your plugin, but I need a full-WordPress solution.

Best regards, D

I see. You can request a refund yourself. Here’s the page that describes what to do: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821460-Can-I-Get-A-Refund-

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Pre Sale Questions.

1. Can a customer discuss with a specific operator.

2. Can customers view a list of operators to select a specific operator to discuss with as my business has different departments.


Hello, thank you for contacting.

Unfortunately, visitors can’t choose with which operator/department to talk. The first operator that replies becomes the owner of given talk.

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Hello! I need i chat plugin that allows me to embed the chat window inside a wordpress page, using a iframe, so can create a page dedicated to the chat,

Is it possible? How to? I wanted to see how it would look like when embed inside a page. I cant buy it if i’m not sure it will work as i need

Can i set custom css, can i add custom forms before starting chat?

Unfortunately, custom inputs/forms are not supported. There’s no setting for custom CSS, however, you can easily change the colors inside the “Settings” tab.